Saturday, 14 July 2012

Sheraton Guangzhou Hotel (China, Guangzhou)

Sheraton Guangzhou Hotel
Sheraton Guangzhou Hotel is located right in the heart of Tianhe central business district. In addition, it is located just next to Tee Mall; the most popular shopping mall in the city, built above the metro station; Tiyu Xilu (Line 1). Furthermore, the Guangzhou Sports Centre is just opposite the hotel. The Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport is 40 minutes away.
Sheraton Guangzhou Hotel Lobby
The lobby was spacious and beautifully decorated. In addition, the staff are courteous and polite. 

View of the Guangzhou Sports Centre from the room.

Night view.

Well, this is the toilet and this is the view from the room! From the bath-tube one can actually view the skyline of Guangzhou! Of course, you can press a button inside to 'block' this view.

'Rainforest' shower head

Tee Mall (Sheraton Guangzhou Hotel is on the right)
Tee Mall just next to the hotel!
Bottom Right : Cinema
Some of the shops and entertainment in Tee Mall.
Supermarket in Tee Mall
The supermarket is so much bigger and spacious compared to the one back home (Singapore). The aisle are so wide! In addition, they sell such a wide variety of food that there's even turtle meat and turtle shell (bottom right of picture above).
Night view outside Tee Mall
Busking outside Tee Mall. His singing was very good! Do not believe me? Well look at the next picture! (come to think of it, I did not see anyone busking except this one time)
A large crowd listening to the songs at 945pm. 2 rows seated on the steps listening. They must have been there for sometime.
Guangzhou Book Centre (Circled in Red)
Guangzhou Book Centre is located diagonally from the hotel. I was told that the whole building sells only books! Besides selling Chinese books which are the norm here, there are 2 private book sellers selling English Books. I also heard that one will be spoilt for variety here! (I did not managed to find time to visit the Book Centre as I was more interested in exploring the mall (supermarket), Shangxiajiu and also food!

Sheraton Guangzhou Hotel (China, Guangzhou)
208 Tianhe Road (Junction of Tiyu Xi Road and Tianhe Road)
Tianhe District
Tel: +86 20 6668 8888

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  1. Impressive hotel, certainly clean with nice and simple deco.

  2. Nice digs! And Sheraton seems to have revamped their bathroom style. Much more modern and chic now.

    1. Yes, so modern now. And china has progressed rapidly


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