Thursday 31 July 2014

Eggs & Berries: 1 For 1 Burger Mania (till 31 Aug 2014)

Source: Eggs & Berries
Eggs & Berries: 1 For 1 Burger Mania (till 31 Aug 2014)

- Valid till 31 Aug 2014 on weekdays
- Valid at Westgate outlet from 1130am to 2pm and at Changi City Point from 5pm to 8pm
- Not valid on eve of PH and PH
- Not valid with other promotions or discounts

Monday 28 July 2014

Soi 19 Thai Wanton Mee 十九街雲吞麵 (Ang Mo Kio)

Thai Wanton Mee $3.50
Soi 19 Thai Wanton Mee 十九街雲吞麵 is a Thai style wanton mee stall that opened 2 years ago in Ang Mo Kio. If just seeing/hearing the name makes you think of the Bangkok's Saeb X2 Wonton Noodles, then you must be a foodie! The address of Saeb X2 is also Soi 19! 
According to makansutra, the owner of this stall is a Singaporean called Mr Ng Sing Chow who learnt how to cook Thai style wanton mee in Thailand. This stall in Singapore is not related to Saeb X2. 
The minimum order is $3.50 and customers have a choice to upsize, going up to $5. I have tried visiting this stall on a previous occasion, but the queue was just way too long (at least 15 to 20 people long). I was lucky on my second time when I visited on Sunday at 2pm. The queue was just 5 person long. 
Thai Wanton Mee $3.50
After waiting a good 15 minutes, we received our order. The Thai Wanton Mee was served with a bowl with 2 wantons. Customers can help themselves to the condiments such as dry chilli flakes, sugar, green chilli and fried pork lard.
Thai Wanton Mee $3.50
The bowl of Thai Wanton Mee consisted of egg noodle, vegetables, char siew, fried wanton and was topped with spring onions. Unlike our local style wanton mee, the Thai Wanton Mee was not accompanied with any sauce. Although it seems dry, once you mix this up, you would actually taste and find out that each strand of egg noodles was well 'oiled' with the pork lard fragrance. Although the egg noodles coupled with the pork lard oil tasted wonderful, it was a tad too oily for my liking. The other ingredients such as char siew, fried wanton and vegetables were really just average. 
Thai Wanton Mee $3.50
The soup with a little sweetish and salty. The two wantons in it did not wow me. 
Thai Wanton Mee $4
I bought back a packet of Thai Wanton Mee $4 for my family to try. 

From what I remember of my experience at SaebX2, the wanton mee at Soi 19 Thai Wanton Mee tasted better. However, I would not queue for too long for this and would certainly prefer for it to be less oily. Do note the that this stall is only open from Thursday to Sunday from 730am to 3pm.  

Soi 19 Thai Wanton Mee 十九街雲吞麵 (Ang Mo Kio)
Blk 151 Coffeeshop, Ang Mo Kio Ave 5
Singapore 560151
Tel: 9613 3340
Opening Hours: Thurs to Sun 730am - 3pm

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Sunday 27 July 2014

Swissbake: 1 For 1 Specialty Drinks (till 31 Jul 2014)

Source: Swissbake
Swissbake: 1 For 1 Specialty Drinks (till 31 Jul 2014)

- Valid till 31 Jul 2014
- Valid from 11am onwards
- Free drink should be of the same lower value
- Not applicable for canned or bottled drinks
- Not valid with other promotion, discounts or VIP cards
- While stocks last

Wednesday 23 July 2014

Starbucks Singapore: 1 For 1 Venti-sized Strawberry Cheesecake or Tiramisu Frappuccino (till 26 Jul 2014)

Source: Starbucks Singapore
Starbucks Singapore: 1 For 1 Venti-sized Strawberry Cheesecake or Tiramisu Frappuccino (till 26 Jul 2014)

- Valid till 26 Jul 2014 from 3pm to 11pm
- Valid at all Starbucks stores in Singapore
- Limited to 2 orders per customer
- While stocks last

Monday 21 July 2014

Subway Singapore: "I Am Groot" Free Meal Upgrade Promotion (till 22 Jul 2014)

Source: Subway Singapore
Subway Singapore: "I Am Groot" Free Meal Upgrade Promotion (till 22 Jul 2014)
Say "I Am Groot" to enjoy a free meal upgrade consisting of a 22oz soft drink and 2 cookies or chips with every Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy 6" sub purchase.

- Valid till 22 Jul 2014

Sunday 20 July 2014

Ramen Champion: 1 For 1 Vouchers Giveaway at Bugis+ (21 & 22 Jul 2014)

Source: Ramen Champion
Ramen Champion: 1 For 1 Vouchers Giveaway at Bugis+ (21 & 22 Jul 2014)

- Valid on 21 & 22 July 2014 from 1130am at Ramen Champion Bugis+ Entrance (level 4)
- Limited to 100 vouchers per day

Friday 18 July 2014

Nghi Xuan Restaurant (Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh)

Bánh bèo tôm chấy (Tiny steamed rice cakes) 68,000 VND (S$4.10)
Nghi Xuan Restaurant located opposite the Saigon Opera House is a boutique restaurant that serves traditional Vietnamese cuisine.
It was not easy spotting this restaurant. You would need to spot its signage located at the left of the above photo at the entrance of the alley. After that you would need to enter the dark alley. The restaurant is located all the way at the end of the alley.
The entrance of the restaurant. We proceeded the the second level.
The ambience and environment of the restaurant was excellent! Craved wooden chairs, flowers, wine glasses and lacquerware made the restaurant looked so classy.
Look at how elegant and classy the setting was. Suitable for even a royal family. The waitress were dressed in ao dai, a vietnamese national costume and some of them could speak English. The menu was available in Vietnamese, English and even Japanese languages.
Bánh bèo tôm chấy (Tiny steamed rice cakes) 68,000 VND (S$4.10)
We ordered the Bánh bèo tôm chấy (Tiny steamed rice cakes) 68,000 VND (S$4.10). Shredded shrimp, pork lard and spring onions were added on top of the rice cake. Each person would be served a separated fish sauce. Fish sauce would need to be added on top of the steamed rice cake. After which, mix the fish sauce with the toppings on top of the rice cake. Once they are evenly mixed, divide the steamed rice cake into quarters and then enjoy. The video below shows how this is done.

The Tiny steamed rice cakes were fantastic. The combination of the fish sauce, toppings and rice cake was heavenly. This is a must try if you are at this restaurant.
Instagram video showing how the Tiny steamed rice cakes should be mixed.
Bún hến (Rice noodles with mussels) 68,000 VND (S$4.10)
The Bún hến (Rice noodles with mussels) 68,000 VND (S$4.10) which consisted of rice noodle mixed with mussels, mussel soup, roasted peanuts and fresh vegetables.
Bún hến (Rice noodles with mussels) 68,000 VND (S$4.10)
The waitress assisted us to mix up all the ingredients till it looked like the above photo as we had no idea what should be done. It had a good mixture of textures and flavours. Reminds me of Lei Cha.
Thịt bò nhúng dấm (Sliced beef dipped in vinegar hot pot) 148,000 VND (S$8.90)
We also ordered the signature Thịt bò nhúng dấm (Sliced beef dipped in vinegar hot pot) 148,000 VND (S$8.90).
Thịt bò nhúng dấm (Sliced beef dipped in vinegar hot pot) 148,000 VND (S$8.90)
It consisted of raw sliced beef, vinegar hot pot, rice paper, fresh vegetables and herbs, slices of unripe banana and star fruit, rice vermicelli and fish sauce
Thịt bò nhúng dấm (Sliced beef dipped in vinegar hot pot) 148,000 VND (S$8.90)
Again, the waitress demonstrated how it should be done before letting us try it ourselves. First, the vinegar hot pot was brought to a boil. After which, the raw sliced beef was dipped into the vinegar bath and cooked to individual's preference.
Thịt bò nhúng dấm (Sliced beef dipped in vinegar hot pot) 148,000 VND (S$8.90)
Once the sliced beef was cooked, it would be placed onto the rice paper on top of the fresh vegetables and herbs, slices of unripe banana and star fruit, and rice vermicelli. All that is left was to roll it up, dip it into the fish sauce before enjoying it. It was a unique dining experience, but taste wise it was not fantastic (i.e. not a must try).
Cơm hấp lá sen (Lotus steamed rice) 98,000 VND (S$5.90)
As we were still hungry, we asked the waitress for recommendations. We were recommended the Cơm hấp lá sen (Lotus steamed rice) 98,000 VND (S$5.90). The rice was steamed in a lotus leaf together with other ingredients such as carrots, corn, pork, shrimps and lotus nuts. It was the worst dish that night. A waste of the calories.

The food at Nghi Xuan Restaurant was more pricey given its top notch environment and service.  If you are there, I would highly recommend the Tiny steamed rice cakes. The staff were very attentive and prompt. They were always around and it was so easy getting their assistance. We noticed that there were no locals and that they catered to mainly Japanese. Their service was so good that we were shocked when we noticed that a Japanese couple asked the waitress to feed their child (who was playing with his ipad game). The child had to be coaxed by the waitress all the time to open his mouth to eat while the couple were just chatting away. And the child was constantly playing his ipad game even when he was being fed! I thought that crossed the line. Kudos to the waitress. Would you have done that if you were the waitress? 

Nghi Xuân (Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh)
5/9 Nguyễn Siêu
Quận 1, Hồ Chí Minh
Tel: +84 (08) 8 3823 0699
Opening Hours: Daily 11am to 10pm

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Tuesday 15 July 2014

Fanny Ice Cream (Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh)

Demi Bol 149,000 VND (S$8.95): Chocolate Sauce and Almonds
After our dinner at 3T Quan Nuong, we proceeded to the building next door for dessert! Our destination was Fanny Ice Cream, a highly raved about french owned ice cream parlor in Vietnam. I heard about this place on Celine's Carpe diem. 一期一会 blog.

Fanny Ice Cream was established in Vietnam in 1994 by Jean-Marc Bruno, a pastry specialist graduated from the renowned Le Nôtre Paris school. It manufactures 100% natural ice cream with natural ingredients, using tradition method which the Jean-Marc Bruno acquired in the school. Today, it manufactures and distributes its premium ice cream to over 1000 restaurants and hotels, and has 7 ice cream parlors in Vietnam.
Fanny Ice Cream's outlet at Ton That Thiep Street was huge, occupying 2 units.
This was what greeted us when we went in through the entrance. Clean, warm, cozy, air conditioned with a pink theme. Even the waitress were wearing pink too!
Part of the selection of ice cream with real fruits being displayed. I was wondering how come it seems like no one ate
Fridge with more ice creams, probably for takeaway.
As we were undecided on what to order, we were lead to the next unit where they had more seats available. They provided both alfresco and indoor sittings. All their other customers chose to seat outside (i.e. alfresco). But we chose to take the indoor seats and we were the only ones =).
This was what was on each table. By the way, the flowers were real.
Part of the menu. We decided to order the Demi Bol after pondering for sometime as there was so many choices and all the pictures were so beautifully taken!
Demi Bol 149,000 VND (S$8.95)
We ordered the Demi Bol 149,000 VND (S$8.95) which allowed us to try a little of everything. There were a mix of sorbet and ice cream, chocolate sauce, almonds, caramel sauce, whipped cream and fruit salad.
Mix of sorbet and ice cream
From the left to right: (i) Chocolate, Pistachio and Mint Chocolate ice cream, (ii) Mango sorbet, Vanilla and Stracciatella ice cream, (iii) Strawberry sorbet, Vanilla and Chocolate Coffee ice cream, (iv) Green Tea, Coconut and Vanilla Macadamia ice cream, and (v) Strawberry and Cookies ice cream, Mix Berries sorbet.
Fruit Salad, Caramel Sauce and White Chocolate
Demi Bol was very beautifully presented, just like how it looked like on the menu. I was impressed with the effort. The mix of ice cream and sorbet was very good and allowed us to discover so many flavours. We also had the choice of adding chocolate sauce, fruit, caramel sauce or white chocolate as a topping. For just 149,000 VND (S$8.95), the Demi Bol was so value for money! If you are around the area, you should give this a try! Great place and ambience for dessert!
Instagram video (aka Instavideo) which I took.

Good news for Fanny Ice Cream fans. Fanny Ice Cream is in Singapore! The franchise outlet was opened in Feb 2014 at 99 East Coast Road, Singapore 428795 (opposite 112 Katong). It is Fanny Ice Cream's first outlet outside Vietnam. The prices are charged in Singapore Dollars (of course!). The Demi Bol would cost $25 in Singapore!!!

Fanny Ice Cream (Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh)
29-31 Tôn Thất Thiệp
Phường Bến Nghé, Quận 1
Hồ Chí Minh
Tel: +84 (08) 3821 1633/0949

other outlets in Vietnam
1) Vincom Center, tầng B3, 27 Lê Thánh Tôn, Quận 1, Hồ Chí Minh
2) 22 Phạm Hồng Thái, Quận 1, Hồ Chí Minh
3) 63 Xuân Thủy, Quận 1, Hồ Chí Minh
4) Foodcourt Lầu 4, TTTM Pandora City, 1/1 Trường Chinh, Quận Tân Phú, Hồ Chí Minh
5) 6A Trần Hưng Đạo, Quận 1, Hồ Chí Minh
6) 51 Lý Thường Kiệt, Quận Hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội.

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Monday 14 July 2014

Mr Bean Singapore: 1 For 1 Fruity Soya Milk on Weekdays

Source: Mr Bean Singapore
Mr Bean Singapore: 1 For 1 Fruity Soya Milk on Weekdays

- Valid on weekdays from 1pm to 5pm
- Not valid on public holidays
- Not valid with other promotions or discounts
- Available at all Mr Bean stores except Causeway Point, Changi General Hospital, Khoo Teck Puat Hospital and Tan Tock Seng Hospital
- Valid for a limited time only
- While stocks last

Friday 11 July 2014

3T Quan Nuong Vietnamese Barbecue (Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh)

Tôm nướng muối ớt (Roasted Prawn with Salt and Chilli) (100g) 58,000 VND (S$3.50)
3T Quan Nuong (3T Quán Nướng) is a roof top Vietnamese Barbecue (BBQ) / Grilled restaurant. 
3T Quan Nuong is located along Ton That Thiep Street, a 5 minutes walk away from Saigon Centre. It is located just next to Fanny Ice Cream. It was not easy getting to 3T Quan Nuong. When we saw Fanny Ice Cream, we were knew that 3T Quan Nuong was next door. But yet we could not find it, we had to ask the locals. We were directed to the right side of Fanny Ice Cream.
3T Quan Nuong was located above Temple Club (an upscale fine dining Vietnamese restaurant where Brad Pitt and Angelina JolieBrad Pitt and Angelina Jolie once dine at). Hence, if you are going to 3T Quan Nuong, look out for the Temple Club Signage instead.

Once you located the building, you would need to walk pass a long narrow corridor which is dimly lighted to the stair case and proceed to the roof top. If we had not done any research before hand, we would not have walked through this corridor. It seemed sleazy and doggy! 
Tada, the reward! Open air roof top BBQ! About one third of the dining area was sheltered while the rest was not. I wonder what happens when it is the monsoon season (rainy season). When we reached at around 630pm on a weekday, the restaurant was not even half full. But by the time we left at around 8pm, the place was nearly full! We noticed that most of the customers were locals except for two other tables.
3T Quan Nuong had both Vietnamese and English menu available. I do wonder if there are any differences in price between both menus. Do note, not all the serving staff understand English. Whenever we had questions or wanted to order an item, they would always send a particular waiter who could speak and understand basic English.The staff were friendly and when they noticed we were foreigners, they would assist us and show us how to cook the food items.
Ceramic tiles table with a grilling stove in the middle.

Noticed the small container with a stick? It contain oil and the stick was actually the brush. You would need to oil the grill so that your food would not stick to it.
Cơm Trắng (Steamed Rice) 50,000 VND (S$3.00)
We ordered a Cơm Trắng (Steamed Rice). It was served in a cute little ceramic 'pot'.
Tôm nướng muối ớt (Roasted Prawn with Salt and Chilli) (100g) 58,000 VND (S$3.50)
As we did our research before hand, we knew what to order. The Tôm nướng muối ớt (Roasted Prawn with Salt and Chilli) was one of the highly raved about dish! As there was only the two of us, we decided to order 100g (4 prawns) which cost 58,000 VND (S$3.50).

The prawns were still alive when they were served on wooden skewers. Salt and chilli were sprinkled over it. These prawns were still alive as they were taken from the tanks full of prawns at the kitchen. To ensure the freshness, these prawns were taken out from the tanks only upon order.
Grilling the live prawns
Brush some oil over the grill and you are ready to grill the live prawns. I know this is cruel.. as the prawns were put over the grill, they were still moving.
Left to right: Grilling the live prawns, Lime with salt and chilli dip
Needless to say, the prawns were fresh. The shells came over so easily. In addition, the meat was firm and sweet.

To further enhance the taste, squeeze the lime over the salt and chilli powder. Then dip the prawn into it. The different dimension in taste of the prawn, lime, salt and chilli was just out of the world! Top notch! This is a must try! Wish that we had ordered more!
Bò nướng mật ong (Roasted Beef with Honey) 85,000 VND (S$5.10)
The next item we ordered was the Bò nướng mật ong (Roasted Beef with Honey) 85,000 VND (S$5.10). It was served together with a plate of vegetables (kang kong, lady finger, etc.)
Grilling the beef with vegetables
When the Roasted Beef with Honey was served, the waiter helped us to oil the metal grill again before helping us to put some of the beef meat onto the hot sizzling grill. The beef meat was delicious, but I can't detect any hint of honey if any.
Heo nướng sả ớt (Roasted Wildboar with Lemongrass and Chilli) with salad 110,000 VND (S$6.60) 
The Heo nướng sả ớt (Roasted Wildboar with Lemongrass and Chilli) which cost 110,000 VND (S$6.60) was served with a plate of salad.

When this was served, the staff replaced our metal grill with a new one without us requesting for this to be done. =D
Heo nướng sả ớt (Roasted Wildboar with Lemongrass and Chilli) 110,000 VND (S$6.60)
The Roasted Wild Boar with Lemongrass and Chilli was a little too tough. I wonder if its because of our 'cooking skill'. In short, this dish did not wow me.
Rau muống xào tỏi (Deep Fried Kangkong with Garlic) 100,000 VDN (S$6.00)
As we required some greens, we ordered a plate of Rau muống xào tỏi (Deep Fried Kangkong with Garlic) 100,000 VDN (S$6.00). It was well fried! The kang kong was crunchy and tasty. Do note that it was not deep fried as indicated in the menu. I was impressed that I could get such a decent dish in a Vietnamese restaurant.

As we were enjoying our meal, a big group of around 15 locals arrived and ordered a whole lot of prawns! They requested for the staff to grill it for them. And the staff had to heat up two metal grills and spent a good 20 minutes grilling all the prawns! What great service!

After the meal, the restaurant served us complimentary fruits (watermelon and pineapple) and tea. The highlight of the meal was definitely the Tôm nướng muối ớt (Roasted Prawn with Salt and Chilli)! The staff here were warm, friendly and attentive. They seemed to pay extra attention to tourist, coming over to assist and demonstrate how the cooking should be done, adjusting the temperature of the grill when it was too hot, helping to brush oil on the metal grill, changing of metal grills, etc. All the little things that matter!

Do note, you would smell of BBQ food despite it being very windy at the roof top. Nevertheless, this was worth it!
Ending off with a Instagram video (aka Instavideo) which I took. 

3T Quán Nướng Vietnamese Barbecue (Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh)
29-31 Tôn Thất Thiệp
Quận 1, Hồ Chí Minh
Tel: +84 (08) 3821 1631
Opening Hours: Daily 5pm to 11pm

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