Sunday, 29 September 2013

Hock Heng You Tiao 福兴油条 (Tanglin Halt Food Centre)

Hock Heng You Tiao 福兴油条 is a stall located at Tanglin Halt Food Centre specialising in deep fried dough fritters. This stall is located two units away from No. 1 Western Food 驰名西餐The Hungry Bunny recommended this stall since I was at Tanglin Halt Food Centre. 
Hock Heng You Tiao sells a variety of deep fried dough fritters such as You Tiao, Salted Hum Chim Peng (Hum Jin Peng), Butterfly Bun and Lotus Paste Hum Chim Peng. 
Everything at Hock Heng You Tiao are freshly made! You may have noticed from the photos above, the owner was kneading, rolling and folding the dough preparing the next batch of Hum Chim Peng and You Tiao. After which, his daughter would help to deep fry them. The owner's wife also helps out at the stall. Each item at the stall costs only $0.70. 
Savory (Salted) Hum Chim Peng $0.70
Savory (Salted) Hum Chim Peng $0.70
I bought a Savory (Salted) Hum Chim Peng $0.70 to try out when I was there. I must admit that it sure was good. The Hum Chim Peng was soft, chewy and fluffy. I especially love it when I reach the part which was savoury. 
Having tried this out, I decided to purchase some home. 
Butterfly Bun $0.70
The Butterfly Bun $0.70 was fried with sesame seeds which gave it an extra fragrant. It is similar to You Tiao except for the fact that it had a different shape and was sweeter in taste.

Anyway, my advice would be to have these deep fried dough fritters on the spot after buying. It is best eaten when it is freshly fried. Those that I bought home and ate the next morning became a tad too tough on the outside. Nevertheless, Hock Heng You Tiao is worth a try. 

Hock Heng You Tiao 福兴油条 (Tanglin Halt Food Centre)
Blk 1A Commonwealth Drive
#01-11 Tanglin Halt Food Centre 
Singapore 141001
Opening Hours: Tue to Fri to 4pm to 830pm
                         Closed Sat to Mon

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  1. I agree that such stuffs are best eaten immediately. I made the same mistakes, buying back and eating them later wasn't a good idea. From what you have shared, it surely was worth the try.

  2. This reminds me of the stall at Causeway Point. I've yet to try since their opening.


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