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Luk Chup and Pratunam Morning Market (Thailand, Bangkok)

Ironically, we were at the Pratunam Morning Market shopping for clothes when we spotted a cart selling Luk Chup. Let's start off with the Pratunam Morning Market first shall we? It deserves some air time.
 Pratunam Morning Market (in front of Baiyoke Sky Hotel)
The Pratunam Morning Market opens in the wee hours of the morning from 4am to 9am on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays (I am not sure if they open on other days). No I am not joking, they really open at such hours! This morning market consisting of makeshift stalls is located just in front of Baiyoke Sky Hotel stretching all the way to Ratchaprarop road and Indra Sqaure.
Pratunam Morning Market (in front of Baiyoke Sky Hotel)
Many tourists and locals would wake up early and visit this morning market because the clothes are fashionable! In addition, it is a wholesales market and the clothes are incredibly cheap! To get wholesales prices, customers would normally need to purchase 3 or more pieces of clothes from the same stall. It has been said that stall owners in other markets and platinum mall would purchase their clothes from this market. It may be true to a certain extent as we saw many locals purchasing and wheeling away cartons of clothes.
Pratunam Morning Market

We were pleasantly to find a Luk Chup stall in the Pratunam Morning Market. It is difficult to describe the location, please refer to the map below instead. With its bright, attractive and colourful products, this stall stood out among the other stalls.
Lup Chup is a Thai minature fruit shaped dessert made of mung bean, sugar and coconut milk, and kneaded into these cute little fruits. It is then painted in various colours using natural colours (I hope) and dipped in clear gelatin resulting in its glossy and bright exterior. Look at the variety of Lup Chup available. They were in the shape of carrots, chillies, cherries, mangosteens, oranges, mangoes, bananas, watermelon, pears, corns and more!
Luk Chup - 15 pieces for 20 Baht (S$0.83)
At 15 pieces for 20 Baht (S$0.83), these Luk Chup were so much cheaper than those found in the shopping centres. The Lup Chup tasted the same even if a different shape was chose. They are sweet and fragrant. Very addictive dessert / snack. If you are in Thailand, the Lup Chup is a must try!

Luk Chup and Pratunam Morning Market (Thailand, Bangkok)
Near Baiyoke Sky Hotel

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  1. Tried the Luk chup and yes, its quite nice in taste. But a few pieces are good enough for me.


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