Monday 30 December 2013

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf: Free Upsize at International Plaza outlet (till 1 Jan 2014)

Source: The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf
The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf: Free Upsize at International Plaza outlet (till 1 Jan 2014)

- Valid till 1 Jan 2014
- Valid for any beverage
- Valid only at International Plaza outlet 

Sunday 29 December 2013

Luk Chup and Pratunam Morning Market (Thailand, Bangkok)

Ironically, we were at the Pratunam Morning Market shopping for clothes when we spotted a cart selling Luk Chup. Let's start off with the Pratunam Morning Market first shall we? It deserves some air time.
 Pratunam Morning Market (in front of Baiyoke Sky Hotel)
The Pratunam Morning Market opens in the wee hours of the morning from 4am to 9am on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays (I am not sure if they open on other days). No I am not joking, they really open at such hours! This morning market consisting of makeshift stalls is located just in front of Baiyoke Sky Hotel stretching all the way to Ratchaprarop road and Indra Sqaure.
Pratunam Morning Market (in front of Baiyoke Sky Hotel)
Many tourists and locals would wake up early and visit this morning market because the clothes are fashionable! In addition, it is a wholesales market and the clothes are incredibly cheap! To get wholesales prices, customers would normally need to purchase 3 or more pieces of clothes from the same stall. It has been said that stall owners in other markets and platinum mall would purchase their clothes from this market. It may be true to a certain extent as we saw many locals purchasing and wheeling away cartons of clothes.
Pratunam Morning Market

We were pleasantly to find a Luk Chup stall in the Pratunam Morning Market. It is difficult to describe the location, please refer to the map below instead. With its bright, attractive and colourful products, this stall stood out among the other stalls.
Lup Chup is a Thai minature fruit shaped dessert made of mung bean, sugar and coconut milk, and kneaded into these cute little fruits. It is then painted in various colours using natural colours (I hope) and dipped in clear gelatin resulting in its glossy and bright exterior. Look at the variety of Lup Chup available. They were in the shape of carrots, chillies, cherries, mangosteens, oranges, mangoes, bananas, watermelon, pears, corns and more!
Luk Chup - 15 pieces for 20 Baht (S$0.83)
At 15 pieces for 20 Baht (S$0.83), these Luk Chup were so much cheaper than those found in the shopping centres. The Lup Chup tasted the same even if a different shape was chose. They are sweet and fragrant. Very addictive dessert / snack. If you are in Thailand, the Lup Chup is a must try!

Luk Chup and Pratunam Morning Market (Thailand, Bangkok)
Near Baiyoke Sky Hotel

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Friday 27 December 2013

Coconut Ice Cream at Chatuchak Weekend Market (Thailand, Bangkok)

So many people online have raved about this particular coconut ice cream stall located at Chatuchak Weekend Market. So much, we decided to put this as a must try 'eatery' when we visit Chatuchak Market.
This coconut ice cream stall; Coconuticecreamjj is located at Section 4, Soi 49, just in front of the toilet. It would be hard to miss this stall as you would be able to see many people walking past you carrying half a coconut shell with coconut ice cream in it. In addition, there was a perceptual queue at the stall.
The coconut ice cream served in a coconut shell cost 35 baht (S$1.40). It was served with two toppings (corn, peanuts, glutinous rice, sticky rice, nata de coco, atap seed, etc), coconut flesh/pulp and a complimentary cup of coconut water.
Coconut Ice Cream 35 Baht (S$1.40)
Coconut Ice Cream 35 Baht (S$1.40)
The Coconut Ice Cream was disappointing with nothing to shout about. The coconut ice cream was not as flavourful as the version we had earlier. In addition, it seemed diluted. As for the coconut flesh, it was tough and hard. Totally unsatisfying. It is certainly not the best. My advice would be to give this a skip and try the one at Damnoen Saduak Floating Market instead. It was way better (but of course please go at your own risk, as I do not know the opening hours of the boat vendor).
Food for though: This was the toilet in front of the coconut ice cream stall. Look at how happy the Thai lady was even though she was managing the toilet. She was happily stacking the coins, oblivious of her surroundings. She seemed happy and satisfied with her job, despite the perception and low pay (ok..I am assuming). So how many of us are happy with our jobs (proper office with air condition and probably more pay). Ironic? 
Chatuchak Weekend Market Map

Coconut Ice Cream at Chatuchak Weekend Market (Thailand, Bangkok)
In front of Section 4, Soi 49 (just in front of the toilet)
Kamphaeng Phet 2 Road
Chatuchak, Bangkok, Thailand

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Wednesday 25 December 2013

The Landing Point Afternoon High Tea Buffet (The Fullerton Bay Hotel)

The Landing Point Afternoon High Tea Buffet was something which we wanted to try for sometime. We had heard so much about its three tier high tea set.  
Noticed the piano at the side? A pianist started playing the piano at around 330pm providing soothing background music which set the tone for the relaxing afternoon. 
Comfy yet cozy sofa seats to chill out while enjoying the view.  
It over looks Marina Bay Sands. 
Elegant, dignified table setting.  
Beverage (Tea & Coffee) Menu
The Landing Point's Afternoon High Tea Buffet cost $49++ per person on weekdays and weekends from 3pm to 530pm. If you would like a sparkling wine to go along with your high tea, it is $69++. For a child, it would be $25++. Currently, UOB cardholders would be able to enjoy a 15% discount. So do remember to use this card if you have it.

There's 20 varieties of TWG Tea to enjoy while indulging in the high tea and enjoying the beautiful view of Marina Bay. 
Plain Scone
Plain Scone with clotted cream and strawberry jam. There was also Raisin Scone. The Scones were average; they were not buttery enough.
Festive three-tiered high tea set
The main star was the three-tiered high tea set which is refillable. As we visited during the Christmas period, their normal three-tier high tea set was replaced with the Festive three-tiered high tea set.
Top Tier
The top tier consisted of mainly sweet items - Crème Brulee, Christmas Cake, Christmas Cookies and Christmas Pie.
Second Tier
The second tier which consisted of savoury items was our favourite - Lobster Tarts, Biscuit with Cheese and Fig, Truffle Egg Sandwich, Smoked Salmon Sandwich, Turkey Sandwich, Smoked Duck Sandwich and Cucumber Tomato Sandwich. We refilled this tier several times and did not refill the other tiers.
Front to back (Lobster Tarts, Biscuit with Cheese and Fig, Truffle Egg Sandwich, Smoked Salmon Sandwich)
Our top 3 items were the (order of preference) Lobster Tarts, Truffle Egg Sandwich and Smoked Duck Sandwich. We constantly ate these 3 items and got refills for them as they were real good. Other than that, the rest were mediocre.
Last Tier
The last (third) tier also consisted of sweet items - Pistachio Cake with Chocolate, Christmas Fruit Cake, Raspberry and Cream, and Macarons. The bitter sweet Chocolate Macaron was easily the best among all the items in this tier.

Most of the items in the first and third tier was too sweet.
The refills were placed at the back of our seats. The staff would make it a point to constantly provide refills for customers. However, service was a little on the slower end. They seemed under staffed and could not cope with the crowd. As you can see from the above photo, the popular items which was constantly being refilled was the food items in the second tier.
Left to Right: Fullerton Express Tea, Fruit Mountain
There was way too many selections of TWG  teas to try and could only try 2 different tea. For the first tea, I went for something light; the Fullerton Express Tea which was specially commissioned from TWG Tea by the Fullerton Group. It was a light, refreshing and fragrant tea. The second tea I tried was the Fruit Mountain which was a black tea. It was stronger in taste with a delicate sweetness to it.

As you may have already figure out, other than the Teas, the food was average. We ate mainly the Lobster TartTruffle Egg Sandwich and Smoked Duck Sandwich only. The price was on the higher end. But the ambience was excellent - Quiet, cozy with a great view. Perfect for a date or to just chill out and chat.
A summary video on the Afternoon High Tea Buffet which I posted on Instagram.

The Landing Point Afternoon High Tea Buffet (The Fullerton Bay Hotel)
The Fullerton Bay Hotel 
80 Collyer Quay 
Tel: 6597 5277
Opening Hours: Daily 7am to 1am (note: afternoon tea is available from 3pm to 530pm only)

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Tuesday 24 December 2013

Safra Deals: $1 Gong Cha at 10 Selected Outlets (27 & 28 Dec 2013)

Source: Safra Deals
Safra Deals: $1 Gong Cha at 10 Selected Outlets (27 & 28 Dec 2013)
Valid for selected drinks and selected outlets only. Flash your Safra Card to enjoy the deal.

- Valid on 27 and 28 Dec 2013
- Total of 2500 drinks available daily (250/outlet), while stocks lasts
- Maximum of 1 drink per valid SAFRA card/transaction per SAFRA member
- Flash valid SAFRA card upon payment
- Only valid for A1 Gong Cha Milk Green Tea ($2.60), A2 Gong Cha Milk Black Tea ($2.60), A3 Gong Cha Milk Oolong Tea ($2.60), A4 Gong Cha Milk Alisan Tea ($2.60), A5 Gong Cha Milk Melon Tea ($2.80), A6 Gong Cha Milk Camellia Tea ($2.80)
- Valid at Gong Cha outlets in 313, Bugis Plus T Café, Paragon, Clementi Central, Toa Payoh Central, Junction 10, Gek Poh Shopping Centre, Novena Square 2, i12 Katong, Bedok Mall

Sunday 22 December 2013

Wah Kee Big Prawn Noodles 華記大蝦麵 (Pek Kio Food Centre)

Wah Kee Big Prawn Noodles 華記大蝦麵  has reopened again!!

If you are a prawn noodle fanatic, you would have probably hear of Wah Kee Big Prawn Noodles 華記大蝦麵. I heard so much about it that I knew I had to give it a try one day. Previously, I made two trips to Pek Kio Food Centre (where this stall is located) for this. However, on both occasions the stall was closed indefinitely as the owner had went for an eye operation. A few weeks ago, I heard that the stall had reopened! Hence, I made another trip down just for this. 
Wah Kee Big Prawn Noodles 華記大蝦麵 specialises in serving prawn noodles. The Prawn Noodles were available in $3, $5, $8 and $10. Big (Jumbo) prawns are served for the $8 and $10 versions.

When I got there at 930am on a weekday, I was surprised to see a short queue of just 6 person in front of me. I have read so much about the slow moving queue and mentally prepared to wait patiently. Thankfully, two persons in front of me dropped off. Hence, I just had to waited for around 20 minutes (4 person in front) before it was my turn. 
Prawn Noodles $10
I ordered the $10 Prawn Noodles with Mee Pok. It came with a packet of tissue paper. The jumbo prawns were served separately in a metal dish. 
Mee Pok (dry)
The owners were very generous with the fried shallots and pork lard. As a result, the Mee Pok (dry) was so tasty. In addition, the beansprouts at the bottom added a nice crunch. I understand that the owners fried the shallots and pork lard themselves as they wanted to ensure quality was not compromised. 
Jumbo Prawns
Three jumbo prawns were served together with the soup in a metal dish. 
Jumbo Prawns
One reason why the queue was so slow moving was because the owner only prepares the prawns when customers orders to ensure that the prawns remained fresh. He would then proceed and deshell the middle portion of the prawn. Moreover, slice it partially in the middle to devein it. 

Jumbo Prawns
The star of the dish (i.e. the prawns) did not disappoint. They were oh-so extremely huge, fresh and succulent. Superb!

The soup was unique too. Besides being tasty and full of essence of the prawns, it was accompanied with a hint of sweet, spicy and garlic flavour. It was so good that I drank the whole bowl and brought the empty bowl requesting for a refill. I am sure they did not add any MSG in it as I did not feel thirsty after drinking two bowls of soup.

I left feeling satisfied and happy. Glad that I finally tried Wah Kee Big Prawn Noodles.
As I was leaving, I was shocked to see that the queue had stretched to more than 10 persons long. I wonder how long they would need to wait. 

Wah Kee Big Prawn Noodles 華記大蝦麵 (Pek Kio Food Centre)
Pek Kio Market & Food Centre
41A Cambridge Road #01-15
Singapore 211041
Tel: 96883633
Opening Hours: Tue to Sun 730am - 2pm 
                         Closed on Mon

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Friday 20 December 2013

Noodle Soup with Chicken at Chatuchak Weekend Market (Thailand, Bangkok)

At the capital of the Land Of Smiles, Thailand, the Chatuchak Weekend Market is a must visit place for tourist. This market is the world's largest market weekend market spanning an area of 35 acres, split into 27 different sections with more than 15,000 booths selling different types of products.

With its attractive prices and wide range of products, this market can attract up to 200,000 visitors daily on weekends. This is despite the narrow alleys and unbearable heat. Few than 1% of the stalls are air conditioned.
It is highly advisable that you wear comfortable clothes such as t-shirt, shorts and slipper.

We did extensive research on the location for our lunch and came across this eatery called "Noodle Soup with Chicken". It was not easy finding this place because Chatuchak is huge! Luckily, we managed to narrow down the search area to Soi 29 which is along this 'main road' (above photo). 
We were thrilled when we found this place. It was like how I would imagine a popular place to be. Brisk business, filled to the brim with people. Noodle Soup with Chicken is actually located at Section 21, Soi 29 facing Soi 47. The nearest gate is "Gate 3". You can refer to either the interactive or static map at the bottom of this post to better visualise the location.
Notice the empty pot at the left. It actually contained braised chicken feet/claws. I tried to order that, but I was a few moments too late! They had just sold their last bowl of chicken feet/claws noodle at 1230pm. So if you want to try it, you have got to earlier than 1230pm.
It was replaced by a pot of stewed chicken meat.
The Noodle Soup with Chicken shop offers different types of noodles including Kway Teow, Bee Hoon (Rice vermicell) and Yellow Noodles. 
I suspect this is the menu.. its all in Thai. We had to point at the next table to try to explain what we wanted to order. When it came to the type of noodles, we actually went to the shop front where they displayed the noodles and point the type of noodles we wanted. To be fair, the young man who took our orders was so polite and courteous despite the difficulty we had communicating with each other. Don't you love the service at Thailand? No wonder it is the land of smiles!

This eatery offers Noodle Soup with Chicken (meat/chicken feet).
Beverage Menu
Ironically, the beverage menu was available in English!
Thai Ice Tea 30 Baht (S$1.25)
For drinks, we ordered the Thai Ice Tea 30 Baht (S$1.25). I noticed that the stall owners collaborated with the drinks stall located just outside as the drink was from that stall. The Thai Ice Tea was very sweet! Even after the ice had melted, it was still too sweet for my liking.
Noodle (Kway Teow) Soup with Chicken 50 Baht (S$2.08)
We all ordered the same dish - Noodle Soup with Chicken. The only variation was the noodles.

This was the last bowl of Kway Teow Soup with Chicken 50 Baht (S$2.08)!
Noodle (Glass Noodle) Soup with Chicken 50 Baht (S$2.08)
Noodle (Glass Noodle) Soup with Chicken 50 Baht (S$2.08)
We ordered Noodle (Glass Noodle) Soup with Chicken 50 Baht (S$2.08)
Noodle (Bee Hoon) Soup with Chicken 50 Baht (S$2.08)
Deciding to try different noodles, we also ordered Noodle (Bee Hoon) Soup with Chicken 50 Baht (S$2.08).

The Noodle Soup with Chicken was delicious. Each bowl was accompanied by two pieces of braised chicken meat, one of which would be a drumstick. The braised chicken meat were so tender and flavourful. The (chicken) soup was rich, tasty and sweet with a slight hint herbal flavour which was just nice, such that those who do not fancy herbal stuff would not be turned off. Great find with satisfying and comfort food. Certainly a place to try if you are in Chatuchak Market.
Chatuchak Weekend Market Map
As mentioned earlier, this eatery is located at Section 21, Soi 29 facing Soi 47. Section 21 and Soi 29 is the clothing/fashion area while Soi 47 is the Home Furniture area.

Noodle Soup with Chicken at Chatuchak Weekend Market (Thailand, Bangkok)
Section 21, Soi 29 facing Soi 47
Kamphaeng Phet 2 Road
Chatuchak, Bangkok, Thailand

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