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Joom Zap Hut at Central World (Thailand, Bangkok)

Joom Zap Hut located at level 6 of Central World was located together with Bar B Q Plaza as both restaurant chains belonged to the same company, the only difference was the type of cuisine they offered. Joom Zap Hut specialises in Thai style (mookata) barbecue and steamboat while Bar B Q Plaza offers Mongolian and Japanese style barbecue and steamboat. 
Joom Zap Hut  and Bar B Q Plaza

There were lots of seating capacity at Joom Zap Hut and Bar B Q Plaza. When we visited during dinner time (on a weekday), the restaurant chain was half full.
Menu - Family Sets
Menu - Supreme Sets
Menu - Beverages
Part of the menus; Family Sets, Supreme Sets and Beverages menu. We ordered the Family Pork Set 435 Baht (S$18.13), Economy Beef Set 225 Baht (S$9.38), Garlic Fried Rice 42 Baht (S$1.75) and Soft Drink (Pitcher) 75 Baht ($3.13).
The Dome Shaped Skillet at the center of the table ready to be used by hungry customers.
The container of ice and bill was placed on a metal rack that could easily be pulled out from under the table. A good way to save space as our table was (later) filled to the brim when the food was served.
Lime, chilli, garlic and specially prepared sauce
The specially prepared sauce; a brownish sauce, mixed together with chilli, (chopped) garlic and lime was a superb dipping sauce.
Dome Shaped Skillet
The Dome Shaped Skillet was customised such that the centre could be used for grilling meat while the sides was used for soup. Upon ordering, the waitress would pour some stock broth over the centre and the broth will flow downwards to the sides.
Family Pork Set 435 Baht (S$18.13) (a)

Family Pork Set 435 Baht (S$18.13) (b)
The Family Pork Set cost 435 Baht (S$18.13) was served in two big plates filled with a generous serving of pork, liver, chicken, fish fillet, squid, shrimp, bacon, udon, kamaboko, narutomaki, sliced cabbage, baby corn, carrot and lettuce.
Economy Beef Set 225 Baht (S$9.38)
The Economy Beef Set which cost 225 Baht (S$9.38) consisted of beef slices, udon, sliced cabbage, baby corn, carrot and lettuce. We had practically no space left to put our bowls and plates to eat when these three big plates of food were served. They should consider having bigger tables.
Garlic Fried Rice 42 Baht (S$1.75)
Garlic Fried Rice 42 Baht (S$1.75)
The Garlic Fried Rice served in a small bowl was topped with chopped spring onion and pieces of fried garlic. It decent with a hint of garlic fragrant. If only fried egg was mixed into it.
Before putting any food on the hot metal pan (Dome Shaped Skillet), you would need to grease it with a piece of pork lard so that the meat would not stick to the pan. While grilling the meat on the pan, you should add in the vegetables into the soup broth at the side to enhance the taste (sweetness of the broth).

The beef, pork and chicken sliced perfectly were of great quality. So fresh and tender that it tasted simply delicious even without the dipping sauce. You may have noticed that the meat were not marinated, they were all raw so that customers can taste the original taste of the meat. I thought that the fish fillet tasted slightly fishy, dipping it into the special dipping sauce made a whole world of difference to the taste. The shrimp (prawn) and liver deserved a special mentioned as they were also fresh and tasted so good.
Over time, the oil and juices from meat and pork lard on the grill pan dripped into the soup broth enhancing the sweetness and flavour of the soup. Nothing is wasted! Souperlicious!

The advantage of the Dome Shaped Skillet was that one could have the best of both worlds; being able to grill the meat or shabu shabu it by dipping the meat into the soup. In addition, customers are able to cook the meat according to how cooked (well done / medium / rare) or charred they prefered.

The disadvantage would be that the cooking process was too slow for us although we tried squeezing in as many pieces of meat as possible on the grill pan.

The total bill was 777 Baht (S$32.38). There was no service charge or any other additional charges. The prices shown on the menu were all nett. The service at Joom Zap Hut was excellent! Every time when we required something, the staff seemed to have anticipated it and would approach us. There was no need for me to turn my head to look for a staff or wave my hands in the air frantically (exaggerating) to get attention.

Overall, I would say that I doubt I will be back anytime soon. Somehow we were not satisfied - did not felt full. Not because the food was lousy, but more of that the cooking process was too slow for us (maybe because the grill heat was not switched to the highest? or maybe we were used to steamboat where more food could be cooked at anyone time).

For fans of Thai style steamboat (mookata), overall the food here are of great quality. The dipping sauce is superb and the service is top notch. In addition, for the quality of food, it is value for money especially if you come from a country with high cost of living (e.g. Singapore). For me, I would rather go for other restaurant / street food.

Joom Zap Hut at Central World (Thailand, Bangkok)
Joom Zap Hut / Bar B Q Plaza
Level 6, Atrium Zone , A616 
CentralWorld 999/9 Rama 1 Road
Patumwan, Bangkok 10330, Thailand 

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  1. I quite like the pork set. Perfectly can understand why it was a let down and tell me about the cooking process, especially when hunger overwhelms our system.


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