Thursday, 7 March 2013

Good Morning Nanyang Cafe 早安南洋 (Sembawang) 2nd Post

*Edited on Aug 2013: Good Morning Nanyang Cafe at Sembawang Shopping Centre has closed*

It has been almost one and a half years since I came back to Good Morning Nanyang CafeGood Morning Nanyang Cafe has a similar business model to Toast Box, Killiney and Ya kun, specialising in breakfast sets such as kaya toast, coffee, tea and half-boiled eggs. In addition, they also ventured into serving Local Delights such as Laksa, Mee Siam, Egg Noodles and Mee Rebus. A smart move as they not only capture the breakfast crowd but also ensure that they capture the lunch and dinner crowd with these piping hot dishes. 
As usual we visited its branch at Sembawang Shopping Centre on Saturday at 9am in the morning. The cafe was full of customers. We had to wait a short while before we could get a table. Although Good Morning Nanyang Cafe was not big in terms of floor area, they had many tables and chairs position systematically in rows. Coupled with the fact that the turnover was fast, I noticed that most customers did not have to wait more than 5 minutes for a table. 
The process to order and collect orders are similiar to their competitors (i.e. Ya Kun, Toast Box). Customers will be required to proceed to the counter to queue and make their orders. After that they would be required to collect their drinks, half boiled eggs and a queue tag number. The queue tag number is used by the serving staff to identify the customers who have ordered toasts and/or local delights items (items that would require sometime to prepare). 
Good Morning Nanyang Cafe decoration is simple with a rustic feel.
The Toast Sets.
Local Delights.

I ordered Set C - Orange Ciabatta Toast which is priced at $5.20. I was served with two half-boiled eggs, Orange Ciabatta Toast and a cup of coffee or tea. 
2 Half-Boiled Eggs 
Ya Kun's half boiled eggs are still the best. They are always big and perfectly cooked. In this case, I felt that Good Morning Nanyang Cafe's version is slightly undercooked as some of the egg white were still transparent. Nevertheless, this was still quite well-executed and delicious. I have encountered much worse off half boiled eggs. The main issue I have with Good Morning Nanyang Cafe's eggs were that I wish the staff would crack the eggs for us like Ya Kun instead of requiring customers to do it themselves. 
Orange Ciabatta Toast
Orange Ciabatta Toast
The Orange Ciabatta Toast was the highlight. This was the reason why we came back to Good Morning Nanyang Cafe.

Ciabatta is an Italian white bread made from yeast and flour, normally elongated in shape. In this case, it was flat and baked into a square shape. In addition, as it's name suggested, it was infused with orange flavour which is likely from to have come from orange peel. The Orange Ciabatta Toast was served with butter and kaya spread sandwiching two pieces of toast. The kaya is freshly made daily. It had a more aromatic compared to Ya Kun's with more coconut flavour. Shiok! This is a must try when you are at Good Morning Nanyang Cafe.
The coffee was much better than the tea I had during my previous visit. In addition, it was aromatic.

If you are interested to read about my review on their Laksa and Mee Rebus, you may click here for my previous post.

I would strongly recommend Good Morning Nanyang Cafe's Orange Ciabatta Toast. It will be an entirely different foodie experience compared to Ya Kun's toast. 
Sembawang Shopping Centre Shuttle Bus 
Sembawang Shopping Centre Management has recently changed the free Sembawang Shopping Centre Shuttle Bus Service routes (effective date - 18 Feb 2013). Quite sad to note that the shuttle bus no longer ply the route near my house. It is now less convenient for my family and I to visit the shopping mall. Used to visit patronise Giant, Gong Cha, Daiso, Popular and of course Good Morning Nanyang Cafe quite often. With the change, I am unlikely to visit the shopping mall anytime soon. After all, I have another shopping mall 10 minutes walk away. I wish that the management will revert to the original bus route. But well, that's very unlikely..

Good Morning Nanyang Cafe 早安南洋 (Sembawang)
604 Sembawang Road
#01-01 Sembawang Shopping Centre
Tel: 8133 1882
Opening Hours: Mon–Fri 9am – 9pm
Sat–Sun & PH  8.30am – 9pm

Good Morning Nanyang Cafe 早安南洋 ( Hong Lim Green Community Centre)
20, Upper Pickering Street Singapore
Tel: 8133 1882
Opening Hours: Mon–Fri 730am – 730pm 
                          Sat, Sun & PH 830am – 530pm

Good Morning Nanyang Cafe 早安南洋 (Turf City)

200 Turf Club Road
The Grandstand #01-34A
Tel: 8133 1882
Opening Hours: Daily 9am to 9pm


  1. you need to update. GMNC is no longer at robinson road, there is a new outlet at grandstand.

    1. thanks have updated. Did not know the branch at Robinson Road is closed.

  2. Great food to start the day. If it was me, then I would have attacked the Curry mee.

  3. Have you tried the branch at Far East Plaza?


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