Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Carrot Cake 菜頭粿 (Chomp Chomp Food Centre)

This Carrot Cake stall in Chomp Chomp Food Centre is easy to recognize. The name of the shop is essentially just called "Carrot Cake 菜頭粿", the name of the dish it serves. In addition, this stall is located at the right most corner of the entrance. With its distinctive white signboard (compared to the other stalls with colourful signboard,  this stall's signboard stands out like a thorn among the roses. It would hard to miss this stall. 
Unlike the name of the dish, Carrot Cake 菜頭粿 neither uses any carrot nor does it looks or taste like a cake. Instead, Carrot Cake is essentially steamed radish mixed with flour, usually fried with garlic, preserved radish (chye poh) and egg, and then garnished with spring onions. In Singapore, the Carrot Cake comes in two variety; either white or black. The difference between them is that for the latter, sweet black sauce is added. 
Carrot Cake 菜頭粿 sells fried White or Black Carrot Cake and Oyster Omelette. It has been said that this stall is more well known for its fried White Carrot Cake and Oyster Omelette.
Black Carrot Cake $5
We ordered a plate of Black Carrot Cake $5. Their Carrot Cakes come in either $3, $4 or $5. The food was served to us 20 minutes after we place our orders. 
Black Carrot Cake $5
Black Carrot Cake $5
As the saying goes, don't judge a book by its cover. The appearance of the Black Carrot Cake does not justify the taste. Prawns was fried together with the Black Carrot Cake. The Black Carrot Cake was quite good and well fried. Each piece of carrot cake was well coated with flavour. They were fragrant and had the right sweetness level. In addition, there were plenty of chye poh (salty), such that each bite would stimulate your sense as the saltiness and sweetness tease your taste bud.

Other than being sweeter, the Black Carrot Cake is normally not as crispy as the White Carrot Cake due to the addition of the black sauce.

Carrot Cake 菜頭粿 (Chomp Chomp Food Centre)
#01-36 Chomp Chomp Food Centre
20 Kensington Park Road, Serangoon
Singapore 557269
Opening Hours: Daily 530 pm to 12 midnight 
                           Closed on alternate Tuesday

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  1. Yep, I was taken aback at the appearance but after reading through, it was another story. Its really something worth trying.

  2. I was just chatting with some gals on carrot cake in FB, telling them the best I've tried was in Yishun. Sadly, the stall is long gone. Their carrot cake is thin & real crispy. If you know of such type, pls buzz me!


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