Sunday, 21 October 2012

Masterchef! Handling 12 woks at the same time!

Talk about efficiency, this man in China can handle and cook with 12 woks, all at the same time! Amazing!  Fast food in a different perspective. Video title is called 'King of Wok'.
Reason for using so many woks (as mentioned in video towards the end during an 'interview'): 
a) More throughput; essentially increase efficiency and well as what the Singapore Government has been advocating recently Productively! This man has worked his way up to 12 woks so that he can dish out more food within the same time. This way, his customers who ordered multiple orders will not need to wait too long.

b) Using so many woks, each dish (fried noodles) need to go through a few woks of frying and stirring. With each wok, the noodles gets exposure to prolong duration of heat and absorption of flavour. Hence, the tast of the fried noodles will taste nicer. 
**I tried translating the reasons from the video. Hence, it might sound weird. Best to view the video yourself! 

Its as though this man has studied a Supply Chain Management degree/course. If you observe closely you will also notice his assistance helping him helps to put the ingredients into the woks (around 4?) that is in front of her.

Anyone know where this is at? I want to try! Wonder if the noodles tasted charred. 


  1. Replies
    1. haha. His hands sure move fast! And he is able to talk to the person holding the video camera too! (multitask at a diff lv all together)

  2. That's so cool! My eyes also got crossed while watching the clip. Hahaha! So fun!

    1. If i am him, I will be so stressed! What if I burnt the food! and so many pple watching!


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