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Manhattan Star Platter at The Manhattan Fish Market (Northpoint)

Most of us would have heard of The Manhattan Fish Market before. But for those who don't, here's a short introduction. Manhattan Fish Market is a leading seafood casual dining restaurant with presence in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Singapore. In Singapore, Manhattan Fish Market has 14 restaurants outlets with 2 more outlets opening by the end of September.
We visited The Manhattan Fish Market at Northpoint Shopping Centre (opposite Yishun MRT station) for lunch.
There's plenty of seats in The Manhattan Fish Market as they occupy two units in the shopping mall.
The modern, classy environment which gives a big hint that its a seafoodish restaurant.
The menu cover.
Left to right: Tropical Breeze Mocktail, Cala Cala Mocktail
We ordered two mocktails; the Cala Cala and Tropical Breeze. The Cala Cala Mocktail, a combination of calamansi, lemonade and spirit was refreshing. It was accompanied by a citrusy fizzy sensation which was in a way - appetizing. The Tropical Breeze Mocktail, a Hawaiian fruit mocktail had a sweet fizzy sensation.
Soup of the Day - Cream of Mushroom Soup
The Soup of the Day was Cream of Mushroom Soup. There was plenty of fragrant mushrooms bits in it.
Manhattan Star Platter
The main reason why we came to The Manhattan Fish Market.

Well.. The Manhattan Fish Market had just launch its new creation; The Manhattan Star Platter $39.95.
Manhattan Star Platter $39.95
The Manhattan Star Platter consisted of 5 different seafood cooked in 5 different ways. The Garlic Herb Mussels were poached, the Oysters fried, the Calamari grilled, the Prawns were flamed and the Fish was baked! Besides these, there was vegetable and rice.
Manhattan Star Platter $39.95
The Garlic Mussels cooked in their signature Garlic Herb sauce was delectable. We were scrapping off whatever sauce there was and slurping it. The Grilled Calamari was surprisingly well executed (I have always gone for fried Calamari and thought that I will not fancy this). It was cooked perfectly, was soft and well seasoned. It was neither rubbery or hard.  It was grilled till some parts of the exterior had a slight crisp texture with a hint of charred taste which made it just so irresistible. Well done! The Fried Oysters was average while the Garlic Herb Rice underneath the seafood was a tad too hard and dry.

The vegetables consisted of carrots and broccoli. These were most probably boiled - healthy! We thought that it would be hard (not fully cooked..). But it turned out to be a pleasant surprised as it was soft, just the way we preferred.
Manhattan Flaming Prawns
The signature Manhattan Flaming Prawns would need no introduction if you have been to Manhattan Fish Market before. Its bound to attract your attention even if you did not ordered this, as long as someone in the restaurant orders this.

The Manhattan Flaming Prawns was flamed right in front of us. The thick, tasty melted cheese on the prawns complemented the prawns well. Unlike other restaurants or eateries, eating the (prawns) Manhattan Flaming Prawns was a breeze. It was just so easy and there was no need to use hands to peel the shells off (which can be a messy affair). This was because, the prawns were partially deshell (the little details that matters, taken to pamper and enhance customers' experience). I must add that the prawns were fresh and came off the shells easily.
Mediterranean Baked Fish
The Mediterranean Baked Fish; dory fillet baked in a blend of spices, herbs and coriander in a foil was superb. The fish was fresh and well coated with immense flavours from the blend of spices and herbs, resulting in a tantalizing aroma and flavor. The both of us love this.

To sum up, the Manhattan Star Platter was awesome. As you have read, we liked several items in the platter. Do note that this is available till 31 October 2013 only. I wonder if the management will make this a permanent dish on the menu in the future. I can foresee myself coming back and ordering this. Service-wise, the staff were prompt and attentive. In addition, the staff were also knowledgeable; able to describe the taste of the food and were able to recommend the drinks to go along.

Manhattan Star Platter at The Manhattan Fish Market (Northpoint)
#02-06/07 Northpoint Shopping Centre
Yishun Avenue 2
Singapore 769098
Tel: 6257 5507
Opening Hours: Daily 11am to 10pm

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  1. We have Manhattan over here and its a popular eatery among many, always crowded. I am not a big fan of what they offer because you me, I am more inclined to typical Asian food.

    Still the new platter looks interesting and maybe one day, I will give it a try.

  2. Not too sure if they have Manhattan Star Platter in Malaysia too, you might need to ask the staff there before entering. =)

  3. Its one of my favorite dinning places and love its lunch promo set :) Mushroom soup is one of the best!


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