Thursday 26 July 2018

Quan Ann Prawn Mee 全安虾面 (Shunfu Food Centre)

Quan Ann Prawn Mee 全安虾面 is an old school, no frills stall located at Shunfu Food Centre.
It reminds me of the school canteen stalls in the good old days. The menu and price is simple and clearly stated with only one dish offered. There are no fanciful or glamorous menu signage.

I ordered the dry version Prawn Noodles $3 with chilli. Although the broth and prawns hit the right notes, I felt that the chilli was lacking in terms of fragrance as it was just spicy with no hint of sambal fragrance in it. The prawns were fresh as they were firm and sweet. As for the broth which was cooked with pork and prawns, it was tasty with a subtle umami flavour.

While this bowl of prawn noodles may not be at the forefront among the best prawn noodle stalls, it is worth a try, if you are looking for one which is old school with resemblance to home cooked food. I suspect that it would be more appreciated by the older generation, as the younger generation may not like this, as they may fancy the likes of Wah Kee Big Prawn Noodle more (big prawns, robust soup).
Quan Ann Prawn Mee 全安虾面 (Shunfu Food Centre)
#02-11 Shunfu Food Centre 
320 Shunfu Road 
Singapore 570320
Opening Hours: Daily from 9am to 3pm

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Friday 6 July 2018

#MAKANBOLEH Epok Epok (Curry Puff) (Seah Im Food Centre)

Sardin Epok Epok $1
One evening late last year, I was scrolling through my instagram feed when I spotted a unique post about epok epok at Seah Im Food Centre that caught my attention. It was a post by Miss Ha. I searched the internet but could not find much information. I knew that I had to give it a try when I had the opportunity to. 
So I made three trips down to the stall called #MAKANBOLEH. On my first visit, I went during lunch time and was told that they only start making and selling the epok epo at 4.30pm. During my second visit, I was told that I had to wait for 1 hour! As I was in a rush, I could not afford to wait. So I made another trip and this time, I was told that the waiting time was 45 minutes. In reality, I waited for an hour.

PS: do you know that curry puff are known as epok epok by our Muslim friends? Although both terms Curry Puff and Epok Epok are used interchangeably in Singapore, their taste tend to differ. For example, curry puff tends to include curry in the fillings whereas the tradtional epok epok uses chilli sauce.
True enough when you visit after 4.30pm, you will be able to witness how the epok epok are made and cooked on the spot. From the pastry to the filling and to the frying of the epok epok. There are two varieties of Epok Epok, the Sardin Epok Epok and Potato Epok Epok. They cost $1 each.
Sardin Epok Epok $1
I have placed a one dollar coin next to the Epok Epok to illustrate the huge size of it. This Epok Epok cost just $1! Moreover, it comes pipping hot, fresh out of the stove of hot oil!

The crust of any epok epok or curry puff is always important as it needs to be thin and yet be able to hold the fillings in well, and is crisp. #MAKANBOLEH's Epok Epok crust hit all the right notes in this aspect. Moreover, it has a butter fragrance which is a plus point.
Sardin Epok Epok $1
This Sardin Epok Epok came with huge chunks of sardine meat and small pieces of onion. On the first bite, the spiciness of the chilli pasteoverwhelmed me, before the sweetness set in. The more I bite into it, the more I love it! Sedap!
Potato Epok Epok $1
The Potato Epok Epok was equally good although it tasted different. Instead of chilli paste, curry paste was used. The curry sauce was not as spicy and was sweeter, coated each chunk of potato. You can literally bite into the potatoes as they were not mashed up. A chunk of hard boiled egg was also added.

Most of the time, I prefer my Epok Epok with potato fillings. But this time, both were really good. If you are a fan of Epok Epok, wait no more! Give this a try!

#MAKANBOLEH Epok Epok (Curry Puff) (Seah Im Food Centre)
#01-36 Seah Im Food Centre 
2 Seah Im Road 
Singapore 099114 
Opening Hours: Daily 6am to 9pm
                           Closed on Mon

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