Sunday, 3 June 2012

Hum Jin Pang 中国街咸煎饼 (Maxwell Food Centre)

This Hum Jin Pang stall located in Maxwell Food Centre is different from the typical Hum Chim Peng / Hum Jin Peng stalls. This stall requires customers to fry the Hum Chim Peng by themselves. Yes! You saw this right. (When one of my friend told me about this, I was wondering if she was joking.) This is a fry-it-yourself Hum Chim Peng Stall.
6 Hum Chim Peng for $1! What a bargain! I visited this stall at 4pm on a Saturday. There was a short queue. I was surprised to find out that there was only 1 person mending this stall!
Firstly, you queue and wait for your turn. If this is your first time, take the chance to observe what the person in front is doing.
Once it is your turn, the lady will ask you to choose from the 2 types of Hum Chim Peng available; Five Spice Salt and Sweet Red Bean Paste (differentiated by sesame seeds). Since it was our first time, we went for a mixture of both.
The lady immediately start kneading and rolling the dough. Folding them and also stuffing the red bean paste if required. She did everything very fast and start to fling the dough (Hum Chim Peng) into the wok of hot oil.

Grab the giant chopstick and start cooking your own Hum Chim Peng. You will be required to turn it over the other side (to cook the other side). Everything happens so fast, that you might be cooking for the person in front of you or behind you as it is hard to know which is yours.

Once the Hum Chim Peng turns golden brown, scoop it out of the wok to drain on a tray.The lady will help if she notice that it is becoming overcooked. After that you can sugar coat your Hum Chim Peng and just put it into the brown paper bag available. For payment, you put the money into a white container just next to where the brown paper bags are. It is all about integrity! You take what you order and you pay accordingly.
Hum Chim Peng (6 pieces $1.00)
The pipping hot Hum Chim Peng was crispy on the outside and fluffy in the inside! It was very soft and fragrant. The one with sesame has Sweet Red Bean Paste in it. The others that did not have the sesame contained Five Spice Salt. We prefer the Five Spice Salt Hum Jin Pang! We should have bought more as it was superb and not as filling as we thought. So simple yet so delicious!

Very affordable and yummy Hum Chim Peng! In addition, it was an interesting experience. I will be back for more!

*pictures combined from 2 visits (Hence you may noticed that the lady was wearing different clothes). Visited a 2nd time to buy $3 worth of Hum Chim Peng Yummy!*

Hum Jin Pang中国街咸煎饼 (Maxwell Food Centre)
1 Kadayayanallur Street
#01-28 Maxwell Food Centre
Opening Hours: Daily 1pm to 8pm

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  1. I love this place!! The lady boss is really cute. She related to us how hot it was all day for her with the frying and all that. True dedication (:

  2. this sounds so fun!

    1. Yea, it was fun! And I am sure it will be fun for foodies! But to some they may be turned off as it can be hot and oily.

  3. LOL $3 worth of hum chee peng! are these smaller than the usual ones?

    1. yes, slightly smaller than usual ones. You can check out the comparison of the Hum Jin Pang to a hand in the last 2nd photo.

      It was so good that we had to get more! haha.

  4. Gosh, I haven't eaten these in years! I saw a stall at Causeway Point selling but the queue is always so long. Gonna try your recommendation someday :)

    1. Hi Shirley

      same for me too. Been sometime since I ate. This one is interesting, worth a try.

  5. I've been here for 4 times, different days, different time, yet the stall is closed always..too bad..not my luck!


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