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J.M. Chef 侨美食家 (China, Guangzhou)

J.M. Chef 侨美食家 is a Cantonese restaurant recommended by my colleague. It first started out in 1985 in Sha Mian island 沙面岛 and has since expanded to other parts of Guangdong Province. The restaurant is well known for their fresh seafood and Roasted Pigeon. Visited the restaurant at Sha Mian island. It is a tiny island surrounded by water. One can cross over from the city to the island by any of the three  pedestrian bridges. 
Opening Hous
Awards won and also photo with celebrities who visited the restaurant.
So many pigeons!
No wonder J.M. Chef is known for their fresh seafood! So many water/fish tanks!
Besides the normal fishes, prawns, calms, mussels, abalones and lobsters, they have silk worms, water beetles, turtles and snakes (yes alive)!
Menu Cover
Two sets of chopsticks. One set for common use; taking of food from the main table to put onto the plate. The other a personal chopstick; to put it crudely, for putting food directly into your mouth! =P
Chinese Tea
Chinese tea, a must for any meal in the land of China. Like the tea pot. Makes me feel like drinking more tea just so that I can refill it.
Braised Peanuts
Braised Peanuts as we waited for our food.
Roasted Pigeon (2 pieces)
Pigeons are small tender birds, known as a delicacy among the Cantonese. They are known to provide good nutrient and has less fat compared to chicken. 

We ordered 2 Roasted Pigeon, 1 each. The Roasted Pigeon were cut into quarters. This was my first time trying a Pigeon and honestly speaking, I was thrilled! Have been wanting to try it for a long time! 

The Roasted Pigeon arrived piping hot. The outside (skin) was very crispy. Inside, the meat was tender, moist, tasty and very fragrant. I think it was roasted then deep fried just before serving as the skin was very crispy. Another plus is that it was not oily. The downside was that it was not meaty enough! Overall, it tasted  almost similar to roasted chicken, the difference is that it was more tasty and fragrant!
Roasted Pigeon (9 pieces)
It was so good, that I just had to visit this place again on the very night before I depart from Guangzhou.  I went with a group of 9 people. Hence there was 9 Roasted Pigeons. This time, asked for the uncut version so that we can eat them in the most enjoyable way; using our hands. Shiok! 
Steamed Bun Stuffed with Crab Meat and Sauce RMB30 (S$6)
The Steamed Bun Stuffed with Crab Meat and Sauce is what we call Xiao Long Bao (XLB) back in Singapore. It was disappointing. The skin was thin, however there was no sauce in these XLB and the meat was tough.
Pan-fried Steamed Bun Stuffed with Meat and Vegetable RMB24 (S$4.80)
The Pan-fried Steamed Bun Stuffed with Meat and Vegetable was delicious. The downside was that it was too oily.
Stirred Fried Vegetable
Sautéed Rice Noodles with Vegetables RMB38 (S$7.60)
The Sautéed Rice Noodles with Vegetables was well fried and fragrant. Taste similar to our fried Kway Teow. Again, the down side was that it was too oily which was a turn-off towards the end of the meal. 

If you are visiting J.M. Chef 侨美食家 , visit this at Shamian island. This is their main branch. In addition, their seating capacity is huge. Needless to say, I am recommending the Roasted Pigeon! The rest of the dishes are just average.

J.M. Chef 侨美食家 (China, Guangzhou) 
52号 Sha Mian Nan Jie, Li Wan Qu
Guangzhou, Guangdong, China, 510130
Tel: +86 20 8121 7018, +86 20 8121 7168
Opening Hours: Daily  8am to 230pm, 5pm to 4am
Directions: Take MTR to Huangsha station (Line 1) and go to Exit D. There is an overhead pedestrian bridge nearly by that links to Shamian island. 
A - J.M Chef 侨美食家

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  1. I wish I can dig into the roasted pigeon, the crispy skin is on top is tempting. Nice concept of placing two chopsticks and this restaurant certainly takes into consideration the hygiene factors.

  2. I like roast pigeons too & I love eating them in Hong Kong. Like Nava, the skin looks really crispy & I wanna eat them all. Lol!

    1. Hi Shirley

      Which restaurant or cha chaan teng is famous for roasted pigeons?


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