Friday, 26 October 2012

Number 8 Red Grouper Soup 8号红石斑鱼汤 2nd Post

Another trip down to Jalan Besar to savour the fish soup from Number 8 Red Grouper Soup 8号红石斑鱼汤. As its name suggests, Number 8 Red Grouper Soup specialises in serving fish soup. 
It is located at a coffee shop a stone throw away from Lavendar MRT station. It is located directly opposite Jalan Besar Stadium.

Having tried the Bittergourd Red Grouper Bee Hoon in a earlier visit. I was torn between ordering what I have ordered previously or to try something different. In the end, I decided to try something new and ordered the Pomfret Bee Hoon.
Pomfret Bee Hoon $10
The Pomfret Bee Hoon was served with slices of bittergourd, pomfret meat, bee hoon and topped with shallots and dried crispy fish. I like the fact that they are so generous with their ingredients be it slices of bittergourd or pomfret. The bittergourd are sliced at the right thickness, not too thin or thick.
Pomfret Bee Hoon $10
In addition, the slices of Pomfret were also sliced perfectly. Thick and chunky, enough to give a good bite. The reason why I am saying this is because, I have eaten at several fish soup stalls where the pieces of fish were sliced so thinly that I could not even taste the fish meat and left unsatisfied. More importantly, with the thickness, the Pomfret was obviously fresh with its delicate sweetness. I was pleasantly surprised that they gave so many slices of Pomfret as fresh Pomfret is typically quit expensive. Do note Pomfret normally comes with bones especially when the parts at the fins are served. This is also the part I like best. So if you are a fish lover, but hate fish bones, a better choice will be the Bittergourd Red Grouper Bee Hoon

Lastly, the fish soup was still as good as before. Tasty and flavourful, full of goodness. I emptied the whole bowl of soup into my tummy as usual. Yummy.

Give this a try. It maybe more expensive than the other fish soup at other coffee shops but it is worth every single cent. The fish are not only fresh, generous amount of ingredients are given too. 

Number 8 Red Grouper Soup 8号红石斑鱼汤 
290 Jalan Besar
Singapore 208953
Tel: 9645 2219, 9736 5357
Opening Hours: Mon to Sat 10am - 3am
                           Closed on Sun

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  1. I like to have bittergourd added to my fish soup too. This place seems quite convenient. Gonna chk out someday :) Have a wonderful weekend, dear!

    1. Hi Shirley

      try their red grouper. v fresh and meaty.

      Wishing you a great weekend too!

  2. have you tried Fan Ji bittergourd fish soup at hong lim? their bittergourd fish soup is the best! the owners add so much bittergourd slices there's practically a whole bittergourd in your fish soup. you can have a choice of batang, pomfret or grouper too. And it's much cheaper than this place.


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