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Kazokutei 家族亭 (Bugis Junction)

Kazokutei 家族亭 is a restaurant chain that serves Japanese cuisine, specialising in serving Udon. Established in 1947, Today, Kazokutei is one of Osaka's most well-known brands of udon restaurant with more than 200 outlets in Japan. The restaurant chain pride itself in offering delicious and high quality handmade udon. Kazokutei serves 2 type of Udon and 2 types of soup bases; Kokudashi Udon from Eastern Japan with a stronger flavoured soup and Shira Dashi Udon from Western Japan with a sweeter tasting soup. 

Udon Lunch Special
The Udon Lunch Special is only valid from Monday to Friday till 5pm only, excluding eve of public holidays and public holidays.
Kokudashi Udon + Katsu Don Set $10.90
Ordered the Kokudashi Udon and Katsu Don Set from the Udon Lunch Special.
Kokudashi Udon (Kokudashi Udon + Katsu Don Set $10.90)
The handmade Udon from the Kokudashi Udon was thick, firm, springy and chewy with a smooth texture. While the soup was made from Katsuo Bushi (Dried Bonito) for a stronger flavoured soup.
Katsu Don (Kokudashi Udon + Katsu Don Set $10.90)
Katsu Don, a popular Japanese cuisine, is a bowl of rice topped with egg, deep fried pork cutlet, onions, seaweed and condiments. I seldom order this dish and am not an expert in this dish (as in I do not know what to look for in a good bowl of Katsu Don). To me, I like how the egg was cooked, it was cooked just nice and was still soft, not to the extend of runny. In addition, having each mouthful of the rice together with the egg, the sauce and caramelised onion was delectable. On the other hand, the Katsu (deep fried pork cutlet) was just average, sliced too thinly for my liking.

On another occasion..
Omurice Lunch Special
Omurice Lunch Special comes with 1 Free Soft Drink/Soda Drink. It is vonly valid from Monday to Friday till 5pm only, excluding eve of public holidays and public holidays.
Pork Cutlet Omu Rice $11.90
Ordered the Pork Cutlet Omu Rice from the Omurice Lunch Special.
Omu Rice ( Pork Cutlet Omu Rice $11.90)
The egg was cooked just nice, soft and a little runny (not too hard). Underneath the egg was fried rice flavoured with ketchup. It was tasty and not oily.
Pork Cutlet  ( Pork Cutlet Omu Rice $11.90)
The Pork Cutlet was average. The cutlet was crispy but thin and dry.
Fries  ( Pork Cutlet Omu Rice $11.90)
To be frank, the fries were just average. A tad too dry.
 Soup ( Pork Cutlet Omu Rice $11.90)
Flavourful and tasty soup. I was pleasantly surprised that there were a lot of ingredients in the bowl of soup such as mushrooms and onions. The downside was that it was on the salty end.

After having lunch over at Kazokutei on two occasions, I find that the lunch sets here are very reasonably priced for the amount of food. The Kokudashi Udon and Katsu Don Set was delicious. As for the Pork Cutlet Omu Rice, the Omu Rice and the Soup are the ones that will make me want to order this again. Service wise, the serving staff was prompt in refilling the drinks, taking the orders and serving the food. Overall, quite a nice place to come for Japanese cuisine.

Kazokutei 家族亭 (Bugis Junction)
200 Victoria Street
#02-49 Bugis Junction
Tel: 6338 0187
Opening Hours: Daily 11am to 945pm

Other outlets:
Kazokutei 家族亭 (Causeway Point)
1 Woodlands Square
#03-43 Causeway Point
Tel: 6893 6940
Opening Hours: 1130am to 10pm

Kazokutei 家族亭 (Junction 8)
9 Bishan Place
#02-34/35 Juntion 8
Tel: 6259 6698
Opening Hours: Daily 1130am to 945pm

Kazokutei 家族亭 (Plaza Singapura)
68 Orchard Road
#04-01 Tokyo Walker, Plaza Singapura
Tel: 6333 9285
Opening Hours: Daily 1130am to 10pm

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  1. Oh yes, I've tried this at Causeway Point. Lunch sets are amazingly cheap but food wasn't good. Must be quite bad, hardly anyone visits. They closed just after few mths there :<

    1. Oh, causeway point branch has closed down! So fast!

  2. I am into Udon but that pork dish is superb. Strange that I love to eat pork so much but don't cook that much at home bc my other half does not eat.


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