Friday 31 May 2013

Croque Saveur (France, Paris)

As mentioned in an earlier post, this is the start of a series of overseas posts covering meals consumed in Europe (France, Switzerland and Italy) and United Arab Emirates (Dubai). These posts are 5 months overdue as it took place in December 2012. In some of the posts, I might side track to mention some of the must visits. 

The Galeries Lafayette is a popular upmarket French department store located on the Boulevard Haussmann in the 9th arrondissement of Paris.

We were in Galeries Lafayette looking for a place for lunch. There were restaurants with serving, French, Western, Italian, Chinese and Japanese Cuisines), fast food (Mcdonalds) and a food court. We decided to venture out of Galeries Lafayette and see if we could get good local and maybe more authentic food.
After walking for some time, we saw this little restaurant called Croque Saveur. We decided to give this a try.

Croque Saveur is a local French restaurant located in the heart of the Opera District a stone throw away (5 mins walk) from Galeries Lafayette.

Croque Saveur was a small restaurant (can fit around 20 people), nicely decorated with no frills. A local restaurant indeed.
Part of the menu
Selection of food
Selection of food
We were spoilt for choice as there was a wide selection of food. We had a hard time deciding what to eat. In addition, we resorted to using hand signs and English to converse what we wanted to order as the owner were more comfortable with French. Come to think of it, we are quite fortunate. The owner was so friendly and patient trying his best explaining the set menus and also what is nice.

Ordered the Set Menu - Menu Lasagnes. Which comes with Choice of Salad, Lasagne and Choice of Dessert.
The bread was as hard as a rock! How come Europeans like their bread hard? Back home in Singapore, we are so used to softer bread.
Vegetable Soup
For one of the salads, we chose Vegetable Soup. Instead of a bowl, it was served in a cup. Brownish-green in colour, it did not look exactly appetising. But well, do not judge a book by its cover. This was a bowl of hearty Vegetable Soup, full of flavours with a ting of sweetness. Delectable!
Bulgar Wheat Salad
The Bulgar Wheat Salad was recommended by the owner. We decided to order this as we have not tried this before. The Bulgar Wheat is a type of cereal food made from different types of wheat with high protein and nutritional values. It had a chewy texture and a nutty flavour. Complemented well with the salad. A refreshing and healthy start to the meal
Meal Lagsagnes 
While there are several theories on the origins of Lagsagne, there is no doubt that Lagsagne is one of the most famous baked dishes in Italy. So much so that, it is also widely known as an Italian cuisine worldwide that is available in Europe (French), United States and even Asia (Singapore). 
Do not underestimate this plate of Lagsagne. It was well-executed. Layer upon layer of soft wide flat pasta with grated cheese, spices, tomato, bolognese sauce and minced beef and pork. Covered with a thin layer of cheese crust, intense flavour burst out with each mouthful. So savoury and so perfect! Delish! A classic Italian Lagsagne. 
Creme Caramel
For dessert, we chose the Creme Caramel; a custard dessert with a layer of soft caramel on top. Unlike the Creme Brule we ate at Tao's restaurant which comes with a layer of hard caramel top (charred/burnt).
Creme Caramel
The Creme Caramel was light and soft with a smooth and silky texture. It did not taste overly sweet nor eggy.
Pommes Au Four  (Baked Apple)
Pommes Au Four (Baked Apple) is a typical dessert in Normandy, France. This was recommended by the owner too. It was a pity the sweetness of the apple was not brought out. Instead, it tasted sour. Is this how it should taste? Anyway, this did not suit our taste bud.

Overall, I would say Croque Saveur was a great experience. The food was cheap, great and fast! In addition, the owner was so friendly. With the ambience and environment, it gave us a warm homely feeling. If you are at Galeries Lafayette, Croque Saveur could be one of your options. After lunch, we headed back to Galeries Lafayette to continue exploring the department store.

Croque Saveur (Paris)
7 Rue Joubert
75009 Paris 9
Île-de-France, France
Tel: +33 1 42 82 15 21
Opening Hours: Daily 1130am to 4pm

The locations are as follows:
A - Pierre Herme in Galeries Lafayette
B - Croque Saveur & Galerie Kebab
Blue area shows Galeries Lafayette

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Thursday 30 May 2013

McDonald's Singapore: Lunch Attack Coupons (till 30 Jun 2013)

Source: McDonald's Singapore
McDonald's Singapore: Lunch Attack Coupons (till 30 Jun 2013)

- Valid till 30 June 2013 from 12pm to 3pm
- Print or flash coupon to redeem
- Not valid with other discounts or promotions
- While stocks last
- Not valid via McDelivery, iFly Singapore and institutional stores

Wednesday 29 May 2013

Popeyes Singapore: Free Popeyes $5 Voucher with every purchase of 5 pc Chicken @ $5.90 (2 Jun 2013)

Popeyes Singapore
Popeyes Singapore: Free Popeyes $5 Voucher with every purchase of 5 pc Chicken @ $5.90 (2 Jun 2013)

- Valid on 2 June 2013 from 8am to 10am
- Limited to 1 voucher per redemption, only for the first 100 customers
- Valid at all Popeyes outlet except Changi Airport & Singapore Flyer

Tuesday 28 May 2013

Breakfast and Lunch on Board Emirates Airbus A380 From Dubai to Paris

Continuing from my previous post, we continued our journey from Dubai (Dubai International Airport) to Paris (Charles De Gaulle Airport) via the Emirates Airbus A380.

It was a different experience compared to the earlier flight which we took just a few hours ago via Boeing 777. It was my first time taking the Airbus A380 and although I sat in the Economy Class, it was an eye opener.

The seats were slightly bigger, more comfortable and more leg space. It was a long flight and I appreciate the improved leg space as it meant that I could stretch my legs out. The ambience was totally different, gave a sense of calmness and homely feel. The inflight entertainment system (ICE) touchscreen was bigger, of better resolution and more sensitive. Furthermore, each seat had its own USB connection and laptop power supply. 

During the journey, two meals were served; Continental Breakfast and Lunch.
Continental Breakfast Menu
The Continental Breakfast menu allowed us to choose either the Traditional Arabian Morning Mezze or Breakfast Deli Platter
Continental Breakfast - Breakfast Deli Platter
We both chose the Breakfast Deli Platter which was served with Fresh Seasonal Fruit and Croissant. This was served at 10 am (Dubai time) which was actually 2 pm (Singapore time). It was delicious! The roasted beef and chicken were surprisingly tender and were not overly flavoured. The Croissant which was not captured in the above photo was excellent. It was so good that I tried my luck asking for a second one (typical Singaporean). You may have noticed that this is our second breakfast of the day due to the time difference. 
Lunch Menu
As for the Lunch menu, we could choose between Mutton Stew with Black Pepper or Chicken Tikka. Lunch was served at 7pm Singapore time! 
Lunch - Mutton Stew with Black Pepper
I choose the Mutton Stew with Black Pepper which was served with Smoked Salmon and Cappuccino Brownie Mousse and Cheese and Biscuits. We both like how they package the Cheese and Biscuits as it was easy for us to keep and store away so that it can be eaten at a much later timing. 
Lunch - Mutton Stew with Black Pepper
Although I was concerned that the mutton might have a weird taste, I choose this dish mainly because it came along with creamy mash potatoes. I did not regret. The Mutton Stew with Black Pepper was outstanding! The stewed mutton was soft and there was no weird taste. The Creamy Mash Potato was delish, not the powdery version. In addition, the mutton stew sauce further enhanced the taste of the mash potato. Yummy!
Left to right: Smoked Salmon, Cappuccino Brownie Mousse
The Smoked Salmon with creamy potato and chive salad, and Cappuccino Brownie Mousse topped with white and dark chocolate was excellent considering that it was airlines food. The fantastic lunch blew me away to heaven [literally, after all we were flying up in the sky =)]. It has been a long time since I last ate such delicious airlines food! 
Lunch - Chicken Tikka
Lunch - Chicken Tikka
The partner chose the Chicken Tikka which is an Indian cuisine as she was not a fan of mutton. The Chicken Tikka was served with rice and sauteed spinach and corn. It was average, I was glad that I chose the Mutton Stew with Black Pepper.

I snacked on the savoury biscuits and drank Pepsi while watching the movies on ICE. Shiok! Somehow gassy drinks on high altitude taste so much nicer!

I was impressed with both the Continental Breakfast and Lunch served on board the Airbus A380. I would not mind staying on board such an airplane (A380) daily if such standard of food was served! 

Monday 27 May 2013

Tangerine, ESPA at Resorts World Sentosa: 1 For 1 main course (28 May 2013)

Source: Resorts World Sentosa
Tangerine, ESPA at Resorts World Sentosa: 1 For 1 main course (28 May 2013)

- Valid on 28 May 2013, Tuesday
- Flash or quote 1 for 1 FB to redeem this offer
- Valid at Tangerine, ESPA at Resorts World Sentosa

Sunday 26 May 2013

Light Meal & Breakfast On Board Emirates Airlines From Singapore To Dubai

This is the start of a series of overseas posts covering airlines food on board Emirates and meals in Europe (France, Switzerland and Italy) and United Arab Emirates (Dubai). These posts are 5 months overdue as it took place in December 2012. In some of the posts, I might side track to mention some of the must visits. Hope it will be informative and useful.

We took the midnight flight from Singapore (Changi Airport) to Dubai (Dubai International Airport) via Emirates Airlines on our way to France; Paris. After which, from Dubai we would then fly to Paris. The Boeing 777 used for the flight from Singapore to Dubai involved a stopover at Colombo; for passengers to alight and new passengers to board. The cleaning and catering crew came on board during the stopover and did their necessary jobs while the rest of the passengers remained on board the plane. There were two meals served on the plane; a Light Meal and Breakfast
Light Meal Menu
The Light Meal was served along the journey from Singapore to Colombo. The meal was served at around 2am (SG time)! The meal for the Light Meal is appended above. As per the norm on all most full service airlines, passengers get to choose between two choices for their Main Course. I chose the Snapper Fillets In Oyster Sauce - served with a medley of capsicum and turmeric rice. 
Light Meal - Snapper Fillets In Oyster Sauce
The Snapper Fillets In Oyster Sauce was served with Marinated Prawns With Potato Salad, Bread, Biscuit and Sicilian Cheesecake. The prawns in the Marinated Prawns With Potato Salad were small but fresh. Being a fan of potato, the potato salad was polished off. The Bread on the other hand was as hard as a rock.

The distinct yellow turmeric rice also known as the 'poor man's saffron rice' lacked flavour and fragrance, and was a tad too hard. The snapper fillet was fresh however, the addition of too much oyster sauce made it salty. As for the Sicilian Cheesecake, I barely touched it as I am not a fan of cheesecake.
Breakfast Menu
The Breakfast was served along the journey from Colombo to Dubai. The Breakfast Menu is appended above. Passengers could choose between the Mushroom Omelette or Red and White Kiribarh. Needless to say, I chose the Mushroom Omelette!
Breakfast - Mushroom Omelette
The Mushroom Omelette was served with Hash Brown Potatoes and Baked Beans with Tomato, Orange Juice, Bread, Biscuits, Breakfast Cake and Seasonal Fruits. This time round, the Bread was soft. The Breakfast Cake was similar to a butter cake, however it was a tad too hard, dense and dry. The Mushroom Omelette was average with nothing much to shout about.
As we took the flight at such an unearthly hour, I found these stickers (photo appended above) extremely useful. Passengers are able to affix the stickers on the top of their seats to inform the air steward or stewardess certain messages.
For example, if you want to sleep, yet be woke up when the meals are being served. All you need to do is to affix the blue sticker which is 'wake me up for meals' at the top of your seat / headrest. I affixed that so that I could sleep soundly yet not miss my meals =). Nice idea. The last time I took a midnight flight on board SIA, I was woken up by the air stewardess who asked if I want my meal. I had no intention of consuming my meal then as I was sleep deprived. SIA should consider this if it has not implemented such procedures yet. 

Saturday 25 May 2013

Wang Cafe (Changi Airport)

Wang Cafe first started off in Bugis in 1953 and was known as Wang Jiao. Over the years, it has restructured,  revamped and rebranded itself and is now known as Wang Cafe. Having built up its reputation slowly, it has expanded into a chain of outlets specialising in serving kaya toast, soft boiled eggs, coffee and tea. A similar concept to Ya Kun and Toastbox. 
The outlet at Changi Airport Terminal 1 basement was filled to the brim with customers. Had to wait a fair bit before we managed to get a table. 
There was also a long queue as there was only one counter. I ordered the Chicken Macaroni Set which comes along with drink, Kaya Butter Toast and Chicken Macaroni Toast. Changed the drink to Milo.
Chicken Macaroni Set $6.20
This was what was served. Nothing fantastic about the milo and toast. In fact, the standard of the toast was terrible when compared to Ya Kun's version. 
Chicken Macaroni
The reason why I ordered Chicken Macaroni was because, I had wanted something soupy and is a Chinese dish (before I fly off to Europe).

The Chicken Macaroni was disappointing. The portion of chicken and macaroni given was pathetic and the soup was laden with MSG.

I can't believe that I wasted my last meal in Singapore having such food.. Even the food on the airplane tasted so much better. I am boycotting Wang Cafe.

I hope no one would be offended by the 'harsh' honest post.. 

Wang Cafe (Changi Airport)
Changi Airport Terminal 1 Arrival Hall
80 Airport Boulevard
Tel: 6448 7300
Opening Hours: Daily 24 hours

Thursday 23 May 2013

Sharetea Singapore: 1 For 1 Okinawa / Hokkaido Milk Tea (25 May 2013)

Source: Sharetea Singapore
Sharetea Singapore: 1 For 1 Okinawa / Hokkaido Milk Tea (25 May 2013)

- Valid on 25 May 2013 from 12pm to 2pm & 5pm to 7pm
- Valid only at  Sharetea Wisma
- Medium sized drink only
- While stocks last
- Not valid with other discounts or promotions

Tuesday 21 May 2013

Commonwealth Crescent Fei Zai Eatery (Holland Village Food Centre)

Commonwealth Crescent Fei Zai Eatery is located in Holland Village Food Centre. As it was my first time in the food centre, I decided to patronise the stalll with the longest queue. Hence, I found myself at Commonwealth Crescent Fei Zai Eatery
The stall seems to specialise in selling a wide range of dishes that revolve around noodles. There's prawn noodle, pig liver noodles, pork ribs & prawn noodle, fishball noodle, minced meat noodle and braised beef noodles. The prices of the items are listed in the photo above. I ordered the Pork Ribs & Prawn Noodle after noticing that two of the persons in front of me ordered that. 
Pork Ribs & Prawn Noodle $4.50
The Pork Ribs & Prawn Noodle cost $4.50. What made it stood out was the pork ribs which was braised. 
Pork Ribs & Prawn Noodle $4.50
Pork Ribs & Prawn Noodle $4.50
Frankly, the Pork Ribs & Prawn Noodle was disappointing The soup lacked depth and did not taste like prawn soup. The taste of light and dark soya sauce overwhelmed any other flavours (if any) in the soup. It was no doubt salty. The prawns were not fresh. The only consolation was that the pork ribs were tender and separated from the bones easily. However, it was too salty too.

Commonwealth Crescent Fei Zai Eatery (Holland Village Food Centre)
1 Lorong Mambong
#01-14 Holland Village Food Centre
Singapore 277700

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Sunday 19 May 2013

Carnivore Brazilian Churrascaria: 1 For 1 Buffet Lunch at Carnivore Vivocity (till 20 June 2013)

Source: Carnivore Brazilian Churrascaria
Carnivore Brazilian Churrascaria (Singapore): 1 For 1 at Carnivore Vivocity (till 20 June 2013)

- Valid from 20 May to 20 June 2013 on Mondays to Thursdays only (Not valid on weekends, PHs and eve of PHs)
- Valid for buffet lunch from 12pm to 3pm
- Reservations are required
- Not valid for other promotions or discounts
- The management reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions without prior notice

Saturday 18 May 2013

FoodieFC's Guest Post on Johor Kaki Blog

Last week, I received a message from Tony to guest post on his Johor Kaki blog. I accepted it immediately. I have been following Johor Kaki since last year after I chance upon the blog. The blog is a useful source of information for anyone searching for makan places in Johor. Bagus! 
Johor Kaki Blog
In the guest post, I wrote on the 'must order' dishes at my two favourite restaurants (Teck Sing and San Low Seafood) near the causeway (Johor Bahru's checkpoint). If you are keen to read the post, please click here

Friday 17 May 2013

Jack's Place - Administrative Professionals Week (Woodlands Civic Centre)

Another trip to Jack's Place at level 2 of Woodlands Civic Centre. As I have done a few posts on Jack's Place, I shall not do any introduction on this chain of restaurant. You can read more about Jack's Place in the previous posts.
Signature white and green checkered table cloth and menu. All branches in Jack's Place looks and feel alike.
Administrative Professionals Week - Set Lunch Menu
We decided to order the Executive Set Lunch - N.Z. Ribeye Steak with Brown Sauce ($17.90) and were ordered that. As we were informing the staff that we wanted to upgrade to Lobster Bisque Soup (+$2.30), we were informed that we should order from the Administrative Professionals Week - Set Lunch Menu which would be more value-for-money as it comes with a choice of Lobster Bisque Soup or Cream of Fresh Shiitake Mushroom Soup. In addition, tempura prawns were served with the steak.

The staff was right. We were so glad that she made that recommendation! We both ordered the Grilled N.Z Ribeye Steak & Tempura Prawns. The staff kindly accommodated to our request for it to be served in the hot plate instead of a normal ceramic plate. Nothing beats eating steaks out of a sizzling hot plate! I am impress with the service! Thumbs up! 
Garlic Bread
Garlic Bread was served together with the soup. One piece for each person.
Cream of Fresh Shiitake Mushroom Soup
As usual, being mushroom fantics we had to order the mushroom soup - Cream of Fresh Shiitake Mushroom Soup. A hearty bowl of soup was filled with lots of small chunks of shiitake mushrooms and mushroom flavour!
Lobster Bisque Soup
Ever since I tried the Lobster Bisque Soup last year, I could not resist the temptation to order it again. Great soup, rich in flavour and great balance in taste. In addition, several chunks of lobster meat were in the soup. So affordable! The Lobster Bisque Soup is one of Jack's Place house specialty.
Grilled N.Z Ribeye Steak & Tempura Prawns
For our main course, we both ordered the Grilled N.Z Ribeye Steak & Tempura Prawns. The staff kindly accommodated to our request to serve it in a sizzling hot plate instead of the norm which is to serve in a ceramic plate. As usual, Jack's Place never disappoint me. Their steaks were good. It may not be the best, but its way above average. Their baked potato and vegetables were good too. The tempura prawns on the other hand was forgettable.
Brown Sauce
We always request for extra brown sauce. We both polish off the sauce off by complementing the sauce with the steak. So yummy! If only, I know how they made the brown sauce. The extra brown sauce was enough to make me satisfy me. Funny, how simple/trivia things can make a big difference. 
Day's Dessert and Coffee & Tea
We ended off the meal with the Day's Dessert and Coffee & Tea.
Cherry Cake
The Day's Dessert was Cherry Cake. It was not bad; not dry. Dense and well-flavoured cake.

For $18.90++ this meal was so value for money. In addition, I like their service. Staff are well trained, attentive and prompt. It was great that they made recommendation which was relevant to our needs wants. Great Job Jack's Place! I will be back! Nom Nom Nom.. 

I wonder how their other affiliated company - Eatzi Gourmet fares. Eatzi Gourmet serves similar food, the difference is that it is certified halal.

Jack's Place - Administrative Professionals Week (Woodlands Civic Centre)
#02-05/06 Woodlands Civic Centre
Tel: 6363 4803
Opening Hours: Daily 11am to 1030pm

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