Monday, 11 June 2012

Yong Xiang Home Made Noodle (Amoy Street Food Centre)

There was a long queue at this stall during week day lunch time, at least 15 people in the queue! Well, part of the reason why there is such a long queue is because there is only 1 person mending this stall. One aunty in fact. She takes the order, cook and collects the money. I wonder how she cope with preparation of ingredients and handle the whole stall herself. Her stall is one of the few in the food centre given a Grade A!
Handmade noodles for $2.50. Wow, this is the cheapest I have seen. This is even cheaper than Qiu Yun Ban Mian at Golden Mile Food Centre.
Yu (You) Mian $3.00
Despite the crowd, the aunty stilled chatted with customers as she was collecting the money. She informed me to leave the money on the table. Before I picked my tray up, I told her to keep the money. Her reply was 'do not worry about the money, your food is more important'. Wow, what a reply!
Yu (You) Mian $3.00
I upsized the Yu (You) Mian to $3.00. The hand made you mian was fragrant. However, some of the strands of noodles were lumped together. The broth was light, clear and flavourful. It came along with a small prawn, a slice of fish, pork meat, egg and leafy vegetable. I was most impress with the slice of fish as it was fresh, firm and sweet! A very decent and cheap bowl of home made noodle! Cheap and Good. I will not mind queuing for this again.

Yong Xiang Home Made Noodle (Amoy Street Food Centre)
7 Maxwell Road
#02-88 Amoy Street Food Centre
Tel: 9863 5815
Opening Hours: Mon to Fri 7am -3pm
                         Closed on Sat, Sun and PH

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