Tuesday, 17 July 2012

A Quick Pictorial of Guangzhou (China, Guangzhou)

Adding on to the previous post of Sheraton Guangzhou Hotel.
Set up shop anywhere anytime (even on top of car)
Sha Mian island 沙面岛 to experience the Shamian European Flavour where J.M. Chef 侨美食家 is located at. 
 Sha Mian Island
Bridge linking the city to Sha Mian Island
 Sha Mian Island
Driving on Road Should (traffic accident in front)

Guangzhou Knowledge City

Shangxiajiu Street
The famous Shangxiajiu Street where Guangzhou Restaurant 广州酒家 and Nanxin Shuang Pi Nai 南信双皮奶 are located at. 
Shangxiajiu Street
Shangxiajiu Street
Lottery shop at Shangxiajiu Street
Shangxiajiu Street

Tian Tian Lao Bei Fang
Tian Tian Lao Bei Fang in Shenzhen. The mushroom noodles was filled to the brim with ingredients. At RMB15 (S$3) this is so value for money! To make things even better, it was delicious! A very heart warming and fulfilling meal!

Wash Basin or Urinal?
In a toilet.
Wash Basin or Urinal?
Well, its a Urinal!
This is the Wash Basin!
Another unique toilet, right in the middle of the cubical.
Some of the stuff I bought back home (Singapore)
Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport
The almost empty terminal as the clock ticks down to 0120 for my flight back to Singapore.

That's all folks. For all posts on Guangzhou, please click here.


  1. Hey, u ate those bugs or u found them in the toilet?? Aw........

    1. Hi Shirley

      the bugs were plated nicely at one of the buffet stations.


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