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After You Dessert Café at Siam Paragon (Thailand, Bangkok)

Shibuya Honey Toast with Honey Syrup 165 Baht (S$6.88)
After You Dessert Café; a cafe chain started by a 30 year old Thai lady called Kulapat “May” Kanokwatanawan has been highly raved about online. The cafe specialises in serving toasts and desserts. After You Dessert Café has several outlets in Bangkok. We visited the outlet in Siam Paragon (next to Siam Exchang BTS station) on a weekday at 930pm. The cafe is located at the basement of Siam Paragon, the same level as where Krispy Kreme Doughnuts is located at.
After You Dessert Café at Siam Paragon was modern, cozy, clean and bright. With its wooden furnishing, it looked so inviting and homely.
Although we arrived at 930pm, the cafe was full. There were a few benches located in front of the cafe which gave an indication of the crowd during peak hours. Fortunately for us, the screen located in front of the cafe started flashing our queue number soon after we got the queue number. We were lead to a table located at a corner of the cafe. The cafe seemed popular among the younger generation. 
This was the menu on the table. The words were relatively small in size. If you would prefer you can get the A3 menu located at the entrance. It was more enticing as there were colourful photos of the toasts and desserts on it.

Customers would need to order and make payment at the counter.
Honey Syrup and Utensils
There were two staff at the counter where I made my orders and payment. One staff keyed in my order and collected payment while stood behind listening and preparing the utensils for my table. When I got back to my table, the utensils and honey syrup was already brought back to my table! So efficient! We were given the honey syrup as we ordered the signature Shibuya Honey Toast.
Chocolate Lava 145 Baht (S$6)
The Chocolate Lava priced at 145 baht (S$6) was one of the items highly raved about on the internet.

The Chocolate Lava consisted of a small, soft, warm chocolate sponge cake with molten chocolate in it. A scoop of vanilla ice cream and chunks of strawberries were served with it.
Chocolate Lava 145 Baht (S$6)
Look at the molten chocolate flowing  (oozing) out! The chocolate sponge cake was delicious! It was not sweet and not overly fluffy. The molten chocolate was out of this world. The bitter warm chocolate flowed out slowly as it was so viscous. Each bite of the sponge cake together with the molten chocolate literally got us on a high. Irresistible! Shiok!

The vanilla ice cream deserved a mentioned too as it was not only sweet and yet flavourful.
Shibuya Honey Toast 165 Baht (S$6.88)
The signature Shibuya Honey Toast cost 165 Baht (S$6.88).

The Shibuya Honey Toast was essentially a thick big chunk of oven baked toast with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and sugar icing on top. At the side, there was another scoop of vanilla ice cream and whipped cream. As you can see from the photo above, the toast has been partially sliced into 9 pieces.

The toast, the most essential component (which can make or break the whole experience) was very well executed; baked to perfection! The exterior of the toast was crispy and slight hard (an important factor for not only the taste department, but also to ensure that the weight of the ice cream on top does not cause the bread to sink in) whereas the interior was warm, soft, fluffy and full of buttery fragrant! Yes, butter was probably added into the toast when it was still hot just before serving!

The burst of different temperatures, flavours and textures in one mouthful was overwhelming (in a positive way) as the different senses in the tongue were teased. Superb! Even the non-dessert person in the group praised this.
Matcha Toast 195 Baht (S$8.13)
The Matcha Toast was similar to the Shibuya Honey Toast. It cost slightly more than the Shibuya Honey Toast. The main difference was that instead of vanilla ice cream, Matcha (green tea) ice cream was used. In addition, Matcha powder was sprinkled on top of the ice cream. The Matcha ice cream was surprisingly good with a great balance in sweetness and green tea flavour. Outstanding!

As the portion of the toasts are big, this is best shared between 2 to 3 persons.
Although we might have seemed to have ordered too much, we polish off all 3 items! The tag line in After You Dessert Café says it all "There's always room for desserts".

There was free flow of ice tea at the side of the cafe for all customers.

I highly recommend After You Dessert Café! This is a die die die must try!  We had no regrets ordering the 3 dishes. Ironically, this place which I am highly recommending does not serves authentic Thai Food. Price wise, although it was on the higher end, I thought that it was money well spent (worthwhile) as the food good! The Chocolate Lava and Shibuya Honey Toast were totally out of this world. Do give it a try and let me know what you think.

ps: if you intend to patronise during peak hours, be prepared to queue/wait  for as long as half an hour.

After You Dessert Café (Thailand, Bangkok)
Siam Paragon Ground Floor (basement), beside Gourmet Market
991 Rama 1 Road
Khet Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330, Thailand
Tel: +66 02 610 7659
Opening Hours: Daily 10am to 1030pm

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  1. Beautiful and awesome types of desserts. My take is all but still the lave cake is so good. I like that it was not overly sweet.


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