Monday, 20 February 2012

The Manhattan Fish Market (Marina Square)

This month; February 2012, there seems to be many 'Buy 1 Get 1 Free Deals'. The Manhattan Fish Market is one of those offering a Buy 1 Get 1 Free Deal called the OOHSOME TWOSOME Deal!
OOHSOME TWOSOME Deal (Source: Manhattan Fish Market Singapore)
The OOHSOME TWOSOME Deal allows customers to purchase a combination of any 2 dishes (Small Flame and/or Small Grill) for the price of just $19.90++. This deal is only valid till 8 March 2012.

Visited The Manhattan Fish Market outlet at Marina Square to try out this deal.
Large poster outside The Manhattan Fish Market promoting the OOHSOME TWOSOME Deal. Arrived at 530pm on a Saturday and saw a short queue. Luckily, there was plenty of space and we got a table straight away. I was surprised when the waiter gave us the main menu only, had to request for the OOHSOME TWOSOME menu. Guess it was an oversight as the place was packed.

The OOHSOME TWOSOME Deal allows customers to add Soup of the Day and Mocktail (Drink) for an addition fee (of course). We decided to order 1 Small Flame and 1 Small Grill and top up $9.90 for 2 Soup of the Day and 2 Mocktails.
Soup of the Day (Cream of Mushroom Soup)
The Soup of the Day was Cream of Mushroom Soup. It comes in a very small bowl (wish that more was given). Lots of fragrant mushrooms bits in the soup.
Mocktail (Cala Cala)
The Mocktail which I choose was the Cala Cala which is Sprite with Lime added inside. Very refreshing.
Small Flame
The Small Flame consist of the award winning Flaming Prawns, Battered  Fillet, Garlic Herb Rice, Crispy Chips (Fries), Broccoli and Carrots.

The Flaming Prawns was delicious, the melted cheese on top was thick and cheesy. In addition, the prawn was fresh, firm and not charred. Battered Fillet was yummy, except that I found it on the oily end. Crispy Chips which was fries. The Broccoli and Carrots are steamed, makes this dish looks bright, cheerful and appetising!
Small Grill
The Small Grill consist of grilled Fish Fillet, grilled Calamari, grilled prawns, Garlic Herb Rice, Crispy Chips (Fries), Broccoli and Carrots.

The grilled prawn was good, however I prefer the flaming prawn version. Again, prefer Batter Fillet to Grilled Fillet. The Grilled Calamari was average, I prefer their Fried Calamari which can be ordered in their A La Carte Menu.

Both Small Grill and Small Flame comes with Garlic Herb Rice. They are very generous with the portions especially the Garlic Herb Rice. We were unable to finish our respective orders. If I was to patronise Manhattan Fish Market again, I will order 2 Small Flame instead! This deal is certainty value for money! However, the service could be improved. Many a times, we found it hard to get the attention of the waiter / waitress. When we were leaving at around 630pm, we noticed that there was a long queue outside The Manhattan Fish Market! Luckily we went for an early dinner!

Hurry enjoy the OOHSOME TWOSOME Deal! It is valid till 8 March 2012. Wish that The Manhattan Fish Market and other restaurants can have more of such deals more often!

The Manhattan Fish Market (Marina Square) 
6 Raffles Boulevard
#02-182 Marina Square

Tel: 6333 9965
Opening Hours: Daily 11am - 945pm



  1. The small grill looks good but wonder this offer is available over at Malaysia???

  2. Hi Nava

    Personally, I prefer the Small Flame. Unfortunately, I do not believe this offer is available at Malaysia. You could check with the Malaysian outlets on your visit to their outlets. =)


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