Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Starliner Diner at Tomorrowland (Hong Kong Disneyland)

As mentioned in my previous post, we had lunch at Comet Cafe. For dinner, again we wanted a meal which would not take up too much time. Hence, we went to Starliner Diner at Tomorrowland. Starliner Diner with a seating capacity of 800 is the largest service restaurant in Disneyland. The interior and exterior of the Starliner Diner are decorated to give patrons a spaceport dining experience.  
Menu (a)

Menu (b)
All Combo/Set are served with French Fries or Chicken Flavoured Rice along with a regular cup of Soft Drinks/Lemon Tea/Hot Chocolate/Hot Tea/Hot Coffee.
This reminds me of fast food joint. There was a short queue when ordering. But once you order, the items you order will be immediately served to you as everything is prepared.Similar concept to fast food restaurants.
Beef Burger with Cheese Combo
Beef Burger with Cheese
Beef Burger with Cheese Combo HK$70 (S$11.66) with French Fries and Hot Tea. Surprisingly, the food (french fries and burger) was still hot as if it was just cooked when it was clearly cooked before hand and placed at the counter outside the kitchen. Well, my guess is the turnover is too fast.

The French Fries with slightly thicker cut compare to Mcdonalds. It was slightly on the salty end. The Beef patty in the Beef Burger was soft, tender and juicy. Delicious! Ordering hot tea was a plus as I could refilled more hot water into it and keep myself warm during the cold weather.
Chicken Teriyaki Burger Combo
Chicken Teriyaki Burger
Chicken Teriyaki Burger Combo HK$70 (S$11.66) with French Fries and Hot Chocolate. The Chicken in the Chicken Teriyaki Burger was tender. Felt that too much teriyaki sauce was added as the sauce was dripping all over. Other than that, it was quite a nice burger.

In terms of price, it is of course more expensive as we are in Disneyland. But this meal was so much better than our lunch and certainty more value for money. Moreover, the other nmore upscale restaurants had long queues. Whereas at Starliner Diner with 800 seats, there's no need to wait. We made the right choice =)

Hence, if you are wondering what to eat in Hong Kong Disneyland, hopefully these two posts will help.


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