Monday, 9 January 2012

Comet Cafe at Tomorrowland (Hong Kong Disneyland)

Went to Hong Kong Disneyland! My first time here. The easiest way to Hong Kong Disneyland is via MTR! There is a dedicated Disney Resort Line from Sunny Bay Station! How convenient!

Our first destination in Disneyland was to have a fast and light lunch. As there was long queues at restaurants, we skipped that. We came to Tomorrowland where we saw Comet Cafe. We deicded to eat at Comet Cafe. It was like an outdoor food court with just 3 stalls. There was plenty of seats available and with no queue.
First Stall - Classic BBQ
Second Stall - Fiery Wok
Third Stall - Specialty Noodles
The price of the food here are marked up. I am sure it is not just Comet Cafe, all the eateries here will have their food marked up too.
Braised Duo of Mushrooms and Marrow Cucumber with Rice
Braised Duo of Mushrooms and Marrow Cucumber with Rice HK$58 (S$9.66) from Fiery Wok stall. Really a mushroom dish. The rice was hard. Luckily, the sauce help to soften to soften the rice. Did not like the taste of the dish. 
BBQ Pork with Rice Glazed with Maltose Syrup
BBQ Pork with Rice Glazed with Maltose Syrup HK$65 (S$10.83) from Classic BBQ stall. Another dish which was so-so.

No wonder there was so few people eating at Comet Cafe. But we achieved our aim of having a quick bite without queuing so that we could have more time for rides.


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  1. Thank you for sharing this info. Gotta try this out when we go there soon!

  2. Hi Flora

    Try Starliner Diner it is better.

  3. hi Foodie Sir/mdm,

    Are these prices up to date?

    Bcos I am going there this month feb 2012

    1. Hi Jimlooi

      yes, the prices are up to date. As of Dec 2011.


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