Sunday, 26 August 2012

Four Seas Fried Mee & Rice•Fried Hor Fun (Albert Centre Market & Food Centre)

Four Seas Fried Mee & Rice•Fried Hor Fun is located in Albert Centre Market & Food Centre, near Bugis Junction.
The Seafood Hor Fun (Hor Fan) comes in either $3.00 / $4.00 /$5.00. I ordered the $4.00 version. I waited 25 minutes for it. It is self service. If you are ordering from this stall, I would suggest for you to be seated just in front of the stall so that you know when it is ready. Part of the reason why there is such a long wait was because they consolidate the orders and fried at least 15 plates of Hor Fan at one go. Hor Fun and gravy (with all the other ingredients in it) was cooked separately. The Hor Fun was first put onto the plates, then the gravy and ingredients were drizzled over it depending on the order size. Once that is done, it is ready to be collected.
Seafood Hor Fun $4.00
Seafood Hor Fun $4.00
When I saw that they prepared so many plates at one time and cooked the Hor Fun and Gravy separately, I immediately had a negative thought 'sure not nice..'. To my surprise the Seafood Hor Fun was delicious. I was impressed. Generous amount of ingredients were given such as prawns, squid, vegetable, meat, slice fish and egg.

The fish slices given were very fresh, soft and smooth. The sweetness of the fish meat further reinforced the freshness. In addition, the squid and prawns were not overcooked and were fresh. The gravy was tasty, flavourful and forgiving.

Despite the long wait and also the fact that the Hor Fun and Gravy were cooked separately, this is a very decent plate of Seafood Hor Fan. The freshness and generosity of the ingredients given certainly played a role.

Four Seas Fried Mee & Rice•Fried Hor Fun (Albert Centre Market & Food Centre)
270 Queen Street
#01-106 Albert Centre Food Centre


  1. Both types of noodles are my fav. I enjoy the soupy gravy with the meat and veggies more than the noodles itself. Looks very tempting and I would love to give this place a try.

  2. you will need to stay here at least 2 weeks to try all the food. There's so many diff food here. =)

  3. I like Hor Fun too, especially when they're darker in colour & fried well before adding the sauce. These look really yummy!

    1. Yes, its yummy. oh no.. craving for them now.

  4. Dish looking very spicy and creamy. Water is coming in my mouth.

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  5. Already closed for good, Uncle and auntie retired


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