Monday, 6 February 2012

Hoixe Cake Shop 凱施餅店 (Hong Kong)

Hoixe Cake Shop 凱施餅店 is a local bakery in Hong Kong. Hoixe Cake Shop has many outlets all over Hong Kong, in shopping malls, along the streets and even in the MTR (subway). It is similar to 'Bread Talk'. Selling items such as bread, bun and egg tarts.

During our stay, we must have patronise Hoixe Cake Shop at least 4 times! Before we flew back to Singapore, we bought 14 brought sponge cakes and ate quite a few of them on the plane.
The sponge cakes are very soft and fluffy. There are 4 different flavours to choose from.
Chocolate Spong Cake
Pandan Sponge Cake
Orange Sponge Cake
Sesame Sponge Cake
If you are looking for breads and buns from a bakery,  Hoixe Cake Shop 凱施餅店 is a good bet!

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