Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Mazazu Crepe (Liang Court)

Mazazu Crepe located at the basement of Liang Court specialises in serving crepes. It is the franchise of the Japanese chain; Mother's Crepe and Cafe. According to their website, they use their own proprietary recipe of crepe mix and whip cream (lower fat content, lower in cholesterol) that aims to create delicious yet healthy snack for every child. Looks like the perfect place to have a dessert after a meal at Saizeriya
 There are limited seats available and the place was packed.
Four staff in total in the small stall. Each had a respective role and worked like clockwork. They were able to churn out the crepes within less 5 minutes upon the order.
Strawberry Brownie Gelato $6.80
Strawberry Brownie Gelato $6.80
Ordered the Strawberry Brownie Gelato (choice of either vanilla, green tea or chocolate gelato, we chose vanilla gelato). The crepe instead of being served in a plate, was wrapped up like an ice cream cone. The crepe was soft with a buttery fragrant. Inside, it was filled with Vanilla Gelato, slices of Strawberry and a chunk of Brownie. The strawberries were very fresh and sweet. Overall, I thought that this combination of ingredients tasted great with the crepe. (in fact giving me gelato with the crepe will be make my day after any meal!)
Hot Choco Banana $4.80
Hot Choco Banana $4.80
The Hot Choco Banana was also delish. The combination of hot chocolate and banana complemented the crepe well.

Located outside Meidi Ya Supermarket, there was a constant crowd passing through the area. When I was there enjoying the crepe, I noticed that the crowd kept coming. Most people just take away their order and have it while on the go. Wrapping the crepe like an ice cream is such a good idea, it also result in cost savings from need more seating capacity to the need for plates. An interesting place to check out for desserts. (There's always room for dessert!)

Mazazu Crepe (Liang Court)
177 River Valley Road
#B1-30 Liang Court
Tel: 6337 1404
Opening Hours: Daily 1030am to 10pm

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  1. i had this the other day! Somewhere things are better in Japan.


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