Monday, 27 February 2012

Everything With Fries (Bugis Junction)

Cheese Burger with Garlic & Herbs (Straight Cut) $11.90

Everything With Fries (EWF) is started by the owners of Awfully Chocolate. It is a burger joint where the use of fresh ingredients is emphasis.

Recently, EWF has opened a new outlet at Bugis Junction. It is located at level 4, directly opposite Shaw Cinema next to the escalator. 

Open concept with modern decoration. 
Mains Menu
All mains are served with your choice of Fries and a Caesar Salad.
Fries Menu
5 different flavours of fries along with different cut;Shoestring Cut (skinny fries) or Straight Cut (thick fries) to choose from. 

I visited EWF with 3 others on 14Feb 2012. Yes, Valentines's Day. Well, it is a working day and we had to eat lunch. We arrived at around 1220pm and were informed by the staff who gave us the menu that they ran out of salad.

We placed our order and started noticing, more people entering. It was obvious that the staff and kitchen could not cope with the crowd.

After waiting for more than half an hour minutes, we requested for fries to be served first as we were starving. (by the way, the serving staff informed us that normally the food will be served within 15 minutes)
Cheese Burger with Garlic & Herbs (Straight Cut) $11.90
How long more did we wait, I do not know. My food was the first to be served. As for the rest, theirs were served between 5 to 20 minutes later).

We were pleasantly surprised when we saw the salad. As earlier we were told that they ran out of salad. If you noticed, in the picture, a whole garlic was given! Well..I ordered the Garlic & Herbs Fries (Straight Cut).
Cheese Burger
The Cheese Burger consists of beef patty, topped with cheddar and stewed tomato concasse. The beef patty was soft but too dry. On a positive note, it does not taste like frozen processed beef patty. (by the way
EWF claims that everything is made freshly) The cheddar and tomato concasse complemented the flavour of this burger well.

What is concasse? Concasse is the process of coarsely chopping a vegetable. For tomoato concasse, the tomato will need to be peeled, seeded before chopping.  After which you can season it with salt and pepper to taste and use for e.g. as a sauce or for omelette.

The food is ok. The only issue I have with EWF is their ridiculously slow service. Even when I made payment, I gave my credit card to the staff. The staff took it without checking, coming back 5 minutes later to tell me they do not accept that credit card and asked for a new one. This could have been prevented if they know what is accepted, what is not (American Express, Visa, Mastercard?..)

A few days after my visit, I happened to see someone posted a picture of EWF at Bugis on facebook, I enquired on their service and I got the same feedback. Benefit of doubt: maybe their kitchen staff and service staff are new considering they just opened. (but again, that only shows clearly the lack of training) They should rectify this problem fast as it will not do any good to their reputation.

Everything With Fries (Bugis Junction)
200 Victoria Street
#04-05 Bugis Junction
Tel: 6338 0135
Opening Hours: Sun to Thur 11am - 10pm
                          Fri, Sat, PH Eve 12pm - 1030pm

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  1. OMG, I just posted my recipe of jacket potatoes and here I see more of it. We have this high liking for potatoes and paired with the cheese burger, this looks so good.

    1. I am obsessed about potatoes too! I can eat it everyday. In fact just had it for Dinner.

  2. i've tried EWF at Holland V and i love their Wild NZ king salmon, pork chop and Beef karubi!
    you should try them!

    i think they are much better than their burger series, somehow! hee :)

    1. Hi Jesslyn

      this was my first experience at EWF. Will try the one you recommend when I have the chance!


  3. Just had lunch and am hungry again! This sounds like heaven, we'd probably camp out and eat lunch and dinner there!

    1. Hi LinsFood

      good to know the pictures made you hungry!

  4. i tried EWF at Holland V and Joo Chiat. HV one is nicer than Joo Chiat. I agree with you that the Bugis Junction one may have teething problems but someone said during the Social Media Week, "This is the internet age. If you're not ready, don't open." I think I'm kinder and like to be give more chance. So let's hope EWF fixes the problems soon.

    1. word of mouth (WOM) spreads very now. especially negative WOM

  5. Oh my! Very mouth-watering photos :) And because of that I'm craving for a fries right now. I need one lah! :)

  6. Looks cool. Will try one soon


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