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Shin Yeh 欣葉 (Liang Court)

Shin Yeh 欣葉, a well known Taiwanese restaurant chain has established itself in Singapore at the 2nd level of Liang Court. It is brought over to Singapore under the Tung Lok Group (might be a franchise agreement, I am not too sure).

The interior of Shin Yeh was spacious and classy. There are many private rooms suitable for (large groups) family gatherings. There is a nice view of the Clarke Quay river towards the very end of the restaurant. If you would like a table with such a view, it would be advisable to make reservations.
Appetiser - Braised Beancurd $3

Kick started the meal with the appetiser; Braised Beancurd
Wok-seared Pig's Liver with Coriander $14
The signature Wok-seared Pig's Liver with Coriander had garnered the most raves on the net. It did not disappoint. No wonder this is a must order dish at Shin Yeh. Very tasty, it was still tender and soft in the interior. It was quick fry under high heat to seal the flavours in and prevent the liver from being overcook. 
Pan-fried Turnip Cake $10
The signature Pan-fried Turnip Cake was very well executed. The crunchy dried turnips (chye poh) were not overly salty while the egg was fluffy and moist. Despite being so thick, it was well cooked. Moreover, it was not oily and certainly not soggy after a period of time. This dish was a test for the chef's skill and I am most impressed by the execution of the dish. A case of minimal seasoning, non-greasy and using the freshness and natural flavour of the ingredient (turnip). However, $10 for this, is quite expensive. In layman terms, it is just egg with turnips (chye poh)..
Poached Savoury Kampong Chicken $16
The Poached Savoury Kampong Chicken was another hit. The skin was crunchy while the meat was very tender, juicy and tasty. There was a layer of jelly underneath the skin (this occurs when the chicken is dunked into iced water after the cooking process to chill it to ensure that the chicken will not be overcooked).  Polished off this dish and still wanted more despite it being just the 2 of us.
Double-boiled Shark's Fin with Bamboo Pith, Dried Scallops and Cabbage $28 (per person)
Double-boiled Shark's Fin with Bamboo Pith, Dried Scallops and Cabbage $28 (per person) 
This bowl of Doubled-boiled Shark's Fin with Bamboo Pith, Dried Scallops and Cabbage was incredibly delish! The bamboo Pith was cooked till soft, retained its shape and texture, and had absorbed essence of the soup. The cabbage added sweetness to the soup. While the scallop enhanced the flavour further. It was a delight drinking this flavourful, tasty soup together with the ingredients including the Shark's Fin. Desipte the fact that not a lot of shark's fin were given, this bowl of soup was unforgettable for all the positive reasons stated above.
Wok-fried Seasonal Vegetables (Broccoli) $12
The Wok-fried Seasonal Vegetables (Broccoli) was decently cooked. Not overcooked, not undercooked. The timing was just right and it was tasty.
Taiwan-style Sweet Potato Porridge $1.50 (per person)
Pipping hot Taiwan-style Sweet Potato Porridge to complement the dishes ordered. For this dish, it is refillable. We had two bowls each. The porridge was cooked till the rice grains were soft and still retained its shape. 
Chinese Tea $12 (per pot)
Pot of Chinese tea that was kept warm by the tea light below. 
Complimentary Muah Chee
Complimentary Muah Chee with grounded peanuts. The peanuts were too finely grated for my liking.

The dishes that we had were impressive and delicious. To me, it was all hits except for the complimentary Muah Chee. The only issue I have is the service. The dishes were served quickly (which was a good thing for us). Initially, the service was prompt, our pot of tea was refilled with hot water constantly. However, towards 730pm when the place was packed (almost full house). We had to request thrice before our pot of tea was refilled with hot water. In addition, to pay the bill, I waited for almost half an hour! Furthermore, The Muah Chee was served after I received the bill slip. It was pretty obvious that there were insufficient staff as several customers were also trying to get the attention of the waitress/waiter.

Another point to note, is that the prices of the food are on the higher tier. But for this quality, I can't complain much as the dishes were delicious and used quality ingredients. Worth the price! It is highly recommended that reservations be made if you are coming over for a meal on weekends or Friday as the restaurant was full during my visit on a Saturday night.

Shin Yeh 欣葉 (Liang Court)
177 River Valley Road 
#02-19 Liang Court
Tel: 6338 7337
Opening Hours: Daily - Lunch 1130am to 230pm, Dinner 630pm to 1030pm

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