Thursday, 26 February 2015

Nihon Mura: 1 For 1 Salmon Sashimi (till 27 Feb 2015)

Source: Nihon Mura
Nihon Mura: 1 For 1 Salmon Sashimi (till 27 Feb 2015)

- Valid till 27 Feb 2015 from 530pm to 10pm
- Not valid with other discounts, vouches, coupons or other privileges
- The management reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions without prior notice

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Deungchon Shabu Kalguksu 등촌 샤부 칼국수 (South Korea, Seoul)

A instavideo of the food at Deungchon Shabu Kalguksu 등촌 샤부 칼국수.
Deungchon Shabu Kalguksu 등촌 샤부 칼국수 is a restaurant chain that specialises in Shabu Shabu and Kalguksu. We visited Deungchon Shabu Kalguksu at Anam for around five times since we first got to know of the restaurant eight years ago when we enrolled in Korea University's Student Exchange Programme (SEP). #yesiamoldandiknowit

I had previously heard from friends that the restaurant had closed down. But thanks to a instagram user by the name of "Nicolettelovesyou", I manage to find out that it was still open and pin point its exact location! Thanks Nicolettelovesyou! 
The restaurant is less than 3 minutes walk from exit 2 of Anam 안암 (subway line 6) station. This is also the same station and same route where one can get to Korea University's hostel and CJ international house!
Deungchon Shabu Kalguksu is located at level 2 of this building which is opposite Coffee Bean.
You can either take the lift or climb the stairs to the second level.
Once you enter the restaurant, you would need to take off your shoes..
The restaurant only offers floor seating. Hence, wear something comfortable.
You will not receive any menu. Instead, the food items and prices are in Korean and listed on the walls.

 I highlighted two of the food items in blue and red. The one in blue is a set which cost 7,000 KRW (per pax) and essentially includes vegetables & mushrooms (in hotpot) + noodles/udon + rice with spring onions and egg.

The one in red (i.e. Beoseot Shabu Kalguksu) cost 9,500 KRW (per pax) and food wise it is the same as the blue one except it also includes shabu shabu; shabu shabu + spicy vegetables & mushrooms (in hotpot) + Kalguksu + rice with spring onions and egg.

We always order the set which I highlighted in red! Can't do without meat =) 
Free flow of side dish; kimchi and radish.
Soon after ordering the dishes are served.
Shabu Shaub (beef slices)
The pot contains the signature spicy vegetable and mushroom hotpot.
Cover the pot up and let it boil away.
After 5 minutes you are ready to enjoy the hotpot with the Shabu Shabu beef slices and Kalguksu! Totally love this! The taste of this hotpot together with all the ingredients is a match made in heaven. The Kalguksu was smooth and soft while the beef slices tasted so fresh.

If you thought this was the best part, you are going to be blown away next!
After finishing the ingredients in the pot, and the beef slices and kalguku, there would still be some soup (essence of all the ingredients left). The staff would then proceed to fry the rice (with egg and spring onions) (remember the first photo in this post?) together with the soup that is left.
Tada!! The end result is this; special fried rice!  Amazingly delicious, this is a MUST TRY! #dontsaybojio

Taste wise, the food here still taste the same after eight years! Service was equally good too! This is a must visit if you are in Seoul (Korea).

Deungchon Shabu Kalguksu 등촌 샤부 칼국수 (South Korea, Seoul)
Address 서울 성북구 안암동5가 101-17
Tel: +82-2-929-5538
Directions: From Anam Station (subway line 6) Exit 2, turn back and walk down the street. Go straight about 60m, the restaurant is at the second level on your left(opposite Coffee Bean).

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Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Delifrance: 1 For 1 Madeleine and Feuillete Promotion

Source: Delifrance Singapore
Delifrance: 1 For 1 Madeleine and Feuillete Promotion

- Available at Delifrance outlets at UE Square, Chinatown Point, Gateway, Seletar Mall, One KM, Hougang1, Rendezvous Hotel, City Square and Singapore Post Centre.

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Skinny Pizza (Plaza Singapura)

The English Breakfast Pizza $24
Skinny Pizza is a restaurant chain specialising in thin crust pizza. Owned by the Spa Espirt Group, it first started in 2008 and currently has a total of 5 outlets in Singapore.

There was a short queue when we visited its outlet at Plaza Singapura on a Friday evening.  

We ordered 3 sides since doing so would cost just $18. We ordered the Truffle Fries, Grilled Prawns with Cauliflower Couscous and 1/4 Metre Pork Sausage.
Truffle Fries $9 (a la carte price)
For the first side, we chose the Truffle Fries $9. As it name suggests, it was essentially fries with salt and truffle oil. It arrived piping hot and crisp. With a hint of truffle on every single piece of fries, this was so irresistible. This is something that I will always order when I am at Skinny Pizza. 
Grilled Prawns with Cauliflower Couscous $9 (a la carte price)
For the second side, we ordered the Grilled Prawns with Cauliflower Couscous $9. The cauliflower couscous; fine shredded cauliflower was good. Wish that they had given more of it. Other than that the rest of the items were a let down.
1/4 Metre Pork Sausage $8 (a la carte price)
As for the 3rd side, we chose the 1/4 Metre Pork Sausage $8. It was served on top of a bed of rocket salad. We all agreed that this was the worst side. The pork sausage tasted weird and was too salty. Luckily for me, I love rocket salad and ate the sausage along with it to mask the taste. 
Squid Ink Pizza $29
Squid Ink Pizza $29 is another dish that I always order whenever I am at Skinny Pizza. This is my favourite and is probably the best pizza at Skinny Pizza! A must order!

It consist of prawns, squids, tomato salsa, onion, rocket salad, basil and parsley on squid ink crust (hence the crust is black in colour!). Grilled to perfection, this pizza tasted way better than it looks! The thin, crispy pizza base; a specialty of Skinny Pizza was executed perfectly! With its fresh ingredients, this tasted so good that I stopped the efficient waiter who wanted to clear the pan away as I had yet to scrap off whatever ingredients still left on the pan.

The English Breakfast Pizza $24 was a pizza with bacon, sunny side egg, roasted tomato, mushroom, rocket salad, basil and parsley. The crust was again thin and crispy. As the waiter cuts the pizza into serving slices, watch the egg yolk ooze out. A word of caution would be to eat this as soon as possible. This is because the egg yolk would soft the crust and make it soggy. Otherwise, this pizza also tasted quite good. 

Overall, the pizzas at Skinny Pizza was very well executed. As for the sides, if I had a choice, I would order all 3 sides as Truffle Fries (not sure if they allowed). 

Skinny Pizza (Plaza Singapura)
#03-79/83 Plaza Singapura
68 Orchard Rd
Singapore 238839
Tel: 6884 8381
Opening Hours: Daily 11am to 10pm

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Other branches
Skinny Pizza (100AM)
100 Tras Street
Singapore 079027
Tel: 6444 2136

Skinny Pizza (Raffles City)
#B1-63/64 Raffles City
252 North Bridge Road
Singapore 179103
Tel: 6333 5069

Skinny Pizza (Westgate)
#01-03 Westgate
3 Gateway Link
Singapore 608532

Sunday, 15 February 2015

1 For 1 Soup Restaurant Samsui Sauces at NTUC FairPrice outlets (till 19 Feb 2015)

Source: NTUC FairPrice
1 For 1 Soup Restaurant Samsui Sauces at NTUC Fairprice outlets (till 19 Feb 2015)

- Valid till 19 Feb 2015
- Valid at selected NTUC FairPrice outlets
- Limited to 4 units per product per customer
- Offer is available for online purchase too
- While stocks last

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Heng Gi Goose and Duck Rice 兴记鸡 鸭饭 (Tekka Centre)

Braised Duck Meat, Duck Feet and Gizzard with Rice $5 
Heng Gi Goose and Duck Rice 兴记鸡 鸭饭 located at Tekka Centre has been in business for more than 60 years. It is now operated by the original owner's disciples. The original owner of this stall no longer runs the business at this stall and started a stall called Ah Heng Duck Rice 同濟前阿興鴨飯 at Hong Lim Food Centre.
During lunch time you can expect a long queue at this stall. Service is fast though.
The stall sells braised duck (meat, wings, feet), organs, pork belly, pig ears, pig head meat, bean curd (tau kwa) and egg. You will notice that most of their customers are generally older in age partly because of the food offerings that are being sold. They no longer sell goose meat.
Braised Duck Meat, Duck Feet and Egg with Rice 
This plate of Braised Duck Meat, Duck Feet and Egg with Rice cost either $4.50 or $5 (my memory is failing me sigh..). The white rice is drizzled with the braising sauce (lor).
Braised Duck Meat, Duck Feet and Egg with Rice 
Braised Duck Meat, Duck Feet and Egg with Rice 
The braised duck meat, feet and egg are plated on top of the braised sauce.
Braised Duck Meat, Duck Feet and Gizzard with Rice $5 
On another occasion I ordered Braised Duck Meat, Duck Feet and Gizzard with Rice which cost $5.
Braised Duck Meat, Duck Feet and Gizzard with Rice $5 
Look at how meaty and thick the duck meat are. Definitely not layered! In addition, they are so generous with the serving of duck meat. The duck feet could have been braised longer so that they are softer. As for the braising sauce, although it was fragrant, it was a tad too salty. I felt very thirsty towards the end of the meal on both occasion. 

Nevertheless, this is stall worth checking out! The prices here are very reasonable.

ps: They normally take order and sell braised duck (whole) for Chinese New Year period. This year, they are no longer taking orders and selling the braised duck during this period.

Heng Gi Goose and Duck Rice 兴记鸡 鸭饭 (Tekka Centre)
665 Buffalo Road 
#01-335 Tekka Centre 
Singapore 210665
Opening Hours: Tue to Sun 8am - 3pm
                           Closed on Mon

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Starbucks Singapore: 1 For 1 Handcrafted Beverage of any Size (till 12 Feb 2015)

Source: Starbucks Singapore
Starbucks Singapore: 1 For 1 Handcrafted Beverage of any Size (till 12 Feb 2015)

- Valid till 12 Feb 2015 from 3pm to 7pm
- Limited to 2 orders per customer
- While stocks last

Monday, 9 February 2015

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Singapore: 1 For 1 Regular Size Red Velvet Beverage (till 14 Feb 2015)

Source: Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Singapore
Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Singapore: Buy 1 get 1 Free Regular Size Red Velvet Beverage (till 14 Feb 2015)

- Valid till 14 Feb 2015
- Valid in Singapore outlets only
- Complimentary beverage must be equal or lower in value than beverage purchased
- Offer not valid with any other promotion, discount or redemption

Monday, 2 February 2015

Chap Chye Peng Stall (Golden Mile Tower)

I had my lunch and was exploring Golden Mile Complex for the first time. Little did I know that the basement was linked to Golden Mile Tower! At Golden Mile Tower, I saw a unique scene. There was a queue in front of a stall called "Dessert House". There was around 10 person queuing in front of the stall and the queue was not moving at 1220pm on a weekday. Being a kaypoh (busybody), I stood around and observed. This queue was not moving because the stall had not even opened for business yet.
 At around 1230pm, the stall opened for business.
The queue had already stretched to more than 20 persons long. I had to go up to level one to get a good picture of the queue. If I had not eaten and was not full, I highly suspect that I would be in the queue. Nevertheless, I made 3 other trips just to check out this stall for myself; why there were so many people queuing and waiting patiently.

On certain days, the queue moves very slowly. While on other days, the queue was fairly quick. Once, I queued for 18 minutes when there was just 5 persons in the queue. On another day, I queued for nearly half an hour when there was 19 persons in the queue.

Ps: Once, there was 32 people queuing up!
Now to the food! This stall sells Chap Chye Peng / Chai Peng (variety of dishes with rice). Amazingly right? Chap Chye Peng can be found everywhere! Yet this stall commands such a following! The variety of dishes are not a lot compared to others which I have seen. But a unique selling point (USP) here is the free flow soup! And its not any just MSG soup! There are ingredients in the soup! Customers can also help themselves to the curry sauce.
After I tried the food for the first time, I knew instantly why this stall managed to command such a following. The food here are simply delicious! Comfort home-cooked food that simply warms the heart. The food here just taste so good. The steam egg was so decently executed; soft, wobbly and tasty. The fried chicken wing was well-marinated, tasty and well fried. If it was more meaty, it would be perfect. The curry sauce was addictive and goes well with plain rice. The fried vegetables which I hesitated in ordering was surprisingly good. Unlike other Chap Chye Peng stalls, this one was so fragrant, with hints of shrimp / hae bee along with sweetness of the vegetables.
Sweet corn, Carrot and Onion Soup
The icing on the cake was the soup which was free! Inside the pot of soup, there was sweet corn, carrot, onion and pork. These were the ingredients used to cook the soup. The soup was not salty and had a distinct (naturally) sweetness from the corn, carrot and onion. Very comforting bowl of Chinese soup. What a bonus!
During my third visit, this was what I ordered. I ordered different items compared to my 2nd visit on purpose for comparison sake.
The curry sauce was the same; delicious. But the chicken given was just so-so. Probable because of the chicken part given. The vegetables was really just so-so (i.e. average). The fish cake was decent and I believe you can get this fish cake at most places.
Lotus Root Soup
 Just when I thought the food was just average, the free soup just wowed me!
Lotus Root Soup
This Lotus Root Soup was cooked with cuttlefish and pork. This soup was just fantastic! The lotus root flavour kept me longing for more. In addition, the plus was the pork meat came with soft bones (collagen).
 This was what I had for my third visit. I arrived quite late at around 130pm.
The chicken wings was as good as what I had during the first time. They will always fry a new batch of chicken wings when the current one finishes. This is a huge plus point as no one likes soggy and cold chicken wings! The fried bittergourd with egg was excellent and well fried! No raw bittergourd taste. As for the braised egg, you can easily get that elsewhere.
This time, the free soup was radish and carrot soup. It was cooked with pork bones and red dates. I am really impressed with their soup. During each visit, their soup has never disappoint me! This is coming from someone who is particular about saltiness!

The value for money, delicious home-cooked style food and free flow soup are probably the factors which draw such a crowd to this stall during lunch time at a ulu (out of the way) place. These are also the reasons why the some of the office crowd who know of this place bother to walk from The Concourse to this stall!

Now you know where to go if you are looking for 3 dishes with 1 soup (三菜一汤) without breaking the bak! Glad to find this hidden gem. If you intend to visit, do note the opening hours appended below.

Chap Chye Peng Stall <Hidden Gem> (Golden Mile Tower)
Dessert House
#B1-62 Golden Mile Tower
6001 Beach Road
Singapore 199589
Opening Hours: Sun to Fri 1230pm to 5pm
                          Closed on Sat

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