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Saeb X2 Wonton Noodles (Thailand, Bangkok)

Back then during my last trip to Bangkok more than 7 years ago, MBK was the place for shopping and was more popular than the then newly built Platinum Fashion Mall. During that time, I have not even heard of Saeb X2 Wonton Noodles.
Saeb X2 Wonton Noodles
Fast forward to 2013, Platinum Fashion Mall is a must stop destination for wholesales shopping. I am sure that its success has also spin off to the neighbouring hospitality and F&B businesses. Saeb X2 Wonton Noodles is probably one of the many business nearby which has benefited. 
Saeb X2 Wonton Noodles
Saeb X2 Wonton Noodles located in Pratunam, opposite Platinum Fashion Mall is a popular Thai eatery among tourist among tourist and has been highly raved about on the internet. We had initially came down here on the day we arrived, however we arrived 5 minutes late and the place was closed. This time, we decided to come by for lunch at 2pm after shopping at Platinum Mall.

Directions to this place from Platinum Mall is appended at the end of this post.
Wonton Noodle
 The friendly cook manning the Wonton (Wanton) Noodle stall flashing his megawatt smile.
Braised Pork Trotter and Intestines
Braised Pork Trotter and Intestines
On the other side was the Braised Pork Trotter and Intestines stall.
The menu which states the dishes they sell. Their other menu with price stated on it was in Thai.

We were surprised that eatery was practically empty except for 1 other table which was being occupied. However, as we we were waiting for our food to be cooked and served, more customers began to arrive. Before long, it was nearly full. Taking a quick look around us, we realised that nearly all the customers in here were all tourist. Most seemed to be Singaporeans or Malaysians.
Braised Small Intestines
The Braised Small Intestines was the first to be served.

As usual, in nearly all thai eateries, there would be a set of condiments (Chilli padi, Garlic and Chilli sauce) at every table.
Braised Intestines
This Braised Small Intestines tasted heavenly. I dare say that it was better than the Wonton Noodles (which has been highly raved about). One reason could be due to the fact that only a selected group consumes the braised intestines, hence, fewer people try or even write about it.

Judging from the taste of the small intestines, I would say that it had been cleaned thoroughly. Mind you, it is not an easy task cleaning it. The small intestines were braised till they were oh so soft. In addition, they were so tasty as they had a spongy texture and soaked up the delectable brown sauce. It would have been perfect if I could slurping this down with a bowl of plain rice, porridge or Kway Chap!

Addition small details include the fact that they were not rubbery. Thumbs up!
Wonton Noodles (dry)
The Wonton Noodles (Wanton Noodles) come in two version, dry or soup. We all ordered the dry version.

The Wonton Noodles was served with 3 wontons, slices of char siew, vegetables, egg noodles and topped with spring onions.
Wonton Noodles (dry)
If you were to look closely you would be able to notice that they were so generous with the pork lard. So many pieces!

The noodles did not come with any sauce like how we have it back in Singapore. Instead, it was plain and dry. It was surprisingly tasty because of the amount of pork lard. I felt that it was on the oily end - very sinfully. The portion was small and we ordered extra bowls to share.

Overall, the Wonton Noodles were not bad. It was above average, decent. But its not really a die die must try. Personally I thought that their Braised Small Intestines wowed me more compared to the Wonton Noodles. Saeb X2 Wonton Noodles is also famous for the Braised Pork Trotter and Braised Pork Rice. The meal consisting of 7 bowls of Wonton Noodles (dry) and 1 plate of Braised Small Intestines cost 500 Baht (S$20.83).
View of Platinum Mall from the overhead bridge
Directions to Saeb X2 Wonton Noodles: From Platinum Fashion Mall you would need to head towards the overhead bridge located at level 2. Cross the overhead bridge, towards the other side of the main road; Phetchaburi Road. At the other end of the bridge you would notice that there's an escalator and a flight stairs leading to opposite directions. Take the flight of stairs down and walk straight till you see the first small road with a blue sign called Soi Phetchaburi 19. This is also where you can see a crepe stall is located. Turn right into and walk down Soi Phetchaburi 19. You will be able to see Saeb X2 Wonton Noodles at your right after walking 1 to 2 minutes. Alternatively, just use the map located at the bottom to navigate. 

Saeb X2 Wonton Noodles (Thailand, Bangkok) 
4/33 Soi 19 Petchburi Road
Pratunam, Bangkok
Opening Hours: Daily 9am to 4pm

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