Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Loong Fatt Tau Sar Piah 龍發豆沙饼 (Balestier Road)

Loong Fatt Tau Sar Piah 龍發豆沙饼 has been operating since 1948 in Whampoa along Balestier Road. Loong Fatt 龍發 sells pastries and is well-know among the older generation for their Tau Sar Piah 豆沙饼; essentially a Teochew biscuit called Bean Paste Biscuit. The Tau Sar Piah are handmade. They are so famous that when Tau Sar Piah is often associated with Balestier Road just like now Laksa is associated with Katong while Chicken Rice is associated with Maxwell (Tian Tian).
Tau Sar Piah 豆沙饼 comes in either sweet or salty versions. 
These Tau Sar Piah 豆沙饼 (salty) cost just $0.60 each. 
Tau Sar Piah 豆沙饼 (Salty) $0.60
Tau Sar Piah 豆沙饼 (Salty) $0.60
The pastry on the outside was extremely crispy and flaky (even after 2 days). With a buttery fragrant, it was  such a joy just enjoying the crust. The salty filling complemented well with the crust as a whole. It was just nice for me, not too salty. So delicious. 
Loong Fatt Tau Sar Piah 龍發豆沙饼 (Balestier Road)
639 Balestier Road
Singapore 329922
Tel: 6253 4584
Opening Hours: Mon to Sat and PH 8am - 430pm
                         Closed on Sun

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  1. Both are my fav but I prefer the filling with lotus paste. You are right,the pastry does looks crispy and flaky.

  2. Especially goes with a cup of kopi-o


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