Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Coca-Cola Hug Me Machine in NUS

Coca-Cola marketing campaigns and videos never fail to impress me.
Coke Hug Me Machine - Hug the vending machine and get a coke! I wish I am still back in National University of Singapore! Looks fun!

Chanced upon this video (top) and reminded me of the past commercials. Hence this post. =)
1979 Mean Joe Greene Coke Commercial - part of 'Have a Coke and a Smile' ad campaign. Caught the most attention when it was aired during the 1980 Super Bowl. Won a Clio Award for the best ad and is known as one of the top 10 commercial all time by multiple sources
1993 Coca Cola Polar Bear Commercial - One of the classics shown worldwide.
Coca Cola Coke Factory - Shown worldwide. Executed to perfection and done tastefully.

Coke Happiness Machine - A machine that not only dispense coke but also happiness. You will never know what you will get from the coke machine! (One can literally say to the machine 'Surprise me' and get really wowed). Spreading happiness around the campus. Giving big items to share among the students to spread the love. Sharing is caring.

Recent hype:
Self-Freezing Coke

Even in movies: The Gods Must Be Crazy

Not forgetting the Coke and Mentos reaction

Just in case you are wondering what is the market share between Coke and Pepsi:
1) Coke        17%
2) Diet Coke 9.9%
3) Pepsi        9.5%


  1. These clips make my day! I love Coke!!

    1. I try not to drink too much Coke.

      The advertisements and campaigns always tick me and make me ponder further on such as 'what makes a good advertisment', the execution, how to connect to consumers, how to keep it on the top of mind awareness (all I have to do is to show the outline of the bottle in black and white and you will know is coke!)..it goes on and on. Amazing


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