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Charly T's (112 Katong)

Charly T's second outlet is located at 112 Katong. It's first outlet is located at Nomu Building (next to The Cathay). At Charly T's, customer first order at the counter before entering the restaurant to choose their seats. Their orders will be served to them directly when it is ready. 

It has a unique concept as cuisines from different countries are put together and served at this restaurant. Essentially, your food journey can bring you from Europe to America to Asia (without the need to board a plane)!

Part of the wall in Charly T's showcase the drawings done by different children who have been to Charly T's. The restaurant will provide the colouring pencil and paper for children. Talk about family/kids friendly restaurant. This will keep the children busy while parents savour the food (peacefully).
Charly T's also have a Peranakan theme private room for six
Furthermore, there is an al fresco lounge area outside. Perfect for drinking, watching soccer matches and/or enjoying the view.
Charly T's Odysseys - Green Flash $6.50
Kick started the meal with Charly T's Odysseys - Green Flash; mix of green apple, orange and pineapple. Refreshing fruity thirst-quencher.
Rotisserie Chicken Original Recipe ($13 for quarter chicken + 2 additions, $24 for half chicken + 3 additions, $42 for whole chicken + 4 additions)
The signature Rotisserie Chicken (original recipe) was marinated for over 13 hours before being slow-cooked rotisserie-style.  It did not disappoint. Marinated with herbs and spices, the exterior was crisp while the interior was juicy and tender. Yummlicious.

When ordering, you can request for your favourite chicken part.
Rotisserie Chicken Kansas City BBQ ($15 for quarter chicken + 2 additions, $27 for half chicken + 3 additions, $46 for whole chicken + 4 additions
Rotisserie Chicken Black Pepper ($15 for quarter chicken + 2 additions, $27 for half chicken + 3 additions, $46 for whole chicken + 4 additions
The Rotisserie Chicken Kansas City BBQ was my favourite. Executed slightly different from the original recipe and black pepper, it was well marinated. It was more flavourful and tasty. In addition, the thigh meat was so soft, tender and juicy that I had to go for second serving to satisfy my palate.
(Left to right):  Kansas City BBQ  Sauce, Creamy Roasted Sesame Sauce, Chermoula Sauce, Charly T's Original Sauce 
Four different type of sauces to complement the Rotisserie Chicken. (I did not see a need for the sauces, as I like the original flavour (marination) of the chicken)
Clockwise from top left: Macaroni & Cheese, German Potato Salad, Fresh Vegetables, Butter Garlic Rice
Four additions (sides) available when you order the Rotisserie Chicken; namely Macaroni & Cheese, German Potato Salad, Fresh Vegetables and Butter Garlic Rice
Macaroni & Cheese
My favourite was the Macaroni & Cheese (it was tough choosing between German Potato Salad and this). You will either hate this or love this. To me, this was superbly executed. This uses a recipe from award-winning Chef Rozanne Gold's 'Eat Fresh Food' cookbook. It contains less cheese and includes fresh cauliflower.
Kalua Pork $16
Kalua Pork $16
A popular Hawaiian (Honolulu) dish, the Kalua Pork was marinated and slow-cooked for 48 hours! The top layer of fats and skin have been removed, leaving just the lean meat behind. It was so soft and tender that the meat could be easily pulled apart. If you prefer a healthier choice compared to Chinese-style pork belly, this is a good alternative as you can indulge guilt-free.
Jumbo Schnitzel Burger $14
An Austrian German dish, the Jumbo Schnitzel Burger consists of  a big piece of deep fried chicken cutlet and slices of bacon sandwiched by 2 buns served with fries. The chicken was coated with bread crumbs and deep fried till golden brown. It was incredibly crispy on the outside yet tender and moist on the inside. The fries deserve a mention too. Lightly salted, the fries were crispy on the outside and soft,fluffy on the inside. Exactly the way I like my fries to be. (I am sure this is a kid's favourite!  fried chicken and fries!)
CT's Beef Burger $10.50
CT's Beef Burger $10.50
CT's Beef Burger served with nachos. The beef patty was thick, meaty and tasty. However, it was on the a tad too chewy and dry.

I was impressed that Charly T's fried the bottom of each of the 2 buns before serving. Despite being full, (the usual practice will be just to skip having the bun) I found myself savouring the buns as on the bottom, it was crisp yet at the top it was soft (the little things that matters).
Kaiserchmarrn $14
Kaiserchmarrn $14 - Pancake
Kaiserchmarrn $14 - Vanilla Bean Ice Cream
Talk about ending the meal with a bang. The Austrian German dessert;  Kaiserschmarrn totally blew me off. Shredded warm, fluffy caramelised pancake dusted with powder sugar and raisins complemented perfectly with the Vanilla Bean Ice Cream. The hot and cold combination along with the raisin and powder sugar were such a perfect match that I found myself indulging endlessly despite being full. A must order (tip: get the piece with the most powder sugar and pair it with the raisins and ice cream)

Thank you Janice (FoodNews) for invite and hosting.

Charly T's (112 Katong)
112 East Coast Road
#03-15 112 Katong 
Tel: 6636 4701
Opening Hours: Mon - Thur 11am to 11pm
                         Fri 11am to 1am
                         Sat 9am to 1am
                         Sun 9am to 11pm

Charly T's (Nomu Building)
20 Handy Road
Level 1 Nomu Building
Tel: 6336 7789
Opening Hours: Mon - Wed 11am to 11pm
                          Thur - Fri 11am to 1am
                          Sat 9am -to1am
                          Sun 9am to 11pm

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  1. How cool! I was invited for food tasting at Charly T's too at their Orchard outlet. Nice to learn they've another outlet in Katong :)

  2. Quite a spread of food and yum to the different types of dipping sauces. The chicken does have a crispy skin and wow, I will love something like that.

    1. Hi Nava

      Yes, such a wide variety of food from different countries. You can come Singapore and try it =)


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