Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Krispy Kreme: Free Doughnuts at Suntec City Outlet (1 Apr 2015)

Source: Suntec City
Krispy Kreme: Free Doughnuts at Suntec City Outlet (1 April 2015)

- Valid on 1 April 2015 at Suntec City outlet only
- 6,000 mini-sized Original Glazed® doughnuts
- While stocks last

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Ah Balling Peanut Soup 花生汤圆 (Golden Mile Food Centre)

4 Glutinous Rice Balls for $1.70
If you are a fan of glutinous rice balls and peanut soup, you would probably have heard of Ah Balling Peanut Soup 花生汤圆
Whenever I visit Golden Mile Food Centre, I would drop by Ah Balling Peanut Soup for dessert. After all, this was the place where I was first introduced to this stall. Recently, I heard that there are Ah Balling Peanut Soup outlets in Chinatown, Bedok 85, Nex and Ghim Moh. Not sure how true, but it is (would be) great if there are other outlets elsewhere too!

This stall sells glutinous rice balls (tang yuan) with different savoury fillings (i.e. peanut, sesame, red bean, yam and green tea). They rice balls are served in either peanut or ginger soup. My personal favourite soup is the peanut soup! It is tasty and not overly sweet. The peanuts are cooked for so long till they are soft and all the flavour in it have been extracted! 
As for the rice ball, my favourite are the peanut and sesame versions. Each of rice balls are of similar size and are chewy. Be careful as the fillings would ooze out. The peanut and sesame fillings would provide a crunchy bite giving it a good contrast to the soft rice balls. Yummy!
Red bean
As for the yam and red bean, the fillings are soft and there is no contrast in texture. I do not fancy these two flavours.

I have been here so many times for this dessert that I already lost count of the number of times I have been here. Hard to get sick of such dessert. Try this, don't give this a miss! 

Ah Balling Peanut Soup 花生汤圆 (Golden Mile Food Centre)
#01-75 Golden Mile Food Centre
505 Beach Road
Singapore 199583
Tel: +65 9760 5710

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Monday, 23 March 2015

Milkcow Singapore: Free Milkcow Ice Cream at Velocity at Novena (28 Mar 2015)

Source: Milkcow Singapore

Milkcow Singapore 밀크카우: Free Milkcow Ice Cream (flavours M1-M5) at Velocity at Novena (28 Mar 2015)

- Valid on 28 Mar 2015 at 12pm at Velocity @ Novena
- Limited to the 1st 150 in queue

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

545 Whampoa Prawn Noodles (Tekka Centre)

Prawn Noodles (dry) $3
545 Whampoa Prawn Noodles is a prawn noodles stall located at Tekka Centre operated by a young hawker; Ruifang and her parents. Those who find the stall name familiar (or notice a familar face), it is because Ruifang's father used to operate a prawn noodle stall with the same name at Blk 91 Whampoa Drive Market.
It is heartening to know that this stall is operated by a family (team), just like the good old days. The turnover is pretty fast, so do not be surprised if there's no queue or the queue moves quickly during lunch hours. As the recipe was passed down by Rui Fang's grandfather, this is a old school style prawn noodles stall.
Only dry and wet versions of prawn noodles are available.
Prawn Noodles (dry) $3
I ordered the Prawn Noodles (dry) $3.
Prawn Noodles (dry) $3
Personally, I prefer their dry version compared to the soup version. The soup was rich and robust in flavour (not diluted), but there was just an aftertaste that did not resonate well with my taste buds. 
Prawn Noodles (dry) $3
The dry version came with bean sprouts, lean meat, prawns and noodles with chilli sambal and ketchup sauce, topped with fried shallots was delicious. Their sauce complemented really well with the noodles. In addition, even the little details such as fried shallots was excellent. The shallots were so crisp and fresh, love it! At $3 this is so value for money!

If you are a fan of this stall, you should follow their facebook page appended below. The page is frequently update on closures and when blue-tail Sua Lor prawns are available.

545 Whampoa Prawn Noodles (Tekka Centre)
665 Buffalo Road 
#01-326 Tekka Centre 
Singapore 210665
Opening Hours: Mon to Sun 640am - 1pm  
                          Tue to Fri 630am - 2pm (or till sold out)
                          Closed on Sat

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Monday, 16 March 2015

The Soup Spoon: 1 For 1 Soup (till 22 Mar 2015)

Source: The Soup Spoon
The Soup Spoon: 1 For 1 Soup (till 22 Mar 2015)
Saw this at The Soup Spoon outlet at Velocity@Novena Square. Not sure why it is not on its website or facebook. Good things are meant to be shared! #dontsaybojio

- Valid till 22 Mar 2015 from 2pm to 6pm
- Valid only for regular or large soups
- Free soup is applicable to the lower-priced soup
- Valid for dine-in only
- Valid at all The Soup Spoon outlets except AXA Tower
- Souperholic points will not be awarded redeemed
- Not valid with other promotions, discounts or usage of vouchers
- While stocks last

Long John Silver: Choose any 2 meals for just $10.00

Source: Long John Silver
Long John Silver: Choose any 2 meals from the following for just $10.00
Caribbean Spicy Chicken, Caribbean Spicy Fish, 3pc Chicken and Fish & 3pc Shrimp

- Valid for a limited period only from 11 am onwards
- All meals are served with fries and regular Coke/Sprite
- Available at all Long John Silver's outlets 

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Golden Mile Special Yong Tau Foo 黄金特制酿豆腐 (Golden Mile Food Centre)

Golden Mile Special Yong Tau Foo 黄金特制酿豆腐 (Golden Mile Food Centre) is located at the basement of Golden Mile Food Centre.
If you read the articles displayed at the stall, you would be able to find out that this stall has been around since 1958! In addition, the ingredients some of which are handmade would be sold out fairly quickly by 3pm!
The Yong Tau Foo ingredients on display were normal. In fact, if you are a Yong Tau Foo fan you would notice that the variety is limited compared to other stalls. But what made it fantastic is that the ingredients are all so fresh. The price is $0.40 for minimum of 8 ingredients, $0.50 for cuttlefish and $0.50 for bee hoon. This is so cheap!
Hence, despite the limited variety, this stall is very popular during lunch time. This is also partly because of its low and reasonable prices. During lunch time, you would need to wait for a minimum time of 25 minutes to 45 minutes.

Look at the number of bowls / orders waiting to be cooked. If you noticed, at the background of the photo, the ingredients such as tau pok, pork skin, fishball and tofu would be left simmering in the pot because they will not be overcooked. For such ingredients, normally, I will just inform the person that I want those items when ordering.
I have been to this stall so many times over the past 2 years. Always order eight to ten ingredients and they always cost less than $5 (if not$6). If I had ordered this much at food courts.. I think it would have been easily above $8!

Other than the freshness of the ingredients, the soup was unique. The soup comes with a mixture of bean and fish taste because it consisted of the water used to soak the fish paste and was also cooked with fish bones! The photo below shows the Yong Tau Foo I have eaten over different occasions. You would noticed that I always order the same items because of the limited ingredients.. yet I never get sick of this. Simple comfort food.

Golden Mile Special Yong Tau Foo 黄金特制酿豆腐 (Golden Mile Food Centre)
#B1-44 Golden Mile Food Centre
505 Beach Road
Singapore 199583
Opening Hours: Mon to Sat 1045am - 3 pm (or until sold out)
                          Closed on Sun

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Monday, 9 March 2015

Popeyes Singapore: $4.90 2pc Chicken Deal and $9.20 Friendly Feast (till May 2015)

Source: Popeyes Singapore
Source: Popeyes Singapore
Popeyes Singapore: $4.90 2pc Spicy Bone-in Chicken Combo (2 pc Chicken, Reg Cajun Fries, Reg Sjora Drink) and $9.20 Friendly Feast (4 pc Chicken, 2 Reg Cajun Fries, 2 Reg Sjora Drink)
(seems similar and is in fact 10 cents cheaper than KFC's SG50 $5 2 piece chicken meal promotion. tsk tsk, good for consumers)

- Valid till May 2015
- The management reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions without prior notice

Thursday, 5 March 2015

McDonald’s Singapore: Free Egg McMuffins on National Breakfast Day (9 Mar 2015)

Source: McDonald’s Singapore

McDonald’s Singapore: Free Egg McMuffins on National Breakfast Day (9 Mar 2015)

- Valid at participating McDonald's outlets from 6am to 11am
- Redemption is based on presentation of a valid original coupon, which will be handed out at participating outlets only
- Only one redemption per coupon per customer is allowed
- National Breakfast Day will start at 7am (instead of 6am) at Compass Point and Clifford Center stores
- Not available at Changi Airport T2 Transit, Clementi Avenue 3, KK Hospital, Lido, Lucky Chinatown, Singapore Science Centre and Tampines Interchange Kiosk
- While stocks last

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Epok Epok Central (Eunos)

Nasi Lemak $3.50
It has been ages since I last visited Epok Epok Central. I used to visit Epok Epok Central in 2009 when I was working at Paya Lebar. Epok Epok Central is located at Eunos Crescent Market & Food Centre which is just next to Eunos MRT station. Back then, I still remember its Potato, Sardine and Egg Epok Epok (i.e. curry puff) was priced at a dollar for 3 pieces. 
During a recent visit, besides selling Epok Epok, Epok Epok Central was also selling Nasi Lemak. There was a long queue for the Nasi Lemak and their Epok Epok was sold out.
Nasi Lemak $3.50
I decided to try the Nasi Lemak. Although the queue was short, the service was very slow... I waited for more than 20 minutes despite the short queue. I ordered ikan (fish), ikan bilis, telur (egg) and chicken wings. This plate of Nasi Lemak cost $3.50! That's quite pricey!
Nasi Lemak $3.50
The best part of the Nasi Lemak was the rice which was so fragrant with coconut milk taste. While the rest of the ingredients were average, the most disappointing ingredient was the chicken wings. The marination was on the salty end with no hint of any other flavour.

They seems to be concentrating on selling Nasi Lemak as the Epok Epok was sold out. Instead of preparing more Epok Epok, the stove with oil was being used to fry chicken wings instead. Judging from the prices, the profit margin for Nasi Lemak and specifically the Chicken Wings was higher than the Epok Epok (which would also require more preparation).

I have heard on forums about the owners being arrogant and closing whenever they felt like it. Well, I am not sure about the arrogant part. But what is true would be the part on them closing whenever they felt like it. I went back to the stall three hours later at 5pm to try my luck on getting the Epok Epok and saw that the stall was closed.  

Epok Epok Central (Eunos)
#01-09 Eunos Crescent Market & Food Centre
Blk 4A Eunos Crescent  
Singapore 402004
Opening Hours: Tue to Sun 9am -10pm 
                          Closed on Monday

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Monday, 2 March 2015

KFC Singapore: 2 Pcs Chicken Meal For Only $5 (till 31 Mar 2015)

KFC Singapore: 2 Pcs Chicken Meal (with Reg Whipped Potato and Reg Pepsi) For Only $5 (till 31 Mar  2015)
$2 Each Add-Ons: Cheese Fries or 4 pcs Nuggets

- Valid till 31 March 2015
- Limited to 1 Add-On per item, per So Good $5
- Not available at KFC Sentosa, Singapore Zoo and via KFC Delivery
- While stocks last
- The management reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions without prior notice
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