Sunday, 5 May 2013

Jia Jia Xing Pig's Organ Soup (Sembawang Hill Food Centre)

Jia Jia Xing Pig's Organ Soup is located in Sembawang Hill Food Centre along Upper Thomson Road. Although the food centre was crowded during Sunday lunch duration, I noticed that half the stalls in the food centre were not open for business.
After walking round the food centre, I decided to try the Pig's Stomach Soup from Jia Jia Xing Pig's Organ Soup. There were just two person queuing in front of me. Service was fairly slow as the lady owner was the only one manning the stall. 
Pig's Stomach Soup $4 with Rice $0.50
I ordered a bowl of Pig's Stomach Soup with rice. 
Pig's Stomach Soup $4 with Rice $0.50
The Pig's Stomach Soup was quite decent. The soup topped with parsley was slightly cloudy and pepperish (but not overwhelming). What was impressive was that the Pig Stomach was cleaned thoroughly, there was no pungent smell. Worth a try if you like Pig Stomach / Organs. 

Jia Jia Xing Pig's Organ Soup (Sembawang Hill Food Centre)
#01-10 Sembawang Hill Food Centre
590 Upper Thomson Road

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  1. this hawker centre seems to keep deskbound office hours, like 9am to 5pm weekdays. my dad likes the chwee kway and fried carrot cake here. have u tried them??

    1. Yes, its quite weird why this place operates at such a timing (considering there is no office nearby). Its always close on sundays (esp afternoon)!

  2. Mmmm.... This is near my place. Awesome sharing! It's good to be back blog-hopping after a month's absence!


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