Friday 31 January 2014

Nihon Mura: 50 Cents Sushi Takeaway Promotion For The Lunar New Year (1st to 28th Feb 2014)

Source: Nihon Mura
Nihon Mura: 50 Cents Sushi Takeaway Promotion For The Lunar New Year (1st to 28th Feb 2014)

- Valid from 1st to 28 Feb 2014
- Valid for takeaways only
- Valid at Cineleisure, Basement 1 and The Cathay, Basement 1

Thursday 30 January 2014

Soyato: 1 For 1 Japanese Parfait at Soyato Isetan West Gate (2nd to 5th Feb 2014)

Source: Soyato
Soyato: 1 For 1 Japanese Parfait at Soyato Isetan West Gate (2nd to 5th Feb 2014)

- Valid from 2nd to 5th Feb 2014
- Print or flash voucher to redeem
- One redemption per person
- Not valid with other vouchers or promotions

Wednesday 29 January 2014

Manna Korean Restaurant (NTU Hall 13 Canteen)

There are quite a few hidden gem; cheap and good food stalls in Nanyang Technological University (NTU). Most of us seldom enter the university unless we are studying or working there. Since it was a rare chance that I was at the university, I had to make full use of the opportunity by having a meal there. The Korean stall called Manna Korean Restaurant at Hall 13 Canteen was strongly recommended by a member in our group.
Hence, we visited Hong Yun, more commonly known as Hall 13 canteen. 
Although it was during the semester break, the canteen was packed when we left. In addition, the Korean stall which was wanted to try was opened. 
The Korean Stall; Manna Korean Restaurant is operated by Koreans. As it was lunch time, we had to wait a fair bit as there was several NTU staff / students in front of us. 
The menu with a wide variety of korean food to choose from. 
BBQ Beef Set $4.50
I ordered the BBQ Beef Set $4.50 which consisted of hotplate BBQ Beef served with rice, soup and a very small serving of kimchi. The  rice, soup and kimchi were ordinary. Hence, I shall not write about them.
BBQ Beef Set $4.50
The hotplate BBQ Beef with cabbage and Korean rice vermicelli with sesame seeds sprinkled on top deserved some airtime. They were very generous with the ingredients, particularly the BBQ Beef slices. The beef slices were well marinated. The only issue I had was it was a tad too dry. More sauce could have been added. At $4.50, it was quite value for money as it would have easily cost $7.50 or more at food courts. 
BBQ Chicken Set $3.90
The rest of the items were ordered by others in the group. The BBQ Chicken Set cost $3.90.
BBQ Chicken Set $3.90
Unlike the BBQ Beef, there was no rice vermicelli in the BBQ Chicken. The BBQ Chicken was well marinated and it was the spicy version. It went very well with the rice. In addition, there were so many pieces of chicken and there were lots of sauce at the bottom of the hotplate. 
Bulgogi Beef (Korean Traditional BBQ)$4.70
The Bulgogi Beef (Korean Traditional BBQ) was quite good. This version is the soup version. The beef meat were marinated and then fried / BBQ with other ingredients (e.g. onion). Then the ingredients were poured into this Korean pot and cooked with golden mushroom and rice vermicelli. 
Bulgogi Beef (Korean Traditional BBQ)$4.70
Again, they were so generous with the ingredients. The amount of beef slices given was just so much. The soup was flavouful, though a tad too sweet. 
Dolsot Bibimbab (Chicken) $4.50
Dolsot Bibimbab (Chicken) $4.50
The Dolsot Bibimbab (Chicken) cost $4.50. Can't comment on this as I did not try.

Overall, I must say that the prices here are really cheap and the food are not bad. Yes, the main reason for the so reasonable prices was because this is a university and most customers are students. Hence, there's a need to ensure that its affordable. Worth a try if you are within the area. 

Manna Korean Restaurant (NTU Hall 13 Canteen)
Nanyang Technological University, Hall 13
32 Nanyang Crescent, Pioneer 
Singapore 637658

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Sunday 26 January 2014

Bishamon Sapporo Ramen: 50% Off All Ramen At Bedok Point On Mondays

Source: Bishamon Sapporo Ramen
Bishamon Sapporo Ramen: 50% Off All Ramen At Bedok Point On Mondays
(There is another deal too: 50% off all regular ramen at Bukit Panjang Plaza Bishamon on Wednesdays only) 

- Valid on Mondays Only (for a limited period)
- Valid for dine-in only
- Not applicable on Ramen Salad
- Not valid with other discounts or promotions

Saturday 25 January 2014

Shi Ji Noodle Stall 狮记面食摊 (Seah Im Food Centre)

Seah Im Food Centre located opposite Habourfront MRT station and Vivocity is one food centre which I seldom visit. I think this is only the 3rd time in my entire life I have been to this food centre. 
With no knowledge of what to order, we scouted around to find one with a queue. That was how we decided to order from Shi Ji Noodle Stall 狮记面食摊
This stall sells Prawn Noodle, Duck Noodle, Lor Mee and Thai Original Tom Yam Noodle. 
Prawn Noodle $3
I ordered a bowl of Prawn Noodle $3. 
Prawn Noodle $3
At $3, this bowl of prawn noodle was so value for money! Look at the generous servings of prawns, slices of fish cakes and pork, beansprouts and noodle. Although the prawns were small, they were fresh. The soup was light and tasty. Not too bad a bowl of prawn noodle. 
Lor Mee $3
Lor Mee $3
The partner ordered the Lor Mee $3 which came with a generous amount of ingredients including ngor hiong, braised meat, slices of fish cakes, beansprouts, half a braised egg and topped with coriander leaves and garlic. The lor was wonderfully done; smoothly, fragrant, concentrated and not too starchy. Surprisingly good bowl of Lor Mee.

Shi Ji Noodle Stall 狮记面食摊 may not serve the best food, but the food was certainly value for money and decent. Worth a try if you are at the hawker centre.

Shi Ji Noodle Stall 狮记面食摊 (Seah Im Food Centre)
#01-56 Seah Im Food Centre
2 Seah Im Road
Singapore 099114
Opening Hours: Daily 10am to 8pm

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Thursday 23 January 2014

Eggs & Berries: Grilled Chipolata Sausage Breakfast Takeaway Set At Only $3.90

Source: Eggs & Berries
Eggs & Berries: Grilled Chipolata Sausage Breakfast Takeaway Set At Only $3.90
Set comes with choice of egg, warm sandwich toast, baked beans, side salad and coffee/tea. 

- Valid from 8am to 11am
- Valid for takeaways only.
- Valid at Westgate and Changi City Point outlets
- Not valid with other promotions, discounts, vouchers or privileges

Wendy's Singapore: Free Premium Cod Filet With Purchase Of A Premium Cod Filet Combo (till 26 Jan 2014)

Source: Wendy's Singapore
Wendy's Singapore: Free Premium Cod Filet With Purchase Of A Premium Cod Filet Combo (till 26 Jan 2014)

- Valid till 26 Jan 2014
- Valid daily after 11am
- While stocks last

Tuesday 21 January 2014

Uncle Tetsu's Cheese Cake 徹思叔叔起司蛋糕 (ION Orchard)

Uncle Tetsu 徹思叔叔起司蛋糕 has opened its first outlet in Singapore!! If you have not heard of this brand, this is a very famous and popular brand - for using premium Japanese dairy ingredients to produce Japanese style cheesecake. Uncle Tetsu originated from Kyushu, Japan and has been in operation since 1990s. It has outlets in Japan, China (e.g. Shanghai) and Taiwan (e.g. Taipei). In Taipei and Shanghai, it is so popular that there are perpetual queues and customers are limited to a purchase of 1 box each. 
Uncle Tetsu's Cheese Cake $9.90

Uncle Tetsu's Cheese Cake $9.90

Uncle Tetsu's Cheese Cake $9.90
The spongy cheesecake $9.90 was incredibly soft, light and fluffy. It kind of melts in the mouth. In addition, it did not taste too cheesy and was not dry. I am not even a fan of cheesecake and would only take one bite of most cheesecake just to test the flavour. But for Uncle Tetsu's Cheese Cake, I must totally love it! Shiok! A must try!

I wonder if queues will start to form for this too. 

Do note, their cheesecake can only last a few days as they use little or no preservatives. 

Uncle Tetsu's Cheese Cake徹思叔叔起司蛋糕 (ION Orchard)
#B4-35 ION Orchard
2 Orchard Turn
Singapore 238801

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Monday 20 January 2014

A Noodle Story 超好面 (Amoy Street Food Centre)

A Noodle Story 超好面 located in Amoy Street Food Centre has differentiated itself by being the first and only Singapore-style ramen. This is the brain child of two Shatec trained friends who decided to create ultimate noodles dish through a combination of modern European techniques and Asian flavours providing gourmet quality noodles at hawker prices. 
A Noodle Story has announced on Jan this year that due to increase in operating cost (rental and cost of raw ingredients), their prices have increased by 50 cents. Hence, please note to increase the prices by 50 cents for all the prices stated in this blog post. 
Singapore Style Ramen $6
The Singapore Style Ramen $6 consisted of Noodles, Hot Spring Egg, Cha Su, Potato Wrapped Prawn, and HK Style Wanton topped with scallions. The soup was served separately in a small bowl. The noodles were very springy and were similar to mee kia. 
Singapore Style Ramen $6

Potato Wrapped Prawn

Cha Su

Hot Spring Egg
The noodles were cluttered together in a lump making it hard to eat. The chilli added at the side lacked spiciness and fragrance and was too dry. The ingredients such as the Potato Wrapped Prawn, Cha Su and Hot Spring Egg were quite good whereas the HK Style Wanton was ordinary with nothing much to shout about.

As a whole, the presentation and concept of this Singapore Style Ramen was unique. It looked real good. But taste wise, it was not mind blowing. Nevertheless, I still must say that I admire the spirit of these two young men for their innovation in creating such a dish. Moreover, the effort taken to arrange the ingredients in the bowl although this was not a restaurant.  

A Noodle Story 超好面 (Amoy Street Food Centre)
7 Maxwell Road 
MND Building Annex B 
#01-39 Amoy Street Food Centre
Tel: 9027 6289
Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 11am - 230pm, 330pm - 730pm
                         Closed on Weekends and PHs

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Saturday 18 January 2014

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf: Free Flow Of Soup And Bread With Every Main Purchased

Source: The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf
The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf: Free Flow Of Soup And Bread With Every Main Purchased
Service charge will also be waived off.

- Limited period only
- You would need to go directly to the counter to order your food. The food will subsequently be served to you shortly
- While stocks last

Friday 17 January 2014

QQ Rice Singapore: Buy 1 Get 1 Free at Toa Payoh HDB Hub (17 to 20 Jan 2014)

Source: QQ Rice Singapore
QQ Rice Singapore: Buy 1 Get 1 Free at Toa Payoh HDB Hub (17 to 20 Jan 2014)
Daily buy 1 get 1 free promotion:
1st 50 customers - Buy 1 Get 1 Free Signature Rice Balls
51 to 100 customers - Buy 1 Get 1 Free Triangle Rice Snacks
101 to 150 customers - Buy 1 Get 1 Free Roselle Tea

Thursday 16 January 2014

The Best Of The Boat Noodles near Victory Monument (Thailand, Bangkok)

We made a special trip down to Victory Monument not because we wanted to take a look at this military monument. Instead, it was because we wanted to try the famous Bangkok Boat Noodles (Kuay Tiau Rua).
Its called Boat Noodles because the noodles were originally served from vendors on boats floating in Bangkok’s network of canals. Over the years, the boat vendors shifted and located eateries on land instead of on boats. Most of the vendors continued the practice of serving the noodles in small portions as this was done in the past to prevent the noodles from spilling out of the bowls in choppy waters. 
There were several boat noodles eateries located along the same stretch, next to this small, dirty canal near the Victory Monument. The different eateries could be easily differentiated by the colour of the shirt the staff were wearing. There were so many different colours; orange, pink, blue and purple.

I would highly recommend that you use the map at the end of this post to locate the eateries. There are few information online on how to locate the eateries. In addition, we spent a good 20 minutes trying to figure out how to get here. We asked many people including the policemen and were given the wrong directions despite us having the address and map.
We visited the eatery called "The Best Of The Boat Noodle". The staff there wore orange shirts. The reason why we visited this eatery was because we noticed that there were more people eating there compared to other eateries. 

This eatery essentially had two 'kitchens' at the front of the eatery for cooking. I noticed that they were so busy that they were practically cooking non-stop. 
There were indoor dining and alfresco (outdoor dining). Most customers chose to have their meals indoors as it was air-conditioned. The indoor area was packed, full of people as it was lunch time. There were more locals in this eatery compared to tourists. 
The menu was in both Thai and English languages. There were three types of boat noodles in the menu. We ordered all three types. We were lucky as there was one staff who could understand basic English. The rest of the staff did not understand English. 
This boat noodle eatery had a unique concept. Customers who ordered 20 bowls of noodles were entitled to a free bottle of Pepsi. As there was five of us and we knew that the portion was going to be small, we ordered 20 bowls straight away.  
Streaky Pork With Crispy Crackling 10 Baht (S$0.42)
In addition, we ordered a bowl of Streaky Pork With Crispy Crackling 10 Baht (S$0.42). This was fried pork skin (pork rind). 
Fried Dumplings 10 Baht (S$0.42)
We also ordered a bowl of Fried Dumplings 10 Baht (S$0.42). Both the Fried Dumplings and Pork Rind were mediocre.
Our 20 bowls of boat noodles were served within seconds of each other. Before we could start eating, the table was full. The workers continued and stacked the bowls on top of each other; two tiers.
They even stacked it up to the third tier. -_-" But well, it was our own fault for ordering so many bowls immediately. Lesson learnt: to order a few bowls at a time. This would ensure that the food would still be warm.
Noodles Thicken Soup with Beef 10 Baht (S$0.42)
Noodles Thicken Soup with Beef 10 Baht (S$0.42).
Noodles Thicken Soup with Pork 10 Baht (S$0.42)
Noodles Thicken Soup with Pork 10 Baht (S$0.42)

Both the Noodles Thicken Soup with Beef and Noodles Thicken Soup with Pork were named in such a way because they were thicken with pig's blood (which is a norm. Don't worry, the blood were fully cooked due to the temperate of the broth. Also, the taste of the blood was not distinctive.). Priced at 10 Baht, they were served in bite-sized portion with thin rice noodles, kang kong, meat and meat ball.

Both of these were essentially the same except for the fact that one was served with beef while the other was served with pork meat. Both the meat were still tender; not over cooked. The sweet and spicy dark brownish broth was rich and intense in flavour.
Noodles Sour Soup with Pork 10 Baht (S$0.42)
The Noodles Sour Soup with Pork 10 Baht (S$0.42) was executed differently. It was still served with thin rice noodles and pork (meat). However, other than that, the rest of the ingredients were different. It was served with beansprouts, fish cake, char siew, peanuts in a sweet, sour and spicy broth that was similar to tom yum soup.

Initially, when we ate our first bowl of boat noodles, the first thought was that it was so-so. But by the time we got to our 2nd or 3rd bowls, we began to like it more and more. It was a case of the more you dig into the bowls of boat noodles, the more you would love it! The three different types of boat noodles were delicious! So flavourful and so addictive that they were bounded to tantalise your taste buds.
These were so good that we ate a total of 38 bowls! Which was equivalent to around 7.5 bowls per person [cost per person: 76 Baht (S$3.15)]. How many bowls can you eat?
I do not know if this eatery; The Best Of The Boat Noodles is the best place for boat noodles as this was the first time I ate boat noodles. Nevertheless, I am of the opinion that this is a must try! The boat noodles served here were so cheap and delicious! 

This marks the end of my bangkok series! Here's some information on taking the cab / taxi in Bangkok.

There are many different colours of taxis in Bangkok, ranging from pink, blue, yellow, green and orange. The colours represent the different taxi companies. The taxi industry in Bangkok is regulated by Land Transport Department, Transport Ministry and it is an offense not to turn on the meter. Despite this, enforcement is difficult. Hence, most taxi drivers are unwilling to on their meters and would quote you a flat rate. As there is an abundant supply of taxis, you can just move on and try the next one. 
Pink Taxi
Tip:  The pink taxis are generally more likely to on the meters. The other taxis would always quote a flat rate which could be 2 to 3 times more than the normal taxi fare. The orange taxis always charge a flat rate. Even if they on the meter, they would ask for a certain amount of tip at the end of the journey. The yellow taxi was the worst. We were charged a flat rate and had to endure the whole journey listening to the driver who tried to hard sell his services which included driving us to the floating market or railway market (despite us telling him we have been there.). It was dangerous as he was pulling out maps and photos while driving, showing us where he could bring us to. After that, we learnt our lesson and stuck to taking the pink taxi whenever possible.

The Best Of The Boat Noodles near Victory Monument (Thailand, Bangkok)
Sutyot Kuetiau Lua Payak Phaya Thai
Bangkok 10400, Thailand

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