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Skyve Wine Bistro (Newton)

Skyve Wine Bistro previous known as Skyve Elementary Bistro serves modern European cuisine, using sous vide in most of its cooking. Whether it is cooking of meat (poulet, lamb, beef, pork or duck) or vegetables, sous vide is used. Sous vide is a cooking technique in which food is cooked in airtight plastic bag in a water bath. The water path is kept at a constant temperature, normally lower than what is required for cooking. Normally, the food needs to be cooked in the water bath for a longer period of time, sometimes as long as 72 hours. This cooking technique ensures that the food are cooked evenly, the nutrients are not lost and resulting in a juicer end product, retaining the natural flavours. 
Skyve Wine Bistro located at Winstedt Road in the old Monks Hill Secondary School compound is 10 minutes walk from Newton MRT station.

The restaurant has an extensive list of more than 70 labels of wine in its wine cellar
Chivas, anyone?
Lounge section
The restaurant has both alfresco and indoor dining. For indoors dining, the restaurant is split into lounge section and a main dining section. The lounge section had retro style chairs, sofa and tables. An ideal place for chilling out in a causal and cozy setting. There will be a live band performing at this section every Wednesday and Friday night. As for the main dining area, that is where the proper chairs and tables are, for more formal occasions.
The Sleeping Oysters: Mentaiyaki, Chilean, Kilpatrick ($34 for half a dozen)
The meal started off with The Sleeping Oysters: Mentaiyaki, Chilean, Kilpatrick ($34 for half a dozen) and several appetisers. The Mentaiyaki Oyster with metaiko, ebiko, lemon juice and aioli. The Chilean Oyster with serrano, lime juice, red wine vinegar and cilantro (also known as coriander). The Kilpatrick Oyster with bacon, worchestershire and chives.

What I like about the oysters was that they were fresh, soft, plump and juicy. My favorite was the Japanese inspired Mentaiyaki Oyster. The British inspired Kilpatrick Oyster on the other hand was not my cup of tea. The hardness of the bacon did complement the soft oyster. In addition, the intense flavour of the ingredients used overwhelmed the other flavours.
Petuna and Ume Somen $20
The Petuna and Ume Somen $20, seared petuna with ebiko, mango, chilli, sesame yuzu dressing, cold somen and mesclun was very well executed. This appetiser could be easily mistaken as a main course. The petuna stole the show in this dish. I nearly when 'wow' as I ate this. Underneath the crisp top, the pentuna was incredibly succulent with its natural flavour fully retained in the flesh. It was very fresh with no fishy taste. The ebiko gave a nice crunch to the Ume Somen.
Skyve Beef Tartare $22
The Skyve Beef Tartare $22 was an interesting dish. The beef tartare (minced raw beef) was seared on the outside leaving the interior entirely raw. It was then served with truffle egg yolk and cilantro dust on top with flat bread, ancho chilli aioli and thyme sea salt at the side. Customers who ordered this dish would need to thoroughly mix the beef tartare with the truffle egg yolk and cilantro dust. It was like making mashed potato (if unsure, you can ask the staff to do this for you). After that, scoop some of it onto the flat bread and add the other sides in according to your preference. For those who do not like raw beef, you may still like this as it had a mixture of flavours; distinct truffle aroma along with a little spiciness and saltiness in one mouthful.
Truffle and Thyme Fries $12
Truffle and Thyme Fries $12 served with Truffle Oil, Thyme Salt and lots of shaved Granda Padano was quite good. The thick cut fries ensure that one could be able to get a good bite. In addition, each piece was infused with the aroma of truffle oil. I have a weakness for potatoes and could not stop myself reaching out for more!
Spicy Kalbi Beef Short Ribs $36
Among the main courses, Spicy Kalbi Beef Short Ribs $36 was the best seller in Skyve Wine Bistro.
Spicy Kalbi Beef Short Ribs $36
The beef short ribs was sous vide before being glazed with sweet, spicy kalbi. It was then served with sauteed brocollini (similar to broccoli), and crispy sweet potato and yam ribbons. The beef short ribs was not my personal favourite as the flavours were on the stronger end, overwhelming the meaty/natural flavour. My favourite part of this main course was the crispy sweet potato and yam ribbons which were incredibly addictive. You will not be able to stop at one.
Lamb Rack $40
As for the Lamb Rack $40, the lamb rack was grilled and served with radish, pumpkin and chargrilled tomato momotaro. This was my favourite as the lamb rack was well executed and its not often you can find one that is so well executed. The ratio of lean meat to fats were just right. In addition, the meat was soft and tender, and a little sweet and savoury.
Sous Vide Poulet $34
Sous Vide Poulet $34
The Sous Vide Poulet $34 glazed with apricot based sauce, and served with baby vegetables, candied pecans and pommes (potato) puree was also very well executed. The sous vide style resulted in smooth, folk tender and succulent flesh. Comfort food and a safe choice for most people.
Polenta Mushroom Stack $34
Polenta Mushroom Stack $34
The Polenta Mushroom Stack $34 is specially created for vegetarians. It consisted of grilled portobello with polenta cakes served with mushroom fricassee, seasonal vegetables and pesto. This was impressive both in terms of appearance and taste. It would be great if the polenta cake was less powdery and crumbly. One of the better vegetarian dish I have tried.
Inspired by Red $12
Inspired by Red $12 would be a favourite among ladies or those with sweet tooth. Beautifully created, it consisted of raspberry sorbet with strawberry parfait, sous vide strawberry in balsamic vinegar, flower tuile and dehydrated raspberry. With such a presentation, this would be a dessert to order if you would want to impress your other half on a special (romantic) occasion.
Snicker Bar $12
The Snicker Bar $12 consisted of salted caramel pudding, peanut butter, chocolate ganache and feuilletine layered cake with flambed bananas and vanilla gelato. It looked better than it tasted. This would be a dessert that you either love or hate. The flavours were just too heavy and intense for my liking. It would be better to share this among 2 to 3 persons.
Mango & Cheese Semifreddo $12
The Mango & Cheese Semifreddo $12 was my favourite dessert! Rippled frozen mousse with frozen lime foam on top and crunchy sablee cookie at the bottom. This dessert left a deep impression. It was light and well balanced in terms of taste. As for the texture, I really like how you can get to enjoy the different textures in 1 mouthful. The top was pillow soft and fluffy, the middle layer was slightly soft and semi solid while the bottom was crunchy and solid. A perfect way to end the meal!

Overall, I was most impressed with the meal. I could sense the thought and effort that has gone into each dish. The presentation of each dish was perfect. Each dish was so enticing as they looked bright, vibrant and colourful. Although the price was on the higher end, I can't fault that as the quality of the ingredients were top notch. In addition, most of the food retained their natural flavours and were very well executed. Personally, I think that Skyve Wine Bistro will be an ideal place for celebrating special occasions with your other half. Great ambiene and great food (in terms of both quality and taste).

I heard that the Asian Inspired Confit of Duck is a best seller. It will be on my to try list when I next visit.

Thank you Michelle and Celine for the invite and hosting FoodieFC.

ps: I just create Instagram less than 1 week ago. You can now follow FoodieFC on Instagram. Better late then never!

Skyve Wine Bistro (Newton)
Block E, #01-17
10 Winstedt Road
Singapore 227977
Tel: 6225 6690
Open Hours: Daily Mon to Sun 10am - 1am
                    (last order for food 10.30 pm)

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  1. Wow! Each one is beautifully plated and looks very attractive. I can't comment on the beef dishes but the oysters are quite lovely and of course hard to say no to lamb. Although I am not a big fan of desserts, mango and cheese are simply divine.

  2. It was a great meal and yes you are right that each was beautifully plated!

  3. Seems you've a new template! Love the clean & neat look. I'm also in the midst of revamping mine.

    I adore the sous vide cooking method! Gonna check out the place when I get the chance. If you like mentaiko oysters, you should also try Santaro. It's one of my fave restaurants & also, our MM Lee's. I've talked about it in my previous post too :)

    1. Hi Shirley,
      Great! Thanks for the recommendation!


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