Saturday, 11 August 2012

Da Po Hainanese Chicken Rice & Curry Chicken Noodle (Golden Mile Food Centre)

I have visited Golden Mile Food Centre several times looking for good food, trying the Claypot Rice, Chicken Rice, Homemade Noodles, Chilled Beancurd and even Chilli Mee. Yet I have never try this stall (Da Po Hainanese Chicken Rice & Curry Chicken Noodle 大坡海南鸡饭-咖哩鸡面) before despite walking past it before and it being so near to the Yew Chuan Claypot Rice. Until I saw this stall being featured on a food show called 'Just Noodles 面对面'.
The stall owner has been selling curry noodles for 30 years. The auntie who takes the order and collects the money was quite chatty. She said that in recent weeks they had an increase in customers after being featured in the show for having one of the Best Curry Noodles in Singapore. And she said to me 'xie xie ni men da jie de zhi chi' (thank you for all your [customers] support). If you are thinking I told her I am writing a blog on this, then the answer is : No, I did not tell her I am posting this on a blog. 

A very humble and down to earth lady. 
I was lucky that there was only 1 person in front of me as sometimes the queue stretch to 10 person long during lunch hours.

They sell only Curry Chicken Noodle and Hainanese Chicken Rice.
Curry Chicken Noodle $5.00
Curry Chicken Noodle $5.00
Curry Chicken Noodle $5.00
The Curry Chicken Noodle was filled to the brim. Full of ingredients such as potatoes, fish cakes, chicken, fried pork skin, beansprouts, tau pork and noodles. It was delicious! The curry was light, refreshing, fragrant, not overly spicy, not powdery and not oily! Moreover, one can taste the freshness of the coconut used to make this curry!  The curry was so good that I finished all of it!

The other ingredient that stood out was the chicken! Several pieces of chicken meat cooked to perfection! In the sense that the right amount of time was used to cook the chicken, any long it would be overcooked. Any shorter, it will be undercooked. Why do I saw that? Because the chicken meat was very tender, juicy and fresh.  One can literally pull out the meat cleanly from the bones and taste the softness, tenderness and fragrant of the chicken. Try it yourself and you will know what I mean!

Another ingredient that stood out is the fried pork skin. A long big piece was given. It was very fragrant. The potato was nicely done too! 

Now I know why this stall's Curry Chicken Noodle was featured on Just Noodles 面对面. It was a fantastic meal for me! They did not stingy on the quality and quantity of the ingredients. I am going back when I can to try its chicken rice and on my third visit I will have the Curry Chicken Noodle again! 

Da Po Hainanese Chicken Rice & Curry Chicken Noodle 大坡海南鸡饭-咖哩鸡面 (Golden Mile Food Centre)
505 Beach Road
#B1-53 Golden Mile Food Centre
Tel: 9848 9949
Opening Hours: Daily 1030am to 930pm
                           Closed on alternate Monday

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  1. Wrong time to visit your blog! I'm soooooo hungry now, looking at the curry mee. Hahaha!

    1. haha good to know. =P

      Give it a try, its darn good!

  2. Yes to the curry noodles but I need to drop in some sliced birds eye chilies for the oomph spicy taste.

  3. Hi

    and it will become chilli noodle. haha


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