Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Breakfast and Lunch on Board Emirates Airbus A380 From Dubai to Paris

Continuing from my previous post, we continued our journey from Dubai (Dubai International Airport) to Paris (Charles De Gaulle Airport) via the Emirates Airbus A380.

It was a different experience compared to the earlier flight which we took just a few hours ago via Boeing 777. It was my first time taking the Airbus A380 and although I sat in the Economy Class, it was an eye opener.

The seats were slightly bigger, more comfortable and more leg space. It was a long flight and I appreciate the improved leg space as it meant that I could stretch my legs out. The ambience was totally different, gave a sense of calmness and homely feel. The inflight entertainment system (ICE) touchscreen was bigger, of better resolution and more sensitive. Furthermore, each seat had its own USB connection and laptop power supply. 

During the journey, two meals were served; Continental Breakfast and Lunch.
Continental Breakfast Menu
The Continental Breakfast menu allowed us to choose either the Traditional Arabian Morning Mezze or Breakfast Deli Platter
Continental Breakfast - Breakfast Deli Platter
We both chose the Breakfast Deli Platter which was served with Fresh Seasonal Fruit and Croissant. This was served at 10 am (Dubai time) which was actually 2 pm (Singapore time). It was delicious! The roasted beef and chicken were surprisingly tender and were not overly flavoured. The Croissant which was not captured in the above photo was excellent. It was so good that I tried my luck asking for a second one (typical Singaporean). You may have noticed that this is our second breakfast of the day due to the time difference. 
Lunch Menu
As for the Lunch menu, we could choose between Mutton Stew with Black Pepper or Chicken Tikka. Lunch was served at 7pm Singapore time! 
Lunch - Mutton Stew with Black Pepper
I choose the Mutton Stew with Black Pepper which was served with Smoked Salmon and Cappuccino Brownie Mousse and Cheese and Biscuits. We both like how they package the Cheese and Biscuits as it was easy for us to keep and store away so that it can be eaten at a much later timing. 
Lunch - Mutton Stew with Black Pepper
Although I was concerned that the mutton might have a weird taste, I choose this dish mainly because it came along with creamy mash potatoes. I did not regret. The Mutton Stew with Black Pepper was outstanding! The stewed mutton was soft and there was no weird taste. The Creamy Mash Potato was delish, not the powdery version. In addition, the mutton stew sauce further enhanced the taste of the mash potato. Yummy!
Left to right: Smoked Salmon, Cappuccino Brownie Mousse
The Smoked Salmon with creamy potato and chive salad, and Cappuccino Brownie Mousse topped with white and dark chocolate was excellent considering that it was airlines food. The fantastic lunch blew me away to heaven [literally, after all we were flying up in the sky =)]. It has been a long time since I last ate such delicious airlines food! 
Lunch - Chicken Tikka
Lunch - Chicken Tikka
The partner chose the Chicken Tikka which is an Indian cuisine as she was not a fan of mutton. The Chicken Tikka was served with rice and sauteed spinach and corn. It was average, I was glad that I chose the Mutton Stew with Black Pepper.

I snacked on the savoury biscuits and drank Pepsi while watching the movies on ICE. Shiok! Somehow gassy drinks on high altitude taste so much nicer!

I was impressed with both the Continental Breakfast and Lunch served on board the Airbus A380. I would not mind staying on board such an airplane (A380) daily if such standard of food was served! 


  1. I see some varieties of Indian dishes and these looks tempting. Must have been an awesome journey with great service.

    1. Yes Nava, spot on. It was totally awesome. If only all the flights I took was on Emirates Airbus 380.

  2. *green with envy* sigh, i need a holiday. the hubby and i were just lamenting, this morning on our way to work, that we haven't had a holiday in almost a year!

    1. Totally understand! Its hard to plan to go for holidays together! Hard to take leave.

      Just do it!


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