Wednesday 4 November 2020

Jia Xiang 佳香 (Red Hill Food Centre)


Follow the queue and you will never go wrong. When I visited Red Hill Hawker Centre, I noticed there was a long queue in front of this stall calls Jia Xiang. The stalls sells Nasi Lemak, Long Tong and Mee Siam. Surprisingly, nearly everyone except 1 person in from of me ordered the Mee Siam. The one person ordered Long Tong. No one ordered Nasi Lemak.

Following the crowd, I ordered the $3 Mee Siam. 

It was really good! The star ingredient was the Mee Siam gravy. The mix in flavours of tangy, sweet and spice was perfectly balance. None of them overwhelmed the other.

The little bits of fried croutons was the icing on the cake as it provided a crunchy and crisp texture to the dish. 

This is one of the best Mee Siam I had. Worth another visit! 
Since I was at Red Hill hawker centre, I just had to also ordered the Yon Yan 永焱 fried chicken wings. While many have said that their standard has dropped, I still like it!

Jia Xiang 佳香 (Red Hill Food Centre)
#01-35 Redhill Market
Block 85 Redhill Lane
Singapore 310019

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