Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Mata Thai (Bishan)

Mata Thai is a Thai restaurant located at Bishan Street 11; a stone throw away from Bishan MRT station and CPF building (Bishan). 

Signature Curry Fish Head Promotion
They are having a promotion for their Curry Fish Head. It cost only $10 instead of $18! Nearly all the tables ordered Curry Fish Head.
Pandan Leaf Chicken $8
The Pandan Leaf Chicken was disappointing. There was no pandan flavour and it was oily.
Signature Curry Fish Head $10
The Signature Curry Fish Head cost only $10, Thai style. The curry was very nice and robust, best eaten with Rice! There were too little curry given! The fish head was very fresh! Despite the fact that only half the head was given and the curry was very little, it was amazingly value for money. 
Thai Style Fried Kangkong $5
The Thai Style Fried Kangkong was a simple but delicious dish! The vegetable was well fried and still had a crunchy bite to it. In terms of flavour, it was light yet tasty. Moreover, there were slices of tiny chillies which provided it with a spicy kick. 
Fried Garlic Squid $10
The Fried Garlic Squid was average.
Tom Yum Prawns $6
Tom Yum Prawns $6
Interesting way to serve the Tom Yum Prawns! Allows the Tom Yum soup to be kept warm constantly.
Tom Yum Prawns
The Tom Yum soup was cloudy and orangey. Although there was no chilli oil, do not be deceived by its appearance. It was quite spicy and sour with lemon-grass fragrant. It was served with prawns and Japanese mushrooms. The Tom Yum soup was delish however, the prawns were not fresh.
Fresh Young Thai Coconut $3
Fresh Young Thai Coconut ideal for cooling down on a warm day.
Carlsberg $6
Carlsberg $6
Carlsberg to cool my friend down from the warm humid day.

Overall, I would say Mata Thai is very value for money. Moreover, the food quality was good too! The Curry Fish Head is a must try! At such a price, where else can you find such quality curry fish head! In terms of service, it was very good. In fact overly-friendly.

Mata Thai (Bishan)
Blk 508 Bishan Street 11, #01-390
Tel: 9276 2629
Opening Hours: Daily 11am to 1030pm

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  1. looks awesome! But I'd rather pay $18 for a full fish head than $10 for half. A bit cheat money.

    1. Hi, I find it ok as the price for curry fish head is normally around $25. Plus the taste is not bad!

      Where do you get yours for $18?


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