Friday, 22 June 2012

Fu He Turtle Soup (Berseh Food Centre)

Fu He Turtle Soup located at the second level of Berseh Food Centre specialises in crocodile, frog and turtle soup. The stall takes up two units and seems to be one of the busiest stall in the food centre.
Turtle soup is made using the meat of a turtle and brewed in a mixture of Chinese herbs. It is considered a delicacy in many countries. Turtle meat is known to be low in calories while high in calcium, vitamin B, phosphorus and zinc.

There are many ways of cooking turtle meat such as fried, steamed, braised or in soup. Traditionally, turtle meat is cooked in soup so that the essence can be easily absorbed by our bodies.
Stewed Turtle Soup $8 and Yam Rice $0.60
Stewed Turtle Soup $8
I am not an expert in turtle soup, as this is only the second time I am eating turtle soup.
Stewed Turtle Soup $8
Stewed Turtle Soup $8
The turtle soup is nice, herbal and very tasty. It taste just like a normal herbal chicken soup. The main difference is the turtle meat.

The gelatinous skin was smooth and soft . The internal organ were rough, soft but fishy. As for the meat, some parts were tough, whereas other parts were soft. 

I would still prefer a normal bowl of herbal chicken soup any time compared to turtle. If you are interested in trying exotic, the turtle or crocodile soup would be an interesting try.

Food for thought: In total, turtle flesh has seven different tastes, depending on which part you cook and consume. 

Fu He Turtle Soup (Berseh Food Centre)
166 Jalan Besar
#02-40 Berseh Food Centre
Tel: 6294 9203
Opening Hours: Daily 11am to 9pm 
                         Closed Tue

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  1. I ate here a few years ago! Hm..Macpherson one nicer. more rich.

  2. If you are into Cantonese style turtle soup, you can try 金唐山瑞 at Chinatown Complex Food Centre #02-188. The clear herbal soup is very yummy without strong herbs smell.

  3. Spent $40 on turtle soup but was given at least 4 pcs of turtle claws,which I never encounter at other stores. It was so disgusting and the meat was tough. Will never patronise this store again.


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