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Domino's Pizza

Mentioned in my previous post, Domino's Pizza first came to Singapore in 1992 and exited in 2000. After a 10 year absence, Domino's Pizza made a comeback in Singapore! Singapore is the 67th country where Domino's has established its presence.
Domino's Pizza (Kovan)
Domino’s Pizza specialises in fast food pizza delivery. If you are thinking of the likes of Pizza Hut or Canadian Pizza, you are on the right track. Currently, Domino's Pizza has 13 outlets in Singapore. In addition, there is a 30 minute delivery guarantee. No more having to wait 1 hour for your pizzas. Your pizza is guaranteed to be hot and fresh upon arrival at your doorstep (freshly made and delivered fresh!). This is the product satisfaction guarantee by Domion's (otherwise you can request for a full refund). Moreover, Domion's Pizza has a 15 minute take-away guarantee and is Halal Certified. Lastly, all prices stated are Nett (no service charge, no delivery charge, no hidden charges).
GPS Tracker
Domino's Pizza is the first pizza company in Singapore to introduce the GPS Tracker. GPS Tracker allows customers to track the status of their order from the moment it is ordered to delivery. Food for thought GPS stands for Global Positioning System Great Pizza Service.
Double Loaded Chicken Pizza Promotion
Domino's Pizza recently launched a Double Loaded Chicken Pizza Promotion. This means that customers get double the amount of smoke chicken breast for all chicken pizzas (The Big BBQ, Hawaiian Paradise, Meatzza, Classy Chic, Chilli Chicken, Chicken Temptation, or Classified Chicken) at half the usual price it would cost for the addition. 
Double Loaded Chicken Meal $39.80
There is a 'The Double Loaded Chicken Meal' promotion for $39.80, valid till March 2012. 
Golden Roasted Drumlet (6 pieces)
This is my favourite among all the sides. Juicy and tasty. 
Twisty Bread
Crazy Chicken Crunchies (left), Garlic Cheese Onion Rings (right)
The Crazy Chicken Crunchies was marinated with Tom Yum spices

I had tried the Garlic Cheese Onion Rings before. This time, I can see the cheese on top. My guess is the previous time I tried this, I got home late and the cheese might have melted. 
Hawaiian Paradise (Classic Hand Tossed)
My favourite pizza is still Hawaiian ParadiseMozzarella cheese with smoked chicken breast, turkey ham and pineapple. Hard to go wrong with this, unless you are not in the pizza business.  The juicy pineapples enhanced the flavour of the pizza. 
Classified Chicken 
This is good too! The Classified Chicken consists of smoked chicken breast, onions and mushrooms. Cheesy and there seems to have been other ingredients added that complement the taste of this pizza very well. Delicious! 
Classic Pepperoni
Classic Pepperoni comes along with lots of beef pepperoni and mozzarella cheese. 
The Big BBQ
The Big BBQ consists of smoked chicken breast, onions and green peppers. 
Chicken Temptation
Chicken Temptationsmoked chicken breast, turkey ham, green pepper and red pepper! Are you tempted by its appearance? The green and red pepper beautified the pizza and add a distinctive taste to the pizza.
Chilli Chicken
If you are someone who likes spicy stuff. This is for you! Chilli Chicken; smoked chicken breast, onions, red peppers and chilli flakes. 
Classy Chic
Classy Chic. As the names goes, it is all about chicken! Ingredients include smoked chicken breast, chicken sausage, onions, green peppers and ripe olive.
Chocolate Lava Cake
Chocolate Lava Cake (molten chocolate flowing down)
This is the dessert; Chocolate Lava Cake! We were told that a lot of effort (experimenting and food tasting) went into making this perfect. This should be a favourite among ladies. Crispy outer layer. Once you break through the layer of cake, molten chocolate will start oozing out. If I can borrow the slogan on the box, it is flowing with passion. Sinful but delicious!

You might have noticed that in the previous post,  I mentioned that I was won over by Domion's Pizza for its fast delivery time (in my previous post, the pizza was delivered in just 25minutes!), nett prices and delicious pizzas? Today, I still came to a similar conclusion. At the same time I can add customer service and ease of ordering online as plus points.

Thank you (Alvin) and Domino's Pizza (Linda and Team) for the kind invite, hospitality and hosting the session. 

ps: I almost forgot to add that you can now order for a delivery 7 days in advance!

Domino's Pizza (Kovan)
943/945 Upper Serangoon Road
Delivery Hotline: 6222 6333
Opening Hours: Daily 11am - 11pm

Other branches location

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  1. I love their thin crust pepperoni, chocolate lava cake and their 30min guaranteed delivery. Once, they missed the 30min and i received a free pizza on my next meal. Just two days ago, they took slightly more than 15min for my take away and i received a free personal pizza on my next meal.

  2. Hi rubbisheatrubbishgrow

    Thanks! Happy Lunar New Year!

  3. Hi Cherry De Blossom

    I am just wondering, do you have to ask for the vouchers when they exceed the stated time. Or do they automatically give it to you?


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