Friday, 17 February 2012

The Triple Three (Meritus Mandarin)

*image intensive post*

This post is almost 3 months overdue. Went to The Triple Three at Meritus Mandarin for it's International Buffet during December (Christmas Period). With Groupon voucher, it cost just $34 per person.

Just outside The Triple Three, we spotted this!
Made of real Ginger Bread!
Part of the restaurant. We came in at 1205pm, as it was still early, it was not very crowded. This place has a very large sitting capacity.
Customers can leave their table to get food being assured that the table is reserved.

Ok, now I shall let the food do the talking! Some images might be unclear.
Sashimi - Salmon & Salmon Belly
Sashimi - Salmon (top) & Salmon Belly (bottom)
Seafood - Prawns and Mussels
Seafood - Prawns and Mussels
Prawns were not fresh.
The duck was tough and hard.
Salad, Potato Salad
Crab Meat Soup
The Crab Meat Soup taste like Shark's Fin Soup. Starchy, crab meat, egg white. Taste good!
Black Pepper Crab Claws, Broccoli, Slow Oven Baked Pork Ribs in Coffee Sauce
The first batch of Black Pepper Crab Claws was delicious! Fresh, firm crab meat that can be easily pulled out of the shell. But after that, the next few batches the Crab Claws was not that fresh and the meat was stuck to the shell.
Cold Soba
Tempura (Sweet Potato, Cucumber, Sliver Fish)
Western & Teppanyaki
Indian (Naan, Prata, Mahi Tikka) 
Desserts - Fruits
Desserts - Ice Cream
Lots of variety of food as seen in the picture. You are basically spoilt for choice. There are also Dim Sum, Pasta sections. Despite the variety, I felt that the quality was lacking.

The Triple Three (Meritus Mandarin)
333 Orchard Road

Level 5 Meritus Mandarin
Tel: 6831 6271
Opening Hours: Breakfast: 630am - 1030am
                         Lunch 12pm - 230pm
                         Dinner 630pm - 10pm

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  1. It was really nice to study your post. I collect some good points here. I would like to be appreciative you with the hard work you have made in skill this is great article.

  2. Great food spread and my mine will be all those with salmon added.

  3. Hi Nava

    its a waste the quality was not up to mark.


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