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Deungchon Shabu Kalguksu 등촌 샤부 칼국수 (South Korea, Seoul)

A instavideo of the food at Deungchon Shabu Kalguksu 등촌 샤부 칼국수.
Deungchon Shabu Kalguksu 등촌 샤부 칼국수 is a restaurant chain that specialises in Shabu Shabu and Kalguksu. We visited Deungchon Shabu Kalguksu at Anam for around five times since we first got to know of the restaurant eight years ago when we enrolled in Korea University's Student Exchange Programme (SEP). #yesiamoldandiknowit

I had previously heard from friends that the restaurant had closed down. But thanks to a instagram user by the name of "Nicolettelovesyou", I manage to find out that it was still open and pin point its exact location! Thanks Nicolettelovesyou! 
The restaurant is less than 3 minutes walk from exit 2 of Anam 안암 (subway line 6) station. This is also the same station and same route where one can get to Korea University's hostel and CJ international house!
Deungchon Shabu Kalguksu is located at level 2 of this building which is opposite Coffee Bean.
You can either take the lift or climb the stairs to the second level.
Once you enter the restaurant, you would need to take off your shoes..
The restaurant only offers floor seating. Hence, wear something comfortable.
You will not receive any menu. Instead, the food items and prices are in Korean and listed on the walls.

 I highlighted two of the food items in blue and red. The one in blue is a set which cost 7,000 KRW (per pax) and essentially includes vegetables & mushrooms (in hotpot) + noodles/udon + rice with spring onions and egg.

The one in red (i.e. Beoseot Shabu Kalguksu) cost 9,500 KRW (per pax) and food wise it is the same as the blue one except it also includes shabu shabu; shabu shabu + spicy vegetables & mushrooms (in hotpot) + Kalguksu + rice with spring onions and egg.

We always order the set which I highlighted in red! Can't do without meat =) 
Free flow of side dish; kimchi and radish.
Soon after ordering the dishes are served.
Shabu Shaub (beef slices)
The pot contains the signature spicy vegetable and mushroom hotpot.
Cover the pot up and let it boil away.
After 5 minutes you are ready to enjoy the hotpot with the Shabu Shabu beef slices and Kalguksu! Totally love this! The taste of this hotpot together with all the ingredients is a match made in heaven. The Kalguksu was smooth and soft while the beef slices tasted so fresh.

If you thought this was the best part, you are going to be blown away next!
After finishing the ingredients in the pot, and the beef slices and kalguku, there would still be some soup (essence of all the ingredients left). The staff would then proceed to fry the rice (with egg and spring onions) (remember the first photo in this post?) together with the soup that is left.
Tada!! The end result is this; special fried rice!  Amazingly delicious, this is a MUST TRY! #dontsaybojio

Taste wise, the food here still taste the same after eight years! Service was equally good too! This is a must visit if you are in Seoul (Korea).

Deungchon Shabu Kalguksu 등촌 샤부 칼국수 (South Korea, Seoul)
Address 서울 성북구 안암동5가 101-17
Tel: +82-2-929-5538
Directions: From Anam Station (subway line 6) Exit 2, turn back and walk down the street. Go straight about 60m, the restaurant is at the second level on your left(opposite Coffee Bean).

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  1. Taking of shoes is what I did when I visited Japan. Those dishes seem somewhat similar too.

    1. I remember reading that they influence each other in terms of many aspects due to their close proximity

  2. Hi,may I know if the restaurant is still opened at the same outlet?

  3. I'm sorry ,I meant if that particular branch you went to is still available in the same location.

    1. Hi, I am so sorry, as I am not residing in South Korea, I am not sure if they are still around.


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