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Chong Kei Hoi Sin Yeh Mei Fan Tim 忠記海鮮魚翅飯店 (Macau)

After visiting the Ruins of St Paul, we headed to Rua da Felicidade to have Shark's Fin SoupRua da Felicidade is a street well known for it's Shark's Fin Soup which are reasonably priced.
Ruins of St Paul
However, when we got to Rua da Felicidade, we saw that the shop (only sells Shark's Fin Soup) that we wanted to eat at had a long queue. We were running short of time and wanted to eat lunch too. Hence, we went to the street (Travessa do Aterro Novo) where we came from and decided to try Chong Kei Hoi Sin Yeh Mei Fan Tim. (For its location, refer to the end of the post)
Chong Kei Hoi Sin Yeh Mei Fan Tim

The place was relatively empty except for two other tables which were occupied. Well, one reason could be because we arrived at close to 2pm. We ordered plain rice to go along with the dishes.
Shark's Fin Soup
We had to order Shark's Fin Soup since we were here. Looks very different from what we normally order in Singapore. The Shark's Fin Soup is cooked and served in a claypot.
Serving the Shark's Fin Soup
The waitress then divides the Shark's Fin Soup equally. Firstly, taking the half chicken out on a plate. Secondly, dividing the Shark's Fin equally. Lastly, dividing the soup equally.
Shark's Fin Soup
The Shark's Fin Soup is different from how it is normally cooked in Singapore. At this restaurant, it is cooked with half a chicken in it to add taste to the broth instead of crab meat. Moreover, there is no starch added nor is there any soy sauce added. The soup is watery, white in colour and tasty! Look at the Shark's Fin. Shiok.Unique bowl of Shark's Fin Soup. First time having it like this. You maybe interested to try this too (you have been warned that it is totally different from what you get in Singapore or even Bangkok's Chinatown)
Kung Pao Chicken
The Kung Pao Chicken (Gong Bao Chicken) is a classic SiChuan Cuisine. It was delicious! Fried to perfection, with chilli pepper that provided a spicy twist! I wish that there was more chicken bits given.
Sweet and Sour Pork
The Sweet and Sour Pork was delicious too. The sweetness and sourness was just nice. Moreover, the pork was very crispy and each piece was coated with the sweet and sour sauce.
Seafood Omelette
Seafood Omelette, also known as Fu Rong Egg 芙蓉蛋. Prawns, spring onions, green pepper and bean sprouts in it. Again, I must compliment this restaurant. This seafood omlette was cooked perfectly. It is not oily at all (which is rare for this dish). It is not salty. Fresh ingredients which include prawns, spring onions, green pepper and bean sprouts in it.
Vegetable with Oyster Sauce
Vegetable with Oyster Sauce (Kai Lan) also did not disappoint. I have frequently thought that vegetables need to be cooked with garlic to make it taste nicer. Well, this dish is without garlic. Yet it taste fantastic! In addition, the Kai Lan was very fresh.The leaves were well cooked, stems were crunchy. Moreover, it was not salty. The vegetables in Hong Kong and Macau taste so much nicer than Singapore's. This is an example of an ordinary dish with ordinary ingredients that taste great if you are skillful and put your heart into it.
Complimentary oranges given by the lady boss.

I went into this restaurant without too much expectations. And at the end of this meal I was totally won over. All the dishes were delicious, skillfully cooked. Kudos to this restaurant for the excellent service. I can't even recall when is the last time I like all the dishes. There is virtually no post on this restaurant in the internet. This is a hidden gem that deserves air-time online. If you are wondering what to eat in Macau. This is it! Give this restaurant a try and also the portugese egg tart.

Chong Kei Hoi Sin Yeh Mei Fan Tim 忠記海鮮魚翅飯店 (Macau)
8 Travessa Do Aterro Novo
Avenida de Almeida Ribeiro
Tel: (853) 2858 0668
Opening Hours: Daily 11am to 2am
A is location of Chong Kei Hoi Sin Yeh Mei Fan Tim
The 2 red lines is Rua da Felicidade (where one can get good and cheap Shark's Fin Soup

A is the location of Ruins of St Paul.
B is location of Chong Kei Hoi Sin Yeh Mei Fan Tim
Highlighted in a red box is Margaret’s Café e Nata (Portugese Egg Tarts)

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