Monday, 11 March 2013

Funan Weng Ipoh Ho Fun (Tanjong Pagar)

Funan Weng first started out as a noodles stall in 1950s at Hock Lam Street which was then a re-owned food street. Subsequently, the owner Mr Ho Weng switched to serving Ipoh Hor Fun as it was not a commonly available dish back then. He perfected the dish and he recipe has remained the same since then. In the 80s, Funan Digital Mall was built on Hock Lam Street and Mr Ho Weng moved his business to the  food court at the 7th level of the mall and officially started his business using the name 'Funan Weng'. When Funan underwent a renovation, Funan Weng moved to Ghim Moh Market. In 2009, it moved out of the Hawker Centre scene and opened a restaurant in Maxwell Chambers.
The Funan Weng Ipoh Ho Fun in Maxwell Chambers next  to Red Dot Traffic Building, is located across the road from Exit B of Tanjong Pagar MRT station. It is situated near to many government offices/buildings such as CPF, MND and URA. 

Funan Weng Ipoh Ho Fun at Maxwell Chambers, was modern and classy. We had the opportunity to enjoy the whole place to ourselves as there was no one else in the restaurant on a weekday night except for some customers who were waiting to takeaway their food.
Order form
Customers are required to fill in the dishes which they would like to order and bring this order form to the counter to order and make payment. The dishes would be served by the serving staff.
Executive Set Menu
They had the Executive Set Menu. After pondering for sometime, we decided to order Set 3 and Set 4. 
Homemade Luo Han Guo (warm) $1.80
The Homemade Luo Han Guo $1.80 (warm) had a bitter taste, was the perfect remedy for the partner's sore throat. 
Vegetable & Mushroom
The Set 3 - Crayfish & Chicken Ipoh Ho Fun was served with Vegetable & Mushroom. The Vegetable & Mushroom was average, nothing great to shout about. Just one piece of half a mushroom was given.
Crayfish & Chicken Ipoh Ho Fun $8.80
The Crayfish & Chicken Ipoh Ho Fun was quite good. It was a pity the crayfish was not fresh and tasted fishy. The Hor Fun sauce was oh-so-yummy. It complemented the Hor Fun perfectly. Not overly salty yet fragrant with a unique mushroom, herbal and spices taste. In addition, the Hor Fun seems to be smoother, softer and thinner compared to those sold else where. 
Crispy Wanton
Set 4 - Prawn with Chicken & Mushroom Ipoh Ho Fun served with Crispy Wanton.
Prawn with Chicken & Mushroom Ipoh Ho Fun $8.80
The Prawn with Chicken & Mushroom Ipoh Ho Fun was also decently executed. The soft mushroom soaked in the Hor Fun sauce fully absorbed the essence of the sauce and was so fragrant! The prawns on the other hand was disappointing. Similar comments to the crayfish, they were not fresh.

The Hor Fun Sauce and the Hor Fun were delicious. However, it would have been a better foodie experience if good quality ingredients especially seafood were used. It was a real pity else this would have been one of the better Hor Fun in Singapore. Ambience wise, it was perfect! It was as if we had booked the whole restaurant to ourselves. It was so quiet that we could talk softly and if a pin drop I am sure we would have heard it!

Funan Weng Ipoh Ho Fun (Flagship Restaurant)
Maxwell Chambers
32 Maxwell Chambers
#01-07 @ Tanjong Pagar

Tel: 6238 5038
Opening Hours: Mon to Fri 11am to 930pm
                         Closed on Sat, Sun and PH

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  1. i used to like them, but their standards have dropped. i rather go to Hong lim hawker for my ipoh hor fan fix. or drive up to ipoh instead! :p

    1. haha drive to Ipoh! lol! back me into ur luggage pls

    2. hahahaaa! u can sit in the car boot! ;p

  2. OMG!!!! Am trilled to look at the saucy noodles though not all seem perfect as you have stated. The ambience is lovely, nice deco and the lighting is so perfect too.

    1. yea, the ambience was good, esp since we had the place to ourselves!

  3. Prefer the TPY outlet. You should try their fried chicken dumpling n soup dumpling.

    1. I would have thought tt their flag ship restaurant would have the best standards. From what you wrote, looks like it may not be true.


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