Wednesday 30 August 2017

Kimdo BBQ 金都串串烧 @ JB City Square (Malaysia, Johor Bahru)

Lau Shu Fen Noodles (Silver Needle Noodles)
If you are someone who frequently cross the causeway using public transport (i.e. bus), you would likely know about Kimdo BBQ 金都串串烧 . Kimdo BBQ is a small stall located at City Square which you would need to pass if you are entering the mall after clearing the customs. It is popular for its signature BBQ Single Bone Chicken Wing and Lau Shu Fen Noodles (Silver Needle Noodles). Kimdo BBQ as its name suggests is a BBQ specialist. Their stall in City Square is in fact a BBQ expresss stall offering 15 to 20 BBQ items. Their main outlet is located at Taman Sentosa.
Lau Shu Fen Noodles (Silver Needle Noodles)
I heard so much about their Lau Shu Fen Noodles (Silver Needle Noodles) but have never tried it before since its quite troublesome and heavy to pack this back into Singapore. Fortunately, I got an opportunity recently. 

The Lau Shu Fen Noodles (Silver Needle Noodles) was delicious. It was filled with generous serving of ingredients ranging from salted fish, cabbage, mushroom, minced chicken and shallots. The soup was tasty too! 

Kimdo BBQ would among the first few stalls I'll visit. I think the concept of a barbecue pitstop in a shopping mall is pretty unique. You’ll get to choose from about 15 to 20 items for the staff to barbecue on the spot, ranging from the normal fishballs to the broccoli.
Single Bone Chicken Wing, Seafood Tofu, Curry Quail Eggs and Hokkaido Scallops
For the BBQ items, after you have ordered the items, the staff would BBQ them on the spot. Our favourite items are the Single Bone Chicken Wing, Seafood Tofu and Hokkaido Scallops. The chicken wings are unique as they are flat and just have a single bone. It was easy to eat it and the meat was full of smokey fragrance. Their homemade chili complement it perfectly even though it was so spicy. 

This is a stall that I always patronise for their BBQ items whenever I cross the causeway via public transport! If you have not tried this yet, you should! 

KIMDO BBQ 金都串串烧 @ JB City Square(Malaysia, Johor Bahru) 
J3-19B City Square, Jalan Wong Ah Fook
80000 Johor Bahru, Malaysia
Tel: 07 207 2838
Opening Hours: Daily 10.30am to 10pm

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Wednesday 9 August 2017

Serangoon Garden Carrot Cake & Wanton Noodle 菜頭粿雲吞面 (Serangoon Garden Market & Food Centre)

While queuing for Seng Kee Mushroom Minced Meat Noodle's Fish Maw Soup Noodles, we noticed that most people who were eating the fish maw soup also had a plate of carrot cake at their table. We realised that the carrot cake was from a stall called Serangoon Garden Carrot Cake & Wanton Noodle, which seems like the only carrot cake stall at the food centre. 

Although the stall also sold wanton noodles, nearly everyone who ordered from this stall ordered their carrot cake. 
White Carrot Cake $3
We ordered the White Carrot Cake which cost $3. Taste wise, it was decent. It  had a crisp texture on the exterior, and was firm and soft on the inside. And I like the fact that it was not overly oily or tasty.

I noticed that most people ordered their Black Carrot Cake. I wonder if that was their more popular dish. 

Serangoon Garden Carrot Cake & Wanton Noodle 菜頭粿雲吞面 (Serangoon Garden Market & Food Centre)
49A Serangoon Garden Way
#01-13 Serangoon Garden Market & Food Centre
Singapore 555945
Opening Hours: Wed to Mon 7am - 4pm
                          Closed on Tuesdays.

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