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Saboten (Parco Marina Bay) 2nd Post

Saboten is a Japanese restaurant chain well known for their Tonkatsu (fried breaded pork loin cutlet). Saboten was first started out in Shinjuku, Tokyo in 1966. Today, it is one of the biggest Tonkatsu chain in Japan with over 500 outlets. It has also expanded overseas to South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore.

In Singapore, Saboten has two outlets. One located  right in the middle of the city at Parco Marina Bay, next to Suntec City while the second is located at Changi Airport Terminal 1.
As we were in Suntec City, we decided to pop by Saboten at Millenia Walk for dinner during the weekend. 

Thus far, we had enjoyed our dining experience (food, ambience, service) at Saboten. Hence, the repeat visits. Another reason why we are back is because of their tonkatsu!

Their tonkatsu (Pork Tenderloin and Pork Loin) are so delicious because only a certain breed of pork is used. In addition, these pigs are grained fed. Barley is added into the feed to make the meat sweeter and tenderer.  Saboten uses only mature pigs of more than 180 days of age as they would have higher fat ratio. 

I like the environment and ambience at Saboten. It is quiet, clean, spacious and bright. With its Japanese wooden furnishing, it gave a cozy yet classy feel to the restaurant. Although the restaurant was full, we were quite lucky as we did not need to queue and got a table immediately. 

As Saboten was having the Oyster Fest, I could not resist the chance of savouring freshly imported oyster from Japan! Hence, I ordered the Oyster and Loin Set $23. The partner on the other hand ordered the Saboten Special Set $25.

Both sets came with free refill of Rice, Miso Soup and Cabbage. 

The 'tools' for grinding the sesame seeds - bowl and wooden stick. After the you are done with the grinding, scoop the tonkatsu sauce from the earthen urn into the bowl with grated sesame seeds. Mix well and dipping sauce for your Pork Loin and Pork Tenderloin is ready!
Left to Right: Yuzu (Citrus) Vinegar, Creamy Sesame 

Shredded Cabbage
While waiting for your mains to be served. Start off with the cabbage. The fresh cabbage are served cold. Choose either the Yuzu (Citrus) Vinegar or Creamy Sesame or both sauces and mix it with your shredded cabbage. Its very addictive. We easily polished the cabbage off and requested for three refills! Personally, I prefer the Creamy Sesame!
Oyster & Loin Set $23
The Oyster and Loin Set consisted of Pickled Vegetable, Rice, Miso Soup, 2 Oysters and Loin Cutlet.
Oyster & Loin Set $23
The 2 oysters were coated with bread crumbs and fried. They were big (fat), juicy and more importantly - fresh. 
The loin (fried breaded pork loin cutlet) is one of Saboten's signature item. It did not disappoint. The pork loin cutlet coated with crisp golden bread crumbs was tender, soft and slightly moist. The fat to lean meat ratio gave it a melt to mouth sensation. It was a joy savoring it, sinfully delicious. Best eaten when it is warm. 
Saboten Special Set $25
As for the Saboten Special Set, consisted of Pickled Vegetable, Rice, Miso Soup, Breaded Shrimp, Mini Pork Tenderloin, Half-size Pork Loin and Crab Cream Croquette. If you want to try a little of everything, this would be the set to order. 
Saboten Special Set $25
The Pork Tenderloin was darker in colour (slightly pinkish) compared to the Pork Loin. Although it had lesser fat, it was surprisingly soft. The long Breaded Shrimp was fresh. Its meat was firm and succulent.  
 Matcha Ice Cream
As usual, the norm here is to ended of the meal with a scoop of Matcha (green tea) Ice Cream. Milky with a mild sweet yet bitter green tea taste. 

Another great meal at Saboten! Although the items were deep fried, the chef perfected the heat and timing. Each piece was deep fried perfectly and were not oily. Service was good too. I has been since I encountered such good service. The staff promptly refilled our hot green tea (without us requesting) and also cabbage. I will certainly be back for more! 

Saboten (Parco Marina Bay) 2nd Post
9 Raffles Boulevard
#P3-01 Parco Marina Bay, Millenia Walk
Tel: 6333 3432
Opening Hours: Daily 1130am to 10pm

Other outlets:
Saboten (Changi Airport T1)
80 Airport Boulevard
#031-004 Changi Airport Terminal 1
Tel: 6214 9504
Opening Hours: 8am to 1030pm

Saboten (Changi Airport T1)
2 Jurong East Street 21
#01-19 IMM Building
Singapore 609601

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  1. That ice-cream is so tempting. We have the same flavors in other Japanese restaurants. I make sure I have a run over it whenever I can.

  2. Tonkatsu is one of my favourite Jap food! I usually have mine at Tonkichi or Tam Po Po, but prices there are much dearer. Would love to chk this out!

    1. I like Tampopo one too! Ma Maison is also not bad

  3. u should update your blog. there is a new outlet at imm

    1. Thanks for sharing this information. Have updated the outlet location. If you know the opening hours, let me know .


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