Tuesday 7 January 2014

Street Food: Porridge and Chicken Rice near Baiyoke Sky Hotel (Thailand, Bangkok)

During our stay in Bangok, we explored around the streets and alleys near our hotel; Baiyoke Boutique Hotel. There were numerous street food stalls. One particular stall caught our eyes one morning and we decided that it would be the place for breakfast before we flew back to Singapore. 
This street food stall caught our eyes because it was the only one which sold porridge. Moreover, there was a constant queue. Furthermore, those in the queues were locals. In fact, we did not see any tourist even though we ate near the stall.

This particular stall is manned by two persons, a gentleman and a lady with red apron who seemed to be the boss. She was the one who cooked the porridge.  
The ingredients that goes into the bowl of porridge before they are served includes liver, pig intestines (large and small), chunks of pork meat, ginger slices and scallions. If you would like to add an egg into the porridge, you would need to inform the lady when making your orders.
A huge pot of porridge which the lady constantly stirs. 
After selling every few bowls of porridge, the lady would add chunks of pork meat into the pot of porridge. Her action showed how much she cared about the food she cooked. 
The menu. If you recognise Thai, this would be useful.

There were three makeshift tables and chairs along the alley behind this stall. Most locals pack the porridge back. After making our orders, we proceeded to the tables and chairs. The gentleman would delivery the porridge to the tables. 
Porridge with egg 35 Baht (S$1.50)
We requested for an egg to be added into the porridge. This cost 35 Baht (S$1.50). The porridge was served with chunks of pork meat, a few pieces of large and small intestines and liver. It was topped with scallions, slices of ginger, pepper and light soya sauce. The egg which was added in it was half cooked; semi solid egg white and runny yolk (similar to the type you get in Yakun / Toast Box).
Porridge with egg 35 Baht (S$1.50)
Porridge with egg 35 Baht (S$1.50)
We mixed the egg with the porridge to give it a creamier texture and taste. The porridge was not fantastic, but it was very decent. For just 35 Baht, you would be getting quite a fair variety of ingredients. I can't complain much. But if you looking for someplace for breakfast, this could be an alternative.

Note: I understand that the lady is frequently at this area and she opens mainly in the morning only. You can view the location in the map at the bottom of this post.
This chicken rice stall is located next to the porridge stall. 
Compared to its neighbour (i.e. porridge stall), this stall had no customers. Nevertheless, we ordered a  pack of chicken rice to share. 
Chicken Rice 30 Baht (S$1.25)
The Chicken Rice cost 30 Baht (S$1.25). It came in a styrofoam container with cling film.
Chicken Rice 30 Baht (S$1.25)
The chicken rice was average. The chicken meat fared better than the rice. 

Street Food: Porridge and Chicken Rice near Baiyoke Sky Hotel (Thailand, Bangkok)

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  1. I think for the price, it's worth the try. I was alone in Bangkok, therefore dare not walk on the streets to try the varieties of street food.

  2. Lovely ! Delicious ! I love to eat street food. I think your food test is awesome.

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