Saturday, 18 May 2013

FoodieFC's Guest Post on Johor Kaki Blog

Last week, I received a message from Tony to guest post on his Johor Kaki blog. I accepted it immediately. I have been following Johor Kaki since last year after I chance upon the blog. The blog is a useful source of information for anyone searching for makan places in Johor. Bagus! 
Johor Kaki Blog
In the guest post, I wrote on the 'must order' dishes at my two favourite restaurants (Teck Sing and San Low Seafood) near the causeway (Johor Bahru's checkpoint). If you are keen to read the post, please click here


  1. Yep, great place to find great eateries in Johor. Congrats on the guest post.

  2. Thank you Foodie FC for your interesting guest post. I am sure Johor Kaki readers will appreciate the fresh perspective on these popular restaurants and enjoy reading it as much as I do.

    1. Tony, no prob. Thanks for the invite =)


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